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  1. Captain Bayonet

    What castle factions/subtheme do you want?

    Elves. That is all I ask for from TLG, is an Elven faction with a Rivendale-like castle. I would buy up the entire line without a second thought if it was ever to happen. ~Bayonet
  2. Captain Bayonet

    How to open LXF files from Brickshelf

    Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help. ~Bayonet
  3. I have no clue how to open these files in LDD after getting the file from Brickshelf. If anyone has any advice on how to open these on a Mac, it would be appreciated. ~Bayonet
  4. Captain Bayonet

    Tower of the Arcane (MOC)

    Incredible! What a great way to kick off your new series of fantasy MOCs. I look forward to the development of the characters. I also really love the all the SNOT you've put in to the base. Will this series be longer than the previous? Either way, keep them coming! ~Bayonet
  5. Captain Bayonet

    MOC; The Duke's Castle

    Well done "goldfish"! I one criticism though, perhaps you could make all the flags, banners and minifigs one uniform faction instead of having Dragon Masters, Crownies and (Harry Potter ?). Either way, great MOC and I'd love to see some pictures of the interior when it's finished. ~Bayonet
  6. I may have to try my hand at making one of these sometime soon. Great job on the use of sideways log bricks, at first I thought that you had just use brown plates. I think my favourite part is the travelling knight and his esquire and their coconuts (Coconuts?! Where'd you get coconuts?) ~Bayonet
  7. Captain Bayonet

    Getting ready to go over the top

    Great job! I always love the use of battle droid arms as a fence. ~Bayonet
  8. Captain Bayonet

    Jedi Garden

    Growing Aqualans and Kel-Dors are we? Can't wait to see the finished product. ~Bayonet
  9. Captain Bayonet

    Mini Star Tours StarSpeeder 3000

    Very well done Legostein! It bears an amazing resemblance to the actually ride. ~Bayonet
  10. Captain Bayonet

    Eridan starfighter

    Nicely done Thire5! Great uses for big clunky pieces. ~Bayonet
  11. Captain Bayonet

    LDD: Acklay

    That Reek is BEAUTIFUL! Even if it's a little small. Definitely keep these coming! ~Bayonet
  12. Captain Bayonet

    [MOD] AAT - Clone Wars Version

    Wow! A really well done MOC. You really captured the look quite well. Keep up the good work! ~Bayonet
  13. Captain Bayonet

    The Conglomerate

    How about these figs BasOne? Left to right: Former Segeant Alsec Droet (Human (Galactic Paratrooper Corps)), Rewsan Birkes (Human Mercenary), Tyoup Redto (Yiporoo Mercenary), Gopi Himog (Human (Beasts Galactic Bikers Club)), Trowan Kolpu (Polorian (Beasts Galactic Bikers Club)), Bos'rotur'sski (Trandoshan Mercenary) I'd give you the LXF file, but sadly I don't know how. ~Bayonet
  14. Captain Bayonet

    Ship-of-the-Line Under Construction

    This ship is coming together much faster than I would have anticipated. Great job! I really love your use of the IF bow technique. Well done. I look forward to seeing the finished product. ~Bayonet.
  15. Captain Bayonet

    Classic Space Flagship "Orion"

    Thanks for the advise BasOne, that is a great ship you've got there! I've taken you idea of building in sections. I haven't really had much time in the past couple of days to work on anything, but I have gotten a little bit done. The first gundeck is almost done, and I've built two of the six sleeping quarters. Each will have space for 48 crew members. Now onto the pictures. Gundeck Sleeping Quarters ~Bayonet