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  1. dcc123

    Making Eurobricks More Active

    Wow, so I probably shouldn't comment as I'm a bit of a lurker (sorry people); but as a member for 8 years I really miss the activity. The front page used to cycle through stuff really fast, and I'd log on each day for the highlights. The front page does not change much at all nowadays and I really miss it. The moderation is also a lot stricter. I used to love the to and fro that "offthewall" used to incite (whatever happened to that fella?). Just my thoughts, hopefully not offended anyone.
  2. Ok, so it's been in my wishlist since day one; but no email for me. Maybe I'm on the naughty list ;-) I won't stress about it; as I can wait. I actually got a notification from the brickshow about current stock. Still too late to get from this latest batch though.
  3. OK, I give up; and it may be a stupid question. But how do you sign up for these 'back in stock' emails? I've trawled the lego shop, but must have missed something!
  4. dcc123

    Playing in Space Since 1978

    Love it. Another vote from me, and the chaps:
  5. dcc123

    10251 Brick Bank

    I got a Star wars freebie as well. Admiral Yularen ... whoever that is? Most welcome mini figure all the same!
  6. dcc123

    10251 Brick Bank

    Just ordered mine as well. Happy days.
  7. dcc123

    10251 Brick Bank

    There is a thread in General Lego Discussions for this issue. Looks like I'll need to wait a bit more! Oh well.
  8. dcc123

    10251 Brick Bank

    Same for me Suzanne. It says "Inclusive of Tax £22.23" at the checkout. Never had that before on the UK site.
  9. Aaah that explains it. Thanks for the link. Dave.
  10. Hi Peppermint_M, I'm interesteed in any info on series 2 box availability in the UK. However, when I view your profile the email just says private. Thanks for any info, Dave.
  11. dcc123

    Childhood dreams

    Hello, and thank you for the link. I have not seen this thread before. The photos are so great compared to mine. Dave.
  12. dcc123

    Childhood dreams

    Hello, I've been lurking for a few years and as I have had a few days off work (laser eye surgery ... ouch) have decided to sign up. I was a great fan of lego as a child (my parents encouraged it, as they could get a lie in whilst I ... created). My son started collecting lego when he was about five. Of course I helped him build (He got the Sand Crawler for one Christmas and it was like a present to myself!!). This got me back into it and I have been collecting minifigures ever since. Me and my son now have a very comprehensive lego collection now across all themes (technic, SW, IJ, Atlantis, Toy Story, Power miners and I have a soft spot for the modular buildings). I get severly mocked (not MOCed) by my family and friends, but who cares eh! Here are some pictures of my minifigure collection (some duplicates from my post to the SW forum): Dave
  13. dcc123

    Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    Hi Cralegoboy, Thanks for the heads up on the "introduce yourself" section. I shall hop over and introduce myself!! I built the case to keep dust and little fingers off my collection. There is a sheet of perspex which I slide in. I'm getting better at building the cases now. My Batman/Spiderman one is much better (I'll post it in the introduce yourself topic. Dave.
  14. dcc123

    Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    Hi, I've been lurking for a few years so thought it was only fair to start posting. This is my first post, so bear with me as my pictures are maybe not the best. Lets see if this works. Presenting .................. my home display (SW purists, ignore the IJ figures at the bottom!): Dave.