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  1. Electify Your Train Switches

    Wow, it looks very compact! But I think that these solutions (I think that the motor is connected directly to the switch mechanism) have a problem, when the thain runs in the reverse direction it usually derails because the switch is "blocked".
  2. Electify Your Train Switches

    If you use a rubber belt as transmission mechanism you can use a simple motor (Lego or non Lego). You can see an example with a simple old Lego RCX motor, no servo, in my previous post. You don't need accurate positioning, you only need to give the motor some more time running than necesary, the rubber belt will slip a little but it's not a problem.
  3. Electify Your Train Switches

    This was the best solution I found, 100% Lego, no Lego part modified, small size (I think it could be still smaller): I used the old RCX motors, but you can use any Lego motor [Edited: or non Lego motor, no servo needed]. You can view how it works in this video:
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  5. Electify Your Train Switches

    dlp4341 peterab Thanks,I tried several "Pure Lego" solutions, but this was, by far, the easiest one.
  6. Electify Your Train Switches

    I used this solution, it's 100% Lego: I used the old RCX motors, but you can use any Lego motor. You can view how it works in this video:
  7. Awesome! I'm starting lo love Lego boats too ;)
  8. LAYOUT: My Lego Room

    Wow I would like to NXTize your layout ;-)
  9. I have posted about a NXT train system in the Trains forum, but I think it's should be referenced here too :)
  10. A NXT train system

    Thanks! I'm starting a blog to explain how it works and the progress of the work :) And I have added some annotations to the youtube video explaining some details that only are visible at full screen.
  11. A NXT train system

    This is my first post. I love Lego Trains and Lego Mindstorms. Joining these two worlds is my dream :)