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  1. Cool, sometime take a picture of it! Well there is a story! The other TexLUG guys were "yanking my chain" (I wonder how old that phase is?) "I'd be really good if all I built was one thing (ie. ships) all the time." So they always are doing city/train MOCs for the shows, so I tried my hand at the new Cafe Corner Buildings (new to me, they aren't even 4 years old!) I built a number of cafe corner compatible buildings finishing with A Taste of New Orleans for Brickworld 2009. And now I am MOCing the first railroad in Texas the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado Railway see here on eurobricks Old Swaybacked Flatcar (No Freeloading!) my first train MOC and here on eurobricks BBB&C "new" 4-2-0 and Class A Shay locomotives my first Locomotive MOCs I don't think train guys like them... I am working on another "over-the-top" city MOC (for brickworld 2010, I hope) someday I'll come back to my ships. kurt
  2. I can answer this. The 3rd mast of a larger 4 (or more) masted Sixteenth Century galleons is called the Mizzen-mast or the Main-mizzen-mast The 4th mast is called the Bonaventure-mizzen and a fifth mast would be called the Jigger-mast which also means the last mast on most ships A source here. in case anyone wanted to know. kurt
  3. Thanks Mark, I am glad you like them. Your question will be answered, if you watch the Shay Videos! ------ later edit ----- Mark you built this Shay mechanism I had looked at it in my research in building my Shay! I didn't connect your name to it until now! I was working on the Shay building challenge on pages 34-35 of Railbricks issue 3 Have you watched the videos yet? ------ later edit ----- enjoy kurt
  4. WOW!! I am impressed! Just excellent work! What do I like about it? She has nice lines! Your great use of color! That she has a spritmast! with a sprit-topsail!! try1 try2 If you don't see the drawing of a sprit-topsail try this link: http://www.in-arch.net/Sqrigg/galleon.html and scroll down to the drawing named "mizzen topsail and sprit-topsail" This site is blocking linking to it's drawings. (I do wish that your spritsail was set though!) Keep-up the great work! kurt
  5. The First Locomotive of the First Railroad in Texas The 4-2-0 named the "General Sherman" (for Texas General Sidney Sherman) was the first locomotive of the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado Railway More pics and video here. and A two truck, two cylinder, "Class A" Shay Locomotive My BBB&C's locomotive number 7 More pics and videos here. I should say that I built this MOC in response an article called "SELECTIVE COMPRESSION APPLIED TO MECHANICAL DETAILS" by Steve Barile in RAILBRICKS issue 3 on page 34-35 where it says: "The Shay does not have traditional steam driver wheels but instead only front and rear two axle trucks. What is tricky about modeling the Shay is the rotating, bending, and changing length of the drive shaft, while maintaining a 90° crown gear connection to each axle as well as a connection to the vertical piston rods. It barely makes mechanical sense while studying the real engine. Trying to achieve this in a six wide (even eight wide) train with a pure LEGO solution seems to be impossible (ha, a challenge!)." I hope my 8-wide MOC answers this challenge! enjoy kurt
  6. FOUR replies here! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am glad you like it's "cleverness"!! I liked the idea of racking the flatcar, which was why I did it! Sorry about the "no ghosts" though, But I am glad to give you any LEGO ideas I can! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not all of my MOCs have sails and/or reciprocating engines!! (close though!) I got that trick of using 1x5 technic plates somewhere on the web... You can see it well here: Note: that this is the only corner with a "good" step. Ooh!! Cool! A good flatcar with a large load of new cannons, just cannons! Carefully stacked and strapped/chained down nose to tail in layers!! Like a large shipment from the iron casting forge to the to the naval yard... I can see it! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am glad you appreciate my "original building techniques" The torn and twisted planking can be seen better in these pics: You can see that the planking is "suppose" to be torn up and off of the iron subframe, leaving the step far below the the wood deck planks. enjoy kurt
  7. I am pleased to bring you: Link to see more pictures: Old Swaybacked Flatcar (No Freeloading!) The Republic of Texas has gotten a Railroad! Or maybe just railroad equipment, or just rolling stock. OK, it's got a piece of rolling stock, I mean a piece of heavily USED rolling stock. All right it's got one beat-up old used flatcar. So, are you happy? Look, I know it's a piece of rolling cra... er, farmyard fertilizer. But it's the only thing we got so far, OK? I mean it may be racked, twisted, and swaybacked, but it's our racked, twisted, and swaybacked flatcar. SO THERE! enjoy kurt
  8. RTN LNA

    Build a frigate with Captain Green Hair

    I just did some cross sections, I'll try to update them as you build! they are: a brick built mid section ----- slope inverted mid ----- jumper mid Note: that they are all the same width. enjoy kurt
  9. RTN LNA

