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  1. MEANWHILE... In Gotham City... OOPS!!! I just noticed the links to my project stopped working after Lego CUUSOO changed to Lego Ideas. Man that's a bunch of time I've lost collecting supporters. So, I've fixed the problem! Click HERE! So if you like my project, please follow the link and give it your support. The project is doing great, but still needs a lot of votes! I'm happy to anounce that I consider my Batmobile (dis)playset finished and that it's aproved on Cuusoo/Lego-ideas. If you like you can vote for it on Cuusoo by clicking right HERE! I present to you 'The Cartboard Crusaders' A random 1966 Batmanscene in GothamCity invcluding the Batmobile, to Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the television series that's coming up... Description: The car is relatively small with it's 7 stud wide build-up, yet big enough to hold 2 minifigures. Those figures can be placed and removed without taking off any part. I build this car with loads of playfeatures the original car also had: Atomic Turbine Engine, Bat-Radar, Rocketlaunchers, opening decklid to reveal the Mobile Crime Computer, Bat-shutes, Chainslicer in the nose, as well as a Bat-a-Ram, Aluminum dashboards, and last but not least, the Bat-Phone. Many have followed the Batmobile here on Eurobricks but haven't seen the newly finished display scenery. So here goes: The backdrop. (a short story) I picked a scene I instantly remember when reminiscing about the show: Batman and Robin walking the walls vertical yet very horizontal, in kind of a creepy very close together choreographed manner... But that's what made the show so fun to watch. Always a citizen in an open window. This time it's the beautifull Catwoman. Or is it... It happens to be a mannequin disguised as Catwoman to lure our Caped Crusaders into the Jokers trap. The Joker is standing on top of the building ready to cut the line... Because of this fake building (in this MOC, and in the tv series) I gave this project the name: 'Cartboard Crusaders'. So here it is. The one and only Batmobile. Let's take a look at some of the details... I've tried to cram as much in as possible: But I think this is the best part: It's fits two minifigs side by side which can be taken out of and put back in without taking off any part of the car. And I think the 7 stud wide size is perfect for minifig/city/town/modular-scale. Now all you have to do is VOTE on cuusoo, because you know you want it to be available in an official exclusive collectorsbox! Thanks in advance. And if you don't..? Well, Look what's bound to happen to mr. Joker... Please make a childhooddream come true and vote for my Batmobile HERE!
  2. I recently purchased 21108 and I think it's one of the all time better sets from Lego. I really enjoyed building it, and I can tell you the endresult is awesome. Like you didn't know already huh. Still ater a while some things started to bug me, and I thought I could improve on some details and overall look. The frontend is unmistakenly 59 Cadillac, but somehow it didn't look right... Wheelwell had a wrong angle; the frontwheels were set too far back; the 'eyebrows' above the headlights stick too far out; the hood is too flat compared to the fenders; too much room between frontwheel and lights because of wrong use of snot-technique, etc... I think I have improved the original model. After I modified the exterior I came across this post by flailix, and his work inspired me to do a proper interior and engine bay. I had just one problem: My car is one stud shorter than the original. So that meant I got even less room to place all 4 minifigs... But I managed to do so... ^ seating ALL 4 minifigs! ^ detailed V8 engine bay ^ notice not one but two exposed studs behind the frontwheel. Somehow it doesn't feel like Lego has forgotten something anymore It now looks like the car has a doorline. ^ I replaced the inverted slope which just had the wrong angle and made the bodywork between frontlights and wheel too large with a cheeseslope. By using other snot-parts I managed to shrink it a bit further and clean up the bumperside by separating it from the headlights. ^ Major modification was shortening the cab by a stud. It forced me to create open windows which I love. The windshield is set back to create more bodywork between frontwheel and windshield. The roofrack needed to be set back a stud creating less room at the back of the roof. Just like the real thing. The blue hoses are now compact together compared to the original set. I used an extra slope next to the hoses to let the body have a better flow. ^ now that the ladder is set back one stud I could attach it by clicking it into a red 1x1 clip I placed in the fin. On this side also more slope pieces above the rear wheel for better flow ^ I used a plate to give the bumper more mass. ^ the round studs don't bother me as much as they do on the original. It's much more a 'one piece' frontfender. It even suggested me to use round studs in the hoodcorners. It really helps rounding off the hoodcorners. The hood got raised because I thought it sat too low between the fenders. ^ now this was the most difficult task: Creating enough room for a decent interior that can seat all 4 minifigs. I'ts not able to hold all 4 backpacks but it does have room for a trap ^ sure it's kinda cosy but hey, it fits!
  3. Yes... Another DeLorean Timemachine moc. I missed out on the official set, which I didn't like that much at the time. But when it sold out the regrets where on its way... So I built one for myself, two years ago, because BTTF is my favorite movie trilogy. The car is 7-studs wide, which makes it perfect in minifig-scale. Instead of choosing one version from my favorite movie from the trilogy I just took all of the different version and mixed it all up to create a definitive one. Recently I got the time to finally take some pics. So here it is...
  4. ZOINKS! Shaggy turns out to be one hell of a hotrodder, turning his Dodge A-100 van into a pro-street pavement-pounder. Inspired by the full-size-engined/half-sized-bodied Zingers, the famous customs of the early 70's showcar-scene. The engine is a 2:1 scale full blown V6 race-engine. It's got dragslicks in the back, a wheelie-bar, and a drag-shute. To really appreciate this car it's best to compare it with the standard boring original cartoon version.
  5. Homer's Highschool Hotrod is a late 60's musclecar with details from many makes and models from that era. I just wanted to create an attractive hotrod. ^ Remember the fenderbender? Well, Homer asked me to help him fix the dents in his left frontwing, and you know, one thing led to another.... ^ variation on taillighttreatment and engine intakes ^ The Man and his car ^ The Wife and her purse ^ Are you saying that this sucker is nuclear??
  6. B Rick

