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    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    That's actually kinda high. It is only 7% in Georgia (where I am) and is 7% in most of the southern states.
  2. Admiral Byrd


    The blue coats lack any real leadership, thus why the mid level red coat officers had to step in and provide some assistance to managing the troops in combat.
  3. Admiral Byrd

    Back at the barricade

    I love the Musical Les Mis, and your MOC is a fantastic display of the emotion and beauty of that scene! I hope to see more les Mis Moc's in Lego!
  4. Admiral Byrd

    Caribbean Capital

    The imperial flagship just became an imperial frigate. I think the redcoats need a new ship-of-the-line capitol ship to re-establish their control over the Caribbean now! Great comic and great captains cabin you made!
  5. Admiral Byrd

    Which French Soldier do you prefer?

    More picks! Those are awesome!
  6. Admiral Byrd

    MOC: A busy shipyard

    That is a huge Palm Tree. Oh, and the ship is coming along great as well!
  7. Admiral Byrd

    Which French Soldier do you prefer?

    I voted for the "White" pants, but I really like the red ones too. I feel however, that the red pants (all realism aside) would be a bit "too much" if there were an entire army of them. I would recommend using the "Red" pants on maybe your color guard or even on officers to distinguish them and give them a special look.
  8. Admiral Byrd

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Kinda wished the BP would have been bigger, like the recent imperial flagship. That said it clocks in at 804 pieces and even the BSB was only 865 pieces. So it could still turn out to be a very fine ship.
  9. Admiral Byrd

    HMS Monarch

    For your gunports, I'd say the bottom of the flags should be close to touching the bottom of the yellow bricks on the hull. The flag should come close to touching the black plates area. More like your blue line, but not quite that far down. Does that make sense?
  10. Admiral Byrd

    Where is the Enchanted Island?

    I always thought the caribbean along with the rest of the Pirates I world. Caribbean clipper, and eldorado fortress, ect...
  11. Admiral Byrd

    HMS Monarch

    Others have already mentioned it, but I would suggest lowering the gun ports and replacing the yellow cannon flags with a different color. Yellow gun ports would be killer on some ships, but for yours with as much yellow as you have, i would suggest replacing them. I do like having the thick yellow line across the hull and the slim yellow smooth plates on the top give it a very nice look indeed! I'm not sure if you have thought much ahead yet as to your sails and rigging, but my question for you would be what you intend to use for your sails? I know you stated she is to be a redcoat ship, (welcome to the good side!) but I think you could use this instance to tie her appearance in with her allegiance. If you are willing to deviate some from the historical ship models like I think you are, and if you are looking to create a redcoat two masted ship, then I think you could maybe use my thought here. If you are planning on using existing Lego sails instead of creating your own, I would suggest borrowing the red and white striped sails from the Black Seas Barricuda and matching those with Red Gun Ports Flags. This would give you a red coat feeling by looking at the ship and match the top of the ship more to the hull while still giving you an elegant look with the yellow you are using instead of the black and white most ships rely on. This would be a nice aesthetic look I think and give you a different option than just going back to black gun ports and having a two color schemed vessel. If you intend on making your own sails you would probably retain the more historical look though and the red gun ports may still look nice. P.S. A new random thought just popped in my head. You could actually borrow the sails from the Brickbeard's Bounty too! Just use the two topsails four times in place of the skull and crossbones ones. The red shade on those is a darker red than the BSB sails and would likely match the darker red gun ports even more. item number: 2335. Have fun! I think you're ship is going to look fantastic!
  12. Admiral Byrd

    Which is your favourite base in the Pirate LEGO theme?

    All my favorite bases come from Pirates I. First would be the Imperial Trading Post, what a fantastic set. But right behind it is the Eldorado Fortress... Third would probably be Rock Island Refuge; gives the Pirates some good hang out spot as well as a place to store treasure. And would 6278 Enchanted Island count as a fortress for the Islanders? That's a pretty good set too. I'm curious to see how the PotC sets compare with the older ones. A base along the lines of those originally mentioned and similar in complexity of the PoP line would be pretty spectacular.
  13. Admiral Byrd

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    I wish Lego would bring back the bluecoats. Even if they are "technically" british as in PotC... Having another bluecoat original ship that's bigger and better than the Caribbean Clipper would be fantastic as well as it could bolster my bluecoat armies' numbers.
  14. Admiral Byrd

    REVIEW - 6286 Skull's Eye Schooner

    I absolutely love the design of this ship. I wanted one so badly as a kid, but never got one. When I got back into my old Lego Pirate sets a few years ago, purchasing a SES off Ebay became priority #1! lol I do agree that the colors are just a little "off" though. For some reason the BSB has a better look to it. But I do enjoy the functionality of the SES and I like the black and white sails more than the typical red / blue / white sails. This is an outstanding ship though, and a fun one to mod with different colors, ect... 5/5 for me.
  15. Admiral Byrd

    Pirates or Imperials

    I voted Imperial. But only if I get to be an officer of some kind. Maybe even a Captain or Admiral? Redcoat > Bluecoat, but both are respectable. Redcoats have the better original ships though, so that's a big advantage for them to me.
  16. Admiral Byrd

    Would you open a MISB SYSTEM Pirate set?

    If I come across a MISB Lego set for a good price I'll keep it MISB. Either enjoy the fact I have one in its original state (I probably have the same set thats opened) or sell it to a collector for a profit. Then buy more Lego!
  17. Admiral Byrd

    Which is better: Castle or Pirates?

    I'm a Pirate myself! Or actually, I'm a Redcoat. But without the Pirate line, i wouldn't have anyone to hunt down and bring to justice! I grew up on the Pirate line and have always enjoyed the huge ships sailing on the high seas seeking treasure and adventure, so out of nostalgia, I still prefer Pirates more.
  18. Admiral Byrd

    Spanish Armada Soldiers for Sale

    Definitely interested, how much for the lot with and without the boat? I've already got 3 Armada boats, but you can never have enough!!!
  19. Admiral Byrd

    Lego for sale

    How much for the Lego Pirate Sets? Also, is the SES missing two sails? Thanks!
  20. Admiral Byrd

    Achille, a French frigate carrying 36 guns

    Well that makes sense. It would still look more aesthetically pleasing to me if it was flying a french flag though. Again, wonderful ship you've built! And no worries about being out numbered on the sea, it has never stopped the redcoats before!
  21. Admiral Byrd

    Achille, a French frigate carrying 36 guns

    What a fantastic ship! I really like the finished outcome. One question though, why is she flying white flags? Has this bluecoat vessel already surrendered to the mighty Redcoats fleet? Congratulations Perfectionist!