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  1. So, maybe I’m seeing things wrong, but does the new Ninjago 71783 set have a new rim and tire? The rim looks quite large, maybe almost five studs in diameter, and I don’t recognize the tread design. It might be the 49.5x14 rims/tires, but for some reason, the ones on the new Ninjago set look larger. What do you all think? Im digging the new panels released so far!
  2. Since we’re on the topic of PU, I’ll add my $.02. I will probably always find PF superior for as long as PU only allows four motors per hub and lacks extension wires. For me to jump 100% to PU, LEGO is going to have to create a hub that has at least 8 ports, find a way to port stack, and offer extension wires. Otherwise, I have no choice but to use PF on some projects. IMO, LEGO dropped the ball with PU. They should’ve just gone the S-brick route and offered Bluetooth receivers.
  3. This looks like a fun contest, and I just so happen to have a bunch of balls that I got from a LUG I used to be part of. I’m in the middle of a move, so I’m not sure I’d be able to participate, but it looks fun! I’ve never built a GBC either.
  4. I’m obviously out of the loop here. When is this set supposed to be available? This is the first I’ve heard of it.
  5. What a fantastic set. It’s a must buy for me, and it has been a long time since I’ve thought that about a Technic set. The opening engine cowling and fake turbines are the icing on the cake. I would not have expected that in a TLG set. The amount of play in the rotor head and pitch/collective mechanism is a bit of a bummer. I think a lot of that could’ve been resolved with a second mini turntable below the existing one and a longer beam up to the rotor head. Overall, the set is great, and it gives me a renewed confidence in the Technic lineup.
  6. moving the rotor hub up and down instead of the swash plate wouldn’t be realistic and would probably be more complicated and less sturdy. I’m not sure why you’d want the hub to move up and down, but maybe I’m miss understanding. Im not sure I follow that last sentence, but LEGO has modeled the rotor and swash plate very similar to how a real helicopter works, and I’m not sure there’s really any other way around it. Helicopter rotor heads are really complex and have a lot of different movements. Im thrilled that LEGO has managed to build a helicopter with working collective and cyclic. It’s definitely a set I’ll be buying!
  7. I’d like to see a contest based on “Something Fom A Favorite Childhood Cartoon” or something similar. We might have Scooby Doo Van, or Tailspin plane, Ninja Turtles vehicle, etc. Or, maybe a Star Wars contest.
  8. I’ve seen a few more pictures, and there is definitely a new five-sided swash plate. The cockpit has both collective and cyclic controls as well. The proportions are a bit goofy, but I love that Lego actually has collective and cyclic in this model. It’ll probably be the first Technic set I’ve purchased since the Xerion.
  9. I think I see at least three new panels, and maybe four. 3x3 rectangular curved panel (although this could be three of the 1x3x2 panels extensions stacked) 3x5 rectangular curved panel 5x5 rectangular curved panel (although this could be two 3x5 panels next to each other) And maybe a 3x5 triangle curved panel I’m excited for all these rectangular panels. I’ve been wanting a 5x5 curved panel ever since LEGO started using panels. I don’t find the car itself to be that attractive, at least from the rear 3/4 view. The rear is pretty flat, and far too many system parts used for my liking. I’m loving all the new pieces though!
  10. I did that on some MOCs I built when I was a kid. It's super easy, so I'm sure LEGO could do that if they wanted. It would be a neat feature.
  11. Does anybody remember the Technic 8837 Excavator from 1992? It was a pretty basic wheeled excavator set, but one really neat feature was how the superstructure slew and steering worked. The same knob (or beacon light in this case) worked both the slew and steering. Pushing the beacon down engaged the steering, and pulling the beacon up disengaged the steering and engaged the boom slew gearing. It was really neat. I'd kinda like to see LEGO do something like that again, just for the sake of changing things up a bit.
  12. Consolidating the outriggers and gearbox into one motion was something I had considered early on, but given how easy it is to build a three or four position gearbox using the wave selector, I opted to run the each outrigger off a third position in the gearbox. My initial thought was that this would actually be a simpler design, plus give the benefit of individual outrigger control. The other benefit is that I would have two motors driving the outriggers, which will, hopefully, allow me to maybe lift the back wheels off the ground. I might be too optimistic there, but it's worth a shot. I basically have two 3 output gearboxes, and one 2 output gearbox. I'm trying to keep the gearbox at 11 studs wide and 3 studs tall, which is proving to be a challenge. I'm still working on various solutions, but I may end up having to make the cab floor higher than I would've liked. I'd like to add a couple more functions too, but we'll see how that goes.
  13. The Google translation of the Promobricks page says, "The set contains several pneumatic cylinders, including two gray ones for the first time". That might mean we have more than just the two grey cylinders. Maybe there is a grey cylinder for the boom, a grey one for the stick, and a small yellow one for the grapple. That's how I read it anyway. How the stabilizers move will be interesting. I doubt we will have four additional pneumatic cylinder for the stabilizers, and I think they will most likely be driven by a worm gear and knob on the side, or maybe they just have a simple over-center locking lever system. I'm happy to be wrong though.
  14. I'm a sucker for aviation related sets, so I'm cautiously optimistic about this. The comment about the tilted blades is interesting. That could mean one of several things: The entire rotor hub tilts, like some of the older Technic helicopters, all blades change angle together (ie collective), or we get varying blade angles depending on the blades position around the hub (ie cyclic). Tilting the entire hub isn't realistic, so I would hope we have a combination of cyclic and collective along with a proper working tail rotor that changes blade pitch. I doubt we will see any of that though. Realistically speaking, I think we will see the following: -Manual collective -Manual side door -Motorized blades -Motorized landing gear -Motorized side winch -Motorized belly winch Personally, I would've preffered the helicopter be based off something with a working ramp, but it seems that's not the case. The five blade rotor is fascinating though, so it'll be interesting to see how LEGO pulls that off.
  15. I think we'll end up with two battery boxes in this set, and I think both will be used as counterweights. My guess is that all motors will be in the superstructure (maybe one or two in the boom too), and power to the left and right tracks will pass through the center of the turntable, like 8043.