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    Santa Fe Super Chief Limited Edition

    the color bars were made in old dark grey and red they were replaced with light grey and red in a service pack you can get this service set on bricklink cheap also the limited did not come with 2 numbered tiles just 1 and 1 that said lego
  2. joelego

    Exclusive Train 10219 Maersk Train (Exclusive 2011)

    Hello new train set YESSSSS !!!!! and american Diesel it is a shame it is only a gp40 looking engine i would love to see a sd40-2 or a sd45 that engine looks amazing look at the details it blows away the bnsf the colors the cars I will be buying at least 4 of these just for my collection
  3. joelego

    Our Zorro (Dieter) passing away

    RIP Zorro long may you sail the never ending oceans in your next life I do not know the traditions on a pirate ship but 21 cannons are going off in my head for you and the bricklink flag is at half mast Tony
  4. joelego

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    so i suggest if you hate it you might want to start liking it This is the best quote I have read in years if you do not mind I would love to use it in the future so i suggest you just start liking it Well, I completely agree with you that there are signs for that a CC will come out soon. I agree also with you klaus the figures are starting to pile up we have the bespin han solo in the 8129 a new carbonite han a new boba fett we can easily get 2 ugnaughts and a newer lobot along with a new lando and a bespin leia I think the only thing holding lego back is that the 10188 set is still available we have a new slave1 and a new falcon coming a new cloud car would just about seal the deal i am expecting this set at toyfair or comic con this year lets hope
  5. joelego

    MOC: Union Pacific Big Boy 4-8-8-4

    I love the engine looks great are you missing the grey plate on the second set of drivers?? I also bought the instructions on bricklink for the tender and he threw in the engine pdf I didn't finish mine and it looks like you added a couple of detaials to yours that were not in the directions I hope you are going to give the original designer some cred for this set
  6. joelego

    Are you sick of Star Wars?

    I feel lucas did us a great disservice with the opening battle in ROTS then proclaiming that the clone wars are near the end 20 min into the movie after ending the attack of the clones movie in such a great way it was a complete let down to span the clone war period with a final battle in the opening scene of ROTS I believe the lucas clonewars cartoon is nothing more than a merchandising boon all the figs are great the sets are not so great having a majic time machine that lucas likes to use is a joke ,,for example durge is now cad bane I cannot wait to see how he makes major changes to the classic figures to continue his galactic time line that seems to always come up with a need to have figure look at savage maul guy he is only there to sell toys not to add to the clonewars I expect to hear negative replys for my post so please have it at guys
  7. joelego

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    it looks to me like the droid will fit in the back you can see it in the back in another pic I believe I would just be patient it will show up in a couple weeks or so
  8. joelego

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    I agree but with the magnagaurd fighter well out of production I can see in a year or so the lego group doing the green version with a couple newer pieces just like the arc-170
  9. joelego

    Lego custom star wars Mandalorian

    I like it The figure is a great custom much better jetpack than the recycled mando pack
  10. joelego

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    I have to disagree with you on the new blaster comment they are the same small blasters that come in every set if you look at other posters from the past couple of years they are drawn the same way
  11. joelego

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    if I remember correctly didn't amazon in france get all the newer sets last year a full 2 months before the usa did
  12. joelego

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    I think that the genosian set will be done as a zombie set like hasbro is doing in the action figure
  13. joelego

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    I would be curious to see if they include the 4 clone gear packs for the helmet piece like they did in the new slave 1 ??
  14. joelego

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    speaking of lego going cheap the new magnet set with anakin, ahsoka, and the blue senate commando it turns out the commando only comes with a flesh head with no printing like the older stormies not a clone trooper head I dont know if anyone brought that point up as of yet
  15. joelego

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    I noticed a fourth clone trooper with different green markings on the box