    Build a frigate with Captain Green Hair

    Way-a-go! Cpt. Green Hair! I like that you are even trying to to do this! In that sprint I have a "thought" (my brain hurts!). Why not use "slope 45 inverted" and "wedge plate (wing)" parts to widen the hull? I feel that you get a fairer (smoother) surface. I CADed up some versions for you, with five mid sections. enjoy kurt
  10. RTN LNA

    RTN goes to Brickworld 2009

    ??? On that web page: RTN goes to Brickworld 2009 http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/132169 there are thumb nails and links to these two pictures: As to " post-civil-war Monitor" from: http://www.mariner.org/monitor/08_legacy/intro_monitor.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passaic_class_monitor "Though Ericsson's original monitor is well known, it is not commonly understood that it served as a prototype for several other monitors built during the Civil War. In all, including the original Monitor, sixty monitor type ships were constructed during the war, and of these thirty-seven were actually commissioned. This new batch of monitor-type ships, designed by Ericsson are classed into two classes of vessel: the Passaic Class and the Canonicus Class monitors. Both of these classes were improved and enlarged designs of the original Monitor. During the course of the war ten Passaic class monitors were built, starting in 1862 with the Passaic followed with the Montauk, Catskill, Patapsco, Lehigh, Sangamon, Weehawken, Nantucket, and Camanche. As a class the Passaic's were remarkably durable, and many saw continued naval service off and on during the remainder of the 19th century. The Passaic-class ironclad monitors of the U.S. Navy saw service in the U.S. Civil War and the Spanish-American War. The last such monitor was stricken from the Navy List in 1937." Of coarse I am modeling the Republic of Texas Navy and my monitor is "suppose" to have been built in the late 1840s. You can read this for: The story behind why Republic of Texas Navy has a monitor. The story starts after the MOC's photos. The web site of my RTS LEGITOR a single-turret seagoing monitor kurt
  11. RTN LNA

    RTN goes to Brickworld 2009

    Opps!! fix that typo! thanks BTW! kurt
  12. RTN LNA

    RTN goes to Brickworld 2009

    RTN goes to Brickworld 2009 Stories and photos from my trip to Brickworld! RTS Zavala was Nominated for Best Sea Craft at Brickworld 2009! AND WON!! And a "Pirates story" just for this forum: On Saturday (during public hours) I was behind my four tables of MOCs when I heard "These are Kurt's ships!" " and there's Kurt!" (I assume he would not have recognised me if I had not been behind my fleet!) So he says his name, and I am sure from my blank face he knows it means nothing to me. Then he says "Phred" to which I reply "Ahh!, Phred!!" (with a BIG smile!) So again the photos and stories are here: RTN goes to Brickworld 2009 enjoy kurt
  13. Tsar Cannon Parts List No. Color Part no. Part name ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Brown 3005 Brick 1 x 1 3 Brown 3010 Brick 1 x 4 3 Brown 3009 Brick 1 x 6 2 Brown 3008 Brick 1 x 8 4 Green 3063 Brick 2 x 2 Corner Round 40 Light-Green 3063 Brick 2 x 2 Corner Round 3 Green 6222 Brick 4 x 4 Round with Holes 1 Light-Green 3960 Dish 4 x 4 Inverted 4 Brown 3024 Plate 1 x 1 4 Dark-Gray 3024 Plate 1 x 1 3 Brown 3023 Plate 1 x 2 1 Dark-Gray 2508 Plate 1 x 2 with Long Towball 2 Brown 3623 Plate 1 x 3 4 Brown 3710 Plate 1 x 4 1 Brown 3666 Plate 1 x 6 1 Brown 2817 Plate 2 x 2 with Holes 1 Brown 3028 Plate 6 x 12 6 Brown 3040B Slope Brick 45 2 x 1 2 Brown 3044 Slope Brick 45 2 x 1 Double 1 Black 3705 Technic Axle 4 1 Black 3707 Technic Axle 8 1 Black 6538A Technic Axle Joiner 4 Brown 3700 Technic Brick 1 x 2 with Hole 7 Black 50 Technic Friction Pin with Towball 2 unused 32556 Technic Pin Long 4 Black 2780 Technic Pin with Friction and Slots 4 Brown 3070A Tile 1 x 1 without Groove 6 Brown 3069B Tile 1 x 2 with Groove 1 Brown 2431 Tile 1 x 4 1 Dark-Gray 3680C01 Turntable 2 x 2 Plate (Complete) 2 MdStone 55981 Wheel 18 x 14 with Holes on Both Sides 2 BlackGlitter 55817 Wheel Spoked 7 x 7 x 2 & 2/3 I got an email request for the parts lists. So here's a copy of it. enjoy kurt
  14. RTN LNA

    Pirate MOC Indices Discussion

    Done up to 77d "sorted by ship type" note: this also helps me later... kurt
  15. MOCs of many Fullerenes! Links to web pages: Dodecahedron C20 Truncated icosahedron or Buckeyball C60 Buckyball C70 Fullerene Truncated rhombic triacontahedron or C80 Buckyball C80 D5d Fullerene Carbon Nanotube enjoy kurt