    [MOC] Homer's Highschool Hotrod

    Thanks but no. I remember it vaguely but haven't seen it till earlier this evening.
  7. B Rick

    [MOC] Speed Champions - Ford Mustang Mach 1

    Very recognizable and very cool! I wonder how you did the turnsignals... Ooh, and I love the two tone hood. The speedchampions is a fun series. Although sticker-heavy, there are some great models.
  8. Thanks! I hear ya on the flatbed-comment. That will be my plan for my other Mystery Machine. Ever heard of de dragster Little Red Wagon? That was my main inspiration to build a Hotrodded Dodge A-100. The mystery has the almost perfect shapes, so it became the hotrod mystery machine. But I am planning on building the Little Red Wagon soon. Just got to find the right parts... I'm running out. But... Not untill after my build I discovered we have/had a Dragster in our dragracing-scene that was shaped after the Little Red Wagon. In lime-green. Titled 'Little Green Wagon'. Now, I have lots of limegreen lego! ...well, enough to build one, I think... Well, I like it 'subtle' the way it is now. Still sort of a realistic hotrod. To exagerate more will make this build look too much like a toy. It works with the Van I pictured because of it's realism. But I think it won't work with Lego. That's cool to hear! Now, go and get one. I loved the shape of that van ever since I was a kid in the late seventies. So I just HAD to have one. And hey, it's Lego. You can make ANYTHING you can think up!
  9. This is my rendition of The Bluesmobile. A moc I made two years ago. I finally got the right parts to make not only one, but two Bluesbrothers. The car, an 'ex cop-car' 1974 Dodge Monaco is 7 studs wide which I find perfect for minifig/town/modular scale. Big enough to put in some detail, but small enough to still fit the streets of Legocity. It's got opening doors, hood, and trunk to show off a full interior, engine bay, and trunk. 'It's got a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, it's got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks. It's a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas. What do you say, is it the new Bluesmobile or what?'
  10. B Rick

