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    Lego islanders,ROCK RAIDERS,lost planet, and steam punk,WARHAWK, AND POWER MINERS!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Yes he seems more enthusiastic than Marc.
  2. this pic in the place of the personCould I please have a banner of the thunder driller inside of a tunnel with it's drill rotating.
  3. Power Miners: New Sets for 2009

    I just got the thunder driller and has anyone noticed it has glow in the dark stickers? They are the ones on the front sides of the vehicle and they are textured which I know has been reported. Do you have pics?
  4. PowerMiners Naming Confusion

    I'm sorry but thats just confusing. So as jack sparrow says thats even more than less than unhelpfull
  5. Power Miners: New Sets for 2009

    I love the Power Miners but as none of you have posted ( or noticed) everybody is white thats my main problem with lego is that 99.9% of the minifigs are white guys.
  6. These are very amusing videos and I thought I ought to make a topic for them. Heres the linkPower Miners movies link
  7. I am very sorry Mr.Hinckley for this I did not even notice caps lock was on that was from sending messages on facebook and I just did not turn it off. Once again sorry
  8. Huzzah you are correct the magic platypus then attacked my home town and set loose a bunch of zombies who ate Hinckley(poor old Hinckley he is always being eaten or being killed in a very bad way )
  9. crystal sweeper moc/mod 8957 MINE MECH REVIEW Power Miners - Strange Little Icons on the torso's?, I have two Power Miner minifigs, and both have an icon on the torso. POWER MINERS MAIN DISCUSSION 8960 THUNDER DRILLER PHOTO REVIEW W: Power Miners/Rock Raiders/Exo-Force/Dino Attack Pieces Review: 8961 Crystal Sweeper, Down in the tunnels... POWER MINERS SITE UPDATED </a>
  10. Huzzah dragons and dwarves all the way. they should team up and destroy the other factions in the mythical world.
  11. New Line of Impulse sets available S@H

    Tough luck for americans.
  12. Steam punk disscusion

    I second that notion mister mandolorian.
  13. The weirdest Bionicle names

    I absolutely concur sir island boy. P.s. should you not be playing sports today?