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  1. My votes: 13) 4 votes 37) 3 votes
  2. I can finally show of a MOC I have been working on since September. The MOC was first completed in LDD in December and not until February did I get hold of all the pieces I needed. During this building time I have seen a lot of other LEGO dragons being made, but hopefully you can still enjoy my dragon. I have taken the time to do a little comic around my LEGO scene. I hope you enjoy it :) (Text was written together with my girlfriend) The Main Scene (without sound effects) While working in LDD I was afraid that I was designing something that would be very fragile and hard to work with. Besides a few weak points the design proved to be more solid than I dared to hope for. Two more pictures. The summoning of the Sea serpent by Teabox (henrik_zwomp), on Flickr The summoning of the Sea serpent by Teabox (henrik_zwomp), on Flickr
  3. teabox

    The summoning of the Sea serpent

    Thanks for all the kind words :) It is one of the two standard Green dragon torsos - 973pb691c01 Which means that the two minifigs actually have the same torso :)
  4. teabox

    [Retro MOC] The Apiary

    Great idea for a castle moc :)
  5. My second attempt at making a carriage. This time I made a bigger one that could fit four minifigures inside of it. The landscape is inspired by the game Minecraft, so that's why it is "blocky" even for being LEGO Click on the images to view bigger versions.
  6. Thanks for the nice words
  7. teabox

    MOC: Shaun the Sheep

    I would like to present my design of Shaun the Sheep. I hope you find him as cute as I do Shaun the Sheep (version 2) by Teabox (henrik_zwomp), on Flickr I have put up instruction on how to build him on Flickr. So you can build him yourself if you want to (I hope this was the right subforum to post this in)
  8. teabox

    Kelra Labyrinth

    I envy you for the number of Bossk/Trandoshan heads you own Nice labyrinth by the way
  9. teabox

    MOC: Teylingen Castle

    Truly awesome. I agree with all the other comments
  10. teabox

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    Yeah, I think you are right. Forgot about the Jawas.
  11. teabox

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    In Collectable Minifigures serie 7, the Little Red Riding Hood character has a new short mantle. This piece, in another color, would be perfect for 4 little Hobbits.
  12. teabox

    A Guide to building a Medieval Village

    Why do you use tiles under the transparent plates? Would it look worse if you had plates instead? Thanks for the guides. They are great
  13. teabox

    Explorer's cabin

    A small vignette I put together of a captain planing his next discovery voyage. Explorer's cabin by Teabox (henrik_zwomp), on Flickr
  14. teabox

    The Purge of Evil (MOC)

    Love this build
  15. A MOC inspired by the 6067 and 7947 set. The former is why the building is mostly black with some parts in dark bluish gray or reddish brown. I wanted to include something in the dark green color as well, but couldn't think of anything that would fit in that color. The house got to be yellow to brighten up the building a little. More pictures on Flickr
  16. teabox

    Explorer's cabin

    Thanks for the praise (and blogging)
  17. teabox

    Dragon Masters Tower

    Looks good. I like it
  18. teabox

    Explorer's cabin

    Thanks for the nice feedback Thanks. No, they are all printed. Here are the Bricklink ids in case you want to check them out. 3068bpb315, 3068bpb407, 3068bpb367, 3068bpb161, 3068bpb148 and 3068px9
  19. Thanks for the praise (and also for the criticism)
  20. teabox

    Pirate Trading Post

    Nice. Inspirational.
  21. Alright The yard with a peasant is fixing his cart. Close up on the backside of the tower. The backside of the house. A wandering knight and his esquire. A family of wolf-people (was added to show some of the dangers that lurks around the Inn (and because I thought they would look cute)).
  22. teabox

    Maccusswell Castle

    Great castle. Awesome in size and number of cool scenes. Also it's nice to see a castle that isn't rectangular
  23. My first attempt at an medieval carriage. When I designed it I wanted to try to make it as compact as possible. The goal was to keep it 4 studs wide, have space for two people and still have a working door. The reins is an addition that I would like some feedback on. I never really liked the empty space between the coachman and the horse. So that why I added the two "fishing lines" to connect them two. Would like to know if people think it's an improvement or not.
  24. The color choices are due to lack of pieces to build from
  25. teabox

    Back To The Future III (WW Category 1 Train)

    Very nice. I love it. Lots of details to study