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I'm old, lardy and a loner. Don't mind talking on the web but people generally aren't my thing. In all my years on this planet I've only found two people I could stand being in the company of for more than an hour. Though in my defence I am - how shall I put it? - differently wired. I'm not autistic and I don't think I'm Aspergers but my brain doesn't process certain information and humans tend to require order and routine which is a completely alien concept to me. I'm only able to organise things by colour code. My wardrobe looks great but my Lego is a nightmare to search for parts. Life confounds me at every turn so solitude, or near solitude, is what stops me from either going insane or becoming genocidal. *huh*

I'm into City building and Sci-Fi mostly. Throw in some Superheroes and action themes, a lump of Wild West. Add a little bit of Pirates and Castle in equal measures and sprinkle Collectable minifigs liberally over the top and that's basically my Lego collection in minifigures. I rarely buy sets. I prefer to buy parts as and when I need them or just for fun because they look shiney and pretty. Currently I'm really into Flame yellowish orange and black parts. I dislike grey. It makes me sad. :cry_sad:

I really don't like Star Wars, Steampunk, Post-apoc, mechas, Technic, WWII, 4 wide vehicles or constant whiney 1980's nostalgia. :angry:

99.9% of the time what I say is tongue-in-cheek. It's hard to take things seriously when we're grown people discussing children's toys. Some people here need to loosen up and stop taking Lego, themselves and the world so seriously. :enough:

However, I detest people who use Lego as an investment tool. You people are scum and make this wonderful pastime harder and harder to enjoy. If you want to invest, go buy some gold or diamonds, shares in a multinational or something. You make me sick. You can make excuses all you like but you will never justify yourselves adequately to the child who is deprived of a set because you've stock piled them in your garage to sell at astronomical mark up. Shame on you. I hope Karma bites you on the megablocks. :damn: