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  1. A bit off topic: I've noticed that they have cleverly avoided friction in the boom by using wheels for the extension to roll on. I got tempted to try it out myself, and just wondered what are the smallest wheels to have a pin/axle mounting? Edit: This perhaps?
  2. Nice replica, looks good. You and a couple of selected members are not equal to "everybody". I thinks it's going to a good 2h. Both the tow truck and the crane is above average quality in my opinion.
  3. Was it a coincidence you started counting at 2009? Worst basis for a conclusion I have seen in a long time.
  4. That's true, small and flexible turntable together with the space between studless beams (they are slightly less than 1 stud in width and height) makes it hard to get decent stability. A turntable with a width of around 13 studs would be a good idea for CUUSO.
  5. I don't understand how you can't appreciate the outriggers. Outriggers are used in very many technic sets, and this is the biggest step forward we have ever seen imo. They are brilliant.
  6. Anio was talking about yellow wheel hubs, not the chassis in general. 1974 showed a picture of a crane with yellow hubs, which was the point.
  7. Back in 2009 the first box picture showed an m-motor on the box of the crane truck If I remember correctly. So that they change the box isn't completely unlikely. Edit: The boom is also completely different here.
  8. "I may have to pay 360$ for the crane and still prioritize it, you who only need to pay 220$ should at least be able to prioritize it" is how I understood it. But whatever. My point is that even with the 360$ price tag, it's easier for people in Norway to prioritize it than for almost everybody else.
  9. Please don't use the "everything is so expensive in Norway/Scandinavia" argument. It makes me embarrassed. Lego already has a very high cost for being a toy. Too much for many. Having said that though, the price has been kept down for the last 10-20 years, which is a good thing. Anybody got some figures?
  10. I think we should take all of the design details and part colors with a grain of salt. It looks very unfinished.
  11. It does telescope the boom. The cylinder is connected to the red 3x5L beams, and the linkage causes the boom to be pushed upwards.
  12. A big difference when it comes to the side "paneling" on the superstructure.
  13. So your logic is that if they do it simple and use a pneumatic cylinderers for lifting a boom, cranes become infinitely better?
  14. Merman, your post is #666 and you are criticizing 8421. Honestly though, I agree with you. I have 8421, and have tried for a long time to understand why people think it's so great... haven't got any wiser.
  15. They are too fat, don't you think? 62.4x20 has perfect proportions. It would also be nice to have suiting wheels in different sizes. If you're mocing a semitrailer for example.