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  1. It looks like it will be around 4 studs shorter both in width and length.
  2. wesker

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I'd prefer the next Jabba's Palace to be a MBS set. They did an amazing job with the cantina and I'd like to see the palace receive that same level of detail. Even better would be if they released one in close proximity to a UCS Sail Barge. If both sets had the same character count as the cantina you'd be looking at 42 minifigures total - plus the additional Jabba/Rancor big figs filling in for the dewback.
  3. The hinges are still there. Just by the nose under the red sloped brick. I think the fuselage not being properly aligned is due to the image being an unfinished CG render and not because the build has been changed. Hopefully the stickers on the wings aren't final. Don't really like that the markings have been rotated 90 degrees.
  4. wesker

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Not a fan of the hideout. It almost looks 4+ to me with a basic build made mostly of large curved parts and windows. It would be a shame if they also dropped the dual molding on Spider-Man. Thankfully these are only preliminaries so nothings set in stone. The monster truck looks like one of those throwaway filler sets that you really only buy for the minifigures but I like the use of that hidden side piece for Mysterio. The Hellcharger and mechs all look great and its nice to see the Ragnarok helmet return for Thor. Shame you can't really see much of Doc Ock and Captain America.
  5. The Han figure looks preliminary to me. Its just the Ant-Man/Peter Parker head slapped on the Force Awakens torso.
  6. The X-Wing turned out pretty well. The loss of detail doesn't look too drastic compared to the 2018 version and its given some areas like the wings and droid socket a cleaner look. Not sure how I feel about the new nose design though. It looks a bit too blocky compared to before and will take some getting used too. The Shuttle also looks nice but like others have said the proportions do look a bit off and I'm not too fond of the underside of the cockpit. The TIE Fighter is definitely the highlight of the wave. This is by far the best cockpit design they've done and downsizing the ship has really improved the overall look of it. The only nitpick is the mismatched ball joints on the wing panels but that's a minor issue that can easily be fixed. Other than that its just a massive improvement over the previous renditions all around and makes me yearn for remakes of other