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  1. PixelFox

    Alternate Models Challenge - 60035 Arctic Outpost

    I too received set 60035 "Arctic Outpost". Submersible Base 4x4 with trailer Hot Rod Shop
  2. PixelFox

    Contest Turtle Contest - Voting Thread

    19 . Warhead (1) 29. MNDGAM (1) 41. Devid (1) 43. greg3 (1) 72. minifignick (1) 79. Legoman11 (1) 109. Yatkuu (1) 144. moctown (1) 172. Gunman (1)
  3. PixelFox

    Contest Turtle Contest - Entry Thread

    My sea turtle entry, inspired by Finding Nemo's Squirt. Yes, it does fit onto a 8x8 plate...barely, at a 45ยบ angle.
  4. PixelFox

    Contest Pimp My Camper! Voting Thread

    My favourites: 9. Oscar Mayer Wiener by Wachutu Chief (2 votes) 10. Monster Van by Yaktuu (1 votes) 23 Pisten Bully by Dr Spock (1 vote) 62. Armor Camper by Gene (1 vote) 99. Vammoth by Brick Laboratory (1 votes) 113. Hover Campercraft by moctown (1 vote) 175. Steampunk Camper by aditayam (2 votes)
  5. Wow, some amazing entries already. Here's my humble entry; Another steampunk van.
  6. PixelFox


    Inspired by Fabuland month and the Crossover Contest I made this little crossover scene, to get in the spirit of things. Divers has always been one of my favourite themes. It's not eligible for the contest, being entirely CG, but I thought I'd do it anyway, just for fun. Full resolution at Flickr. Thanks to Yaktuu for the idea to make it into a poster.
  7. 3. Yatkuu - 2 6. Ninja Nin - 1 7. Leela - 2
  8. 5. ZetoVince - 2 2. TheKingOfBuilding - 1 8. Hammerstein NWC - 1 9. Oky - 1
  9. PixelFox

    Vote for your favourite Category B entries

    3) The Mist scene - Skateboarder and Woodcutter Entry (Build by Yatkuu) - 2 points 2) The Lord of the Rings scene - Elf and Dwarf Warrior Entry (Build by Thor Lund)- 1 point
  10. No Bricks for Old Man "Spaghetti Western" is a reference to a movie genre... ... so together with my friend Yatkuu we have decided to tackle the theme by its origins and depict a movie set, we hope you like it! It is nearly noon on the set of "No Bricks For Old Man", the sun of the Tabernas Desert is high and the temperature is rising. The Director, Sergio Legone is nervous, the shooting is already a couple of days behind schedule and an important scene is being shot today - a hanging by the tree... The star of the movie is Charles Bronsnot, he is playing the role of John Baxter a brave but aging Sheriff who is trying to keep his town under control despite the recent increase in crime. Director: ....aaand action! Credit to Yatkuu for the actual build and photography. Spaghetti Western: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaghetti_western Tabernas Desert: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tabernas_Desert Sergio Legone: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sergio_Leone Charles Bronsnot: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_bronson
  11. So I noticed that I have a 8899, and nobody's done a review of it yet, so I thought I'd put one together. It's a 2010 set, but I still see it in the shops. 8899 Gator Swamp Theme: World Racers Year 2010 Pieces: 354 Minifigs: 5 Price: USD 39.99 The box. It's pretty big, at 48cm x 28cm x 7cm. It could've been half the size, and everything would still have fit in. And I'm sure there were more expensive sets with smaller boxes at the store. The contents. A tube, a hull piece, 3 bags with smaller baggies inside, two instruction booklets (one with a badly bent cover, but leaving it under a stack of magazines overnight fixed that) and two DDSs (perfect condition). Bag 1 contains the figs and the platform with the crane, bag 2 is Team Extreme's hovercraft, and bag 3 is the Backyard Blasters' swamp rider. The pieces. The spare bits are not included in this picture. Something I noticed straight away. I'm sure the victory flags used to be printed pieces back in the day? Now they're stickers. In fact, apart from the minifigs, not a single piece is printed. Not one. I checked twice. I'm not a big fan of the stickers, and I'm still deciding whether to put them on or leave them off, so for this review, the stickers stay off. Some of the more interesting pieces. Apart from the trophy, there's nothing that we haven't seen before, although the 1x2 cheese slopes were relatively new in 2010, if I'm not mistaken. I was surprised to find 3 tyres in a set featuring boats, but they're used quite cleverly. More on that later. There's also a black 2x4 tile that I only noticed later on, which I think was also pretty new when the set came out. The minifigs. All 5 heads and torsos have back printing. There's a nice variety of faces and expressions, and some awesome detailing. One of the faces has slight damage, the bottom right hand corner of his mouth has been scraped off somehow (second guy in the bottom pic). The middle guy looks like he's wearing 3d glasses. I also like that there's variation in the team-members' torsos. Lego could easily have given the Team Extreme guys the same torso, ditto for the Backyard Blasters, but they gave us 5 unique torsos. Awesome. Bag 1 finished. This took about 2 minutes to build. I'm really glad to see the crocodile again, and in dark green too! Team Extreme's hovercraft Bag 2, the hovercraft, about halfway done. There's a lot of tiles at the back. And here's why: There's a simple but effective steering system, controlled by a wheel. It works pretty well. If you turn the craft to the right, the engines turn to the right too, as you'd expect them. But the driver's seat turns to the left, which is counter-intuitive. I can imagine that trying to drive something like that would be seriously weird. The missile launcher, halfway assembled. The missile goes into the long black section, which gets pushed down onto the rubber piece below it. When you release, the rubber piece pushes the long section up, which throws the missile up and forward. The instructions explain the action a bit better. I have to point out that the instructions are a bit...optimistic about the missile's trajectory. I tried it a few times. In an average of 10 attempts, I achieved the following results (in order of distance travelled, not in the original order): The missile landed inside the boat once, hit the nose of the boat once, narrowly missed the nose twice, made it to about 15cm five times, and once managed about 25cm. I tried adjusting the length of the missile's tail, different pressures on the launcher, even removing the missile's fins to make it less nose-heavy, but it didn't really make much difference. So the odds of hitting little Timmy against the side of his head are pretty low. The hovercraft completed. I really like what it looks like, even without the stickers. The steering works equally well on tabletops and carpets. But the steering mechanism is pretty loose (it has to be, otherwise it wouldn't work so well), so if you pick the craft up and shake it slightly, it rattles like there's a loose piece somewhere. Backyard Blasters' swamp rider Booklet 2 and Bag 3, the Backyard Blasters' craft. This photo wasn't taken halfway through, it was taken after I'd finished. I removed the cockpit and engines to show the propellor's mechanism. A simple and clever execution. As you push the craft forward, the wheels turn, driving the propellor. Again, it works well on both tables and carpets. The firing mechanism. It works a little better than the missile launcher. The rubber mine sits in a cradle, you flick the lever, and it pops out. The mine kept on landing inside the boat, but when I moved the launcher 2 studs closer to the edge than the instructions suggested, the mine suddenly cleared the boat. It usually travels about about 5cm through the air, then rolls and bounces a further 10-30cm. In 10 tests, it hit my finger once (the lever is a little too close to the cradle), got about 5cm twice, reached about 15cm four times, rolled to about 30cm twice, and once got out to 5cm and then bounced right back into the boat. I've been able to reproduce that last result, so it wasn't just a freak accident. The mine's spikes makes it more unpredictable than a rugby ball. Again, the instructions warn that little Timmy is in danger of getting a black eye, but the mine is never higher than 5cm off the ground, so unless little Timmy is really short, his eye should be safe. All finished. The Backyard Blasters' boat has a whole booklet to itself, and I reckon it has about twice as many pieces as Team Extreme's hovercraft. It also feels much more solid. When you shake it, nothing rattles or moves. I'm not a fan of those buzzsaws on the sides, but they pop off easily enough, without hurting the aesthetics. The flames coming out of the engines is an awesome touch. Spare bits, from bags 1, 2 and 3. Yes, that's an extra rubber mine. It comes in a different bag than the other one, and the boxart and instructions only ever show one, so this is a spare. But you won't need it to replace the other one, because little Timmy isn't going to accidentally launch one out the window and into Mr Wilson's yard, so you may as well just give the Backyard Blasters a second mine. Verdict Pros: A variety of interesting pieces. Fun vehicles with working and moving parts. Awesome and varied minifigs. And a dark green crocodile! Cons: There's quite a bit of Technic pieces in there. And no printed pieces.
  12. Yatkuu: Encounter at the blacksmith workshop - 2 points Fat Tony: Where's the rest of the crew - 2 points Hammelgeier: Attack of the Kraken - 1 point
  13. PixelFox

    [brickfilm] WWII 'Believe

    Wow. Just...wow. That's the kind of thing I wish I'd thought of. I loved the original ad. And the recent ripoff. But this...wow. I love the little scenes, and the guys' expressions. The Jeep smashing through the defenses is great too. Well done, man!
  14. PixelFox

    Space: Classic Meets Conquest

    Thanks everyone! CptMugwash > The vehicles and accessories were made in Leocad, then exported to Maya, where I made the characters, ice etc. From there it went to Photoshop for the snow, glows and compositing. I did consider using Ice Planet guys instead, that's my all-time favourite Space theme, but I went for Classic in the end. Capt.JohnPaul > I got the planet from my reference library, thinking it was a photo of Mars or something. Then when you mentioned it now, I did a quick Google Images search. Turns out it comes from here originally. So credit to Greg Martin for the planet.
  15. PixelFox

    Space: Classic Meets Conquest

    So I saw the images of the 2011 theme Alien Conquest the other day, and I thought of the old Classic space sets from 30 or so years ago (1978-1988). Then I succumbed to the nostalgia, and made this little digital diorama. There's no real story or anything, just a few hours of me fooling around. The full res version is available on my Flickr.