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  1. The only other part I might modify is to drill out some wedge belts (pulley wheels? Whatever they're called) so they can spin freely on the same axle. I'm using non-lego string, and I have non-lego pneumatic tubing (but I also have lots of lego pneumatic tubing, so I might not need it). For the battery packs I'm REALLY thinking about making my own custom 8 cell rechargeable packs. I'm not a fan of the performance of the motors on 7.4 volts, but I'm not going to feed this crane endless AA non-rechargeable batteries. The other big reason for using non-lego battery packs is I think each lego pack has some kind of current limiting functionality either by a thermistor or some other mechanism. I'd be annoyed if my batteries are capable of putting out 4 amps (just a guess) but the Thermistor limits the pack to 2 amps. There's a guy who's figured all this stuff out and his site is in my favorites somewhere. As far as features I might cut they're the ones listed with *** by them. All the others with no *** I will find a way to include.