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  1. josykay

    Future Castle Sets?

    Interesting thing about playmobil: Not only do they have the HTTYD license, they now make fantasy stuff ala dwarfs. I honestly believe, they have realized, that Lego is lacking any sort of castle, and are now catering for the children, wanting to play with knights/ historic stuff. They have Romans, Knights, HTTYD, and now Dwarfs at the same time, which is just a ridiculous selection. They are surely hunting in the grounds, the absence of lego castle/fantasy/ historic has left open.
  2. Nice set, and I love Lady Iron Dragon... But the head printing obviously ruins it. Does anyone know, if newer versions, with better qualities exist? Because that way... I am not really interested in her... Although, her quiver, hairpiece and body parts are still very nice.
  3. Got some in a small local store yesterday. Got the elven maiden twice, the corn guy, and the dance instructor twice, because I mistook her large hair piece. Quite happy, having my favorite already, and they were rather easy because of the sloped piece. Didn't like the corn guy though, after realizing, that he is completely unprinted.
  4. Anything castle related. No matter if historic/ realistic or fantasy. Although, since we had dwarfs last time, some elves would be nice now. :P New pieces of armor, helmets, torso prints, shields, weapons... More available civil life, no matter if men, elves, dwarfs. Some elvish harpist or flute player for example, dwarfen miners, farmers.. and all what can come to mind. And although not castle only, more animals. :P
  5. True, but Castle II was more like an unloved stepchild, having much less sets, than the previous Castle and Kingdoms, with no second relase wave, no big final set... and generally speaking rather weak. Compared to LtR and Hobbit, Castle II just was ridiculous. And Knights Kingdom styled crests and color shemes didn't really help much either. While they are not mutually exclusive, it is is pretty clear, which series got the love from the designers. I fear, Lego in general hasn't any love left for non licensed/ trademarked castle or pirate stuff, looking at the very weak Pirates 2015 series, which has fairly weak sets in total, and wasn't eaven in many toyshops around the world, while again, being much smaller than all earlier pirate series. I think, we might get some newsets taking place in a medival/ fantasy setting in the future. But I honestly believe, it will go more like Nexo Knights, Ninjago and Elves, with clear, named characters not any generic stuff.
  6. Thank you for the review of a pretty nice little set, @makoy I really love the minifigures. They absolutely look great, and their armor is useful for castle guys. I in particular love the dual molded helmet, which can also be combined with both types of vermillion armors, which was kind of suprising thanks to the high neck guard of the armor. It even fits with long beards. Their prints are very detailed, and the way, how vermillion bodies are formed is creepy. I really love the snakes bursting out of every hole. The dark pearl grey spears are always wellcomed additions to the arsenal, and the built hammer is simple, yet quite effective. A fairly cheap army builder and armor source.
  7. josykay

    Review - 4805 Ninja Knights

    True. But it is just that specific minifigure. The Shogun and ninjas in particular have very nice prints. The bandit is tattered but looks related to the theme. But the normal samurai... I don't know, but I think, it just doesn't really look like armor for me.
  8. josykay

    Review - 4805 Ninja Knights

    As much, as I love the Shogun and the Ninjas, I can not stand lower samurai warrior. I just don't like the prints. The equipment however is pretty nice. 3 swords, 2 banners, 1 gun and one pistol, plus the Shogun armor. Great review of a classic set. ;) Anyway, I really do miss the old minifigure packs, being relatively cheap, and containing many minifigures. During the Kingdoms era we got 5 for 12-15 Euro made in china, and in case of the Dragon knights with non darkpearl gray weapons boooo. In Castle II it went down to 4... now it even came down to 3 in some...
  9. Doubt it about TLBM 2... Most villains are already taken by sets and Series 1. Ok, Clockking, Crazy Quilt, Egghead would be nice, but then? It kind of has the problem with Simpsons Two, with the most important characters already taken and filled up with characters noone really cares. Disney 2 on the other hand, has quite some possibilities of classics so far missing. The Beauty and the Beast for example? Pocahontas? Mulan?
  10. josykay

    Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    Seems to be a problem of Marvel and DC Lego in general. The minifigures are so amazing, but some of the sets are just... well poor. For example the Adam West Batcave. The figures are great, and I really love the Joker with his overpainted mustache for example. But the set is just not camera friendly... since Wayne Manor is the backside you don't see, but instead you see some big studded plates... Not cool for a set that expensive. Or the new Hulk vs Red-Hulk set. The minifigs and bigfigs are great. But the two vehicles are just so disappointing.
  11. josykay

    Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    Impressive collection @Captain Britain. May I ask, if you just have the figs, or the sets as well?^^ Are there any you don't collect? Like Mighty Mikro? Or the new Mini-Doll stuff?
  12. josykay

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    28 cannons, pretty impressive. From the looks, the Silent Mary is so far the biggest (named) vessel in PotC after the Dauntless and the Endeavour in the movies, and much larger than QAR, BP and FD. Great, how Lego tries to capture the size of the ship, and she is the very first ship, having mulitple cannon decks. However... I fear, it justn't work that great with the open hull... giving the ship potentially several camera unfriendly angles.
  13. I have quite the opposite impression. I have my "Frightening Knight" staying next to me having the new shield, and the curved part of his shield begins very very late. In addition the lower part of the shield is nearly completely covered by the tablet... But nice catch of her lower part. Yeah, that's a sloped piece. Ok, I guess although I would have prefered legs. But still probably my favorite in the set, and the shield is always wellcome. Maybe there are some lightblue legs fitting fairly well for her, to modify her a little bit.
  14. Well you are right. I forgot the quotes. ;) Although he is lacking a long beard. By Warhammer standards he would be barely an adult.
  15. josykay

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    I am pretty sure, more ships will be coming. I think, they went with the Silent Mary first, because it is the current main villain vessel. Same for the Queen Anne's Revenge. So far, we only know from the regular sets only this set right? There is much more to come, and I bet, we will see another vessel. Especially considering, that Silent Mary is a 200 Euro set, making the need of a more affordable one.