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  1. Great work! Colour combination is perfect and I really like the tank. As usual, fantastic story!
  2. Manx

    [Freebuild] Recruitment

    What a nice clean build!
  3. Part Two I've been working for Green Banthas for some time now. I got used to Wellcity and I liked it. My missions weren't hard, I had to drive a lot, but since it's my favourite thing I couldn't complain. I also got some other skills, as locating the target, disarming a person and other things. This was all part of my training for Alliance SpecOps. But it seems I'll have to take a pause - I was called in to the base, because I'm needed for a new mission. I'll learn more about it when I get there. Just a small freebuild to continue the story. Please, judge this.
  4. Manx

    [SoNE Ep. XII] Alliance Intelligence

    Sleepless in the Shuttle... Haha, good one. I like the use of those red tubes and as Pertyn Sawk mentioned, helmet/room combos.
  5. Manx

    [SoNE Episode XII] First Mission

    The back of the speeder is quite unique and I like the colour combination.
  6. Manx

    [SoNE Freebuild XII.I] Still on Kuat

    The dark side of the force seems to employ really smart individuals. Speeder looks great to me, the landscape perhaps needs a tile or two on it but this is still a very nice build!
  7. You've done it perfectly!
  8. Manx

    [Freebuild] Through the Sky

    Thank you very much! @Green Rhubarb: I got them in 21014 Villa Savoye.
  9. Manx


    I think we need to fire some English teachers in the UK. Hihi
  10. Manx

    What was the last movie you watched?

    The World's End. I just love the Pegg/Frost combo.
  11. Manx


    It's always nice to see another SW fan. I'm sure you'll enjoy in this forum! If you'd like to build a MOC or two and have even more fun with it, join Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka. Have fun!
  12. Manx

    [MOC] Barrels Out of Bond

    The rock-work is really impressive. But ground texture is great too and so are those trees.
  13. Manx

    [MOC] Imperial Bastion on the planet Valrar

    What a fantastic MOC!
  14. Manx

    [MOC] Interdictor-class Heavy Cruiser

    Amazing, I love it!