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  1. I can finally show of a MOC I have been working on since September. The MOC was first completed in LDD in December and not until February did I get hold of all the pieces I needed. During this building time I have seen a lot of other LEGO dragons being made, but hopefully you can still enjoy my dragon. I have taken the time to do a little comic around my LEGO scene. I hope you enjoy it :) (Text was written together with my girlfriend)









    The Main Scene (without sound effects)


    While working in LDD I was afraid that I was designing something that would be very fragile and hard to work with. Besides a few weak points the design proved to be more solid than I dared to hope for.

    Two more pictures.


    The summoning of the Sea serpent by Teabox (henrik_zwomp), on Flickr


    The summoning of the Sea serpent by Teabox (henrik_zwomp), on Flickr

  2. I'm not sure if anyone else has seen the new pics for the city sets, but there is a new bear mold, which would be perfect for Beorn from the Hobbit. Maybe this will come true...

    In Collectable Minifigures serie 7, the Little Red Riding Hood character has a new short mantle. This piece, in another color, would be perfect for 4 little Hobbits. :classic:

  3. My first attempt at an medieval carriage.




    When I designed it I wanted to try to make it as compact as possible. The goal was to keep it 4 studs wide, have space for two people and still have a working door.

    The reins is an addition that I would like some feedback on. I never really liked the empty space between the coachman and the horse. So that why I added the two "fishing lines" to connect them two. Would like to know if people think it's an improvement or not.