    [MOC] 1974 Dodge Monaco Bluesmobile

    Thank you folks! A movie that at one point held the record for wrecking the most cars ever during filming is worth a watch. At least once in your life. 100+ cars destroyed, particular copcars. Nazis forced to jump off of a bridge. John Belushi & Dan Akroyd singing 'stand by your man'. 100+ cars jumping bridges, doing salto's, and crashing through shopwindows. Princess Leia firing a bazooka. Need I see more... Yes, music plays a big role in this movie. Bluesmusic almost not. But the film is chockfull of popculture-, comedy-, music-, and movielegends. It should be part of your upbringing.
  11. B Rick

    [MOC] Lego Batmobile from Batman v Superman

    Cool! I like it better in dark grey though. It's nice to have some contrast with the tires and windshield.
  12. B Rick

    [MOC] 1974 Dodge Monaco Bluesmobile

    I've tried that. But 2 bricks high is way too much... It could work if I was able to set the newer windscreen lower into the body, but that will interfere with the pivotpoint of the doors.
  13. Thanks Only Sinner! You're right... Those are vintage 25 y/o plastic modelkit waterslide decals. I knew those would come in handy some day....
  14. B Rick

    [MOC] 1974 Dodge Monaco Bluesmobile

    Thanks people! I think you're totally right. It's a part I went back and forth with at the time I build it... It's just that there aren't many options to choose from. I agree this windscreen belongs more on a sleek exotic sportscar. But... Today I've tried to raise it by one plate, leaving some ugly gaps between it and the doors. I Managed to fill that with sidemirrors. So more detailing on the car. For now I'm happy with that. Thanks soccerkid6! Good for you to notice that detail. I'm so glad the snot worked out this way. It totally captures the sidedetail of the real Dodge Monaco.
  15. B Rick

    [MOC] Donald Duck's Car - The 313

    Fantastic translation to Lego. Great little scenes. Love the broken down one... Now if we'ld only have more (angry) Donald expresions to choose from...
  16. Thanks Captain Green Hair!
  17. Thanks guys! I love the official set. It's a fun build. But I love hotrods even more...
  18. B Rick

    Speed Racer Mach 5

    Very nice model. Love how you try to be so accurate as possible to the original design. For stickers... Do you need that much of em? You can always search for people or small companies to make you a one-off stickersheet.
  19. B Rick

    [MOC] BTTF I-II-III DeLorean Timemachine

    Thanks guys! Appreciating all the nice words! I hear you... At first I was really excited at first glimps of the official set. It took a while to realise it was very ugly... But to this day I still regret not picking one up when it was still fo sale. Looking forward to seeing your version.
  20. Thanks! I came across your Mystery Machine just yesterday. Great job fitting all of the Mystery Gang in it and at the same time having a full interior. By the way, I remember you doing that to the Ecto 1, right? It inspired me to try and do the same to mine, including opening hood and engine.
  21. B Rick

    [MOC] BTTF I-II-III DeLorean Timemachine

    thanks guys. actually, that's not the engine but some kind of cirquitboard in a flat Pepsi-cola crate strapped to the hood as seen in BTTF part III.
  22. B Rick

    The Dukes of Hazzard - The General Lee [MOC]

    That's pretty good! It's hard to build a convincing '69 Charger in Lego.
  23. I've added new foto's of my Ghostbusters headquarters addition! (11-3-2014) I've made some alterations to the hearse. Mostly on the tailfin area. The red from the fins isn't touching the rearlights anymore. Also the equipment on the roof is slightly different. It sort of 'belongs' ther now as opposed to be just an 'add-on' like before. I've also made it structurally better. (see post #2)
  24. The Bluesbrothers facade came out pretty disapointing. The movie just hasn't got a building that fits this build. A could only think of the Church and the Orphanage. The latter I did build, but came out very bland. I am however very sattisfied with the Bluesmobile. The you see here is just a mock up: My Deathproof Dodge Charger in Police-trim. The Bluesmobile I've build is patterned after the right Dodge Monaco. I have it for a long time now, but only recently got hold on some right mini-fig parts, so I have two brothers instead of just only one... Thanks! The hearse is a smaller variation of the Vampyre Hearse from the Monster Fighters theme. I have a thread on this one also somewhere. See link to 'all' my builds'. Ah thanks, can't remember. I think you have the pics with the improvements I have made.