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  1. 4) Polish Winged Hussar : 15th-18th century cavalry. Possibly the most badass soldiers ever.

    Pros- Awesome costume, which incorporated wings, many weapons and later cool shields. Cons- "A winged what?"


    Torso: Armour and Wings!

    Type of headgear: helmet

    Type of facial expression: Confident

    Accessory: Long lance( maybe a sabre for his left hand)

    YES! I love you for this suggestion! The Winged Hussars were pretty much the European equivalent of japanese samurai, but since Poland is really bad at PR, no-one knows about them.

    It's really unlikely that TLG ever makes this fig, at this stage something like a Cossack is much more possible, but LEGO - trust me - Polish AFOLs would kill for that Hussar minifig.

    P.S. the sabre shouldn't be a "maybe". A Hussar without a sabre is like a samurai without his katana ;)

  2. Thank you. Did you already join one of the 4 guilds? I can only recommand it to you, you'll surely improve your building skills a lot!

    EDIT: Thanks again for the praise, but you shouldn't bring up older topics. By bumping them all new, who deserve to be seen by as many people as possible, get bumped down.

    Sorry about bumping an old topic, I found it while trawling through the Avalonia thread and it was only after I posted my comment that I realised how old it was!

    I am definitely going to join GoH (already stalking all the threads, immersing myself in the great realm of Historica) but I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and my character idea requires ordering some bricks to make it look right ;)

    Therefore look out for me in early 2014!

  3. What obsidianheart said, although there are a lot of things that don't exist in LDD, not to mention that LDD won't accept even the slightest 'illegal' connection. I think it would be a good idea to use LDD for maybe a frame and some of the outside, but I think ordering parts from BL (and using your collection) and then building the details in real life would be a whole lot easier than LDD, plus the experience is much better with real bricks in your own hands.

    True, true. Thanks for the advice :thumbup:

    Pay attention to the forthcoming Legend of Chima Spirit Beast sets. They are organic animals in the general size you are looking for, and in particular they will be featuring some new small socket joint parts that will work well for what you are looking to do.

    Yes, I am planning on getting some of those new joints, definitely!

  4. Hi all,

    I'm relatively new to the forum, so I'm not even sure whether this should go here, but...

    I'm trying to build a fantasy creature/mount for a minifig to ride (in LDD for the moment), and was wondering if any of you guys had any tips and building techniques you'd be willing to share. Especially for things like "bulking up" the body and such.

    Some inspiration so you guys know what I'm vaguely going for:




    Any help much appreciated!

  5. Actually, one of the things I like about Legends of Chima is that you CAN mix-and-match the parts of several of the figures to get less specific characters so long as they have the same scale/feather/fur colors.

    Granted, you can do that for some of the tribes (lions and ravens come to mind), but equally, for some it's more difficult (gorillas don't match each other at all, and only Worriz and Winzar seem to match in colour for the wolves). These happen to be some of my favourite tribes, so I am indeed biased. :P

  6. Does anyone else feel like we could do with some "generic" tribe members? They have them in the TV show, and they'd be useful to build up a large tribe, whereas now it's like building a clone army out of commander Codys and Rexes.

    Or at least give us more characters from the original tribes (the Raven alchemist from episode 14, anyone?), rather than lots one-off characters - I hope they release whole spider and scorpion tribes now that they're at it.