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  1. Ritsz

    My collection of city MOCs

    This is really great work.. Love that gas station!
  2. Ritsz

    Things non-AFOLs say WAY too often

    Haha, that's a bit too extreme! Just a bit though...
  3. This is wonderfull! I just sold 100 Old Western Cavalry figures, and already regret it haha
  4. Ritsz

    British tank Churchill 3

    This indeed is a awesome build! Trying to find something to improve but I can't haha, great job!
  5. Oh true, the butterflies, didn't thought of that!
  6. Great vegetation!! What about those flowers on top of the tree?
  7. Ritsz

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    I know the feeling! I was in that same situation a few times (and I'm sure many others to). I'ts just not nice when you can't fill your cups peacefully and have to keep one eye on your already filled cups and use your other eye for filling the next cup.. But I guess that's never going to change, because kids will be kids...
  8. Ritsz

    August Lego Store Calendar

    Wow purchases over 50$ for the Chima figure. Yesterday I went to the store, and here in Belgium you get that figure for purchages just over 20 euro...
  9. Ritsz

    [MOC] Undermining

    This is really nice!! I've never seen something similar to this
  10. Ritsz

    [MOC] Gaptooth Breach

    Nice MOC!! And good idea to use those tiles as rails!
  11. Ritsz

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Nice haul! Wich store did you get the cups from? They have some nice pieces there!
  12. Please don't wait too Impatiently, cause I'm going to take it slow. If maybe in a few months I have some updates or something build already I'll definitely let you know! thanks a lot! yes, Thats why I want to build slow but for a long time, so I don't burn out too quick
  13. Ritsz

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Your welcome! Here's the link to the store https://www.brickfever.nl/index.php?pagina=oisterwijk
  14. Ritsz

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    I dont know where you live in the Netherlands? But Wijnegem isn't far off the border.. And you could go take a look at the store in Oisterwijk?
  15. Ritsz

    Other hobbies beside Lego?

    Untill a few months back, I've always been an elite cyclist. Still spend lots of hours on the bike, but right now its more mountainbiking, downhill,... Also love skiing, doing some fitness. And love going out with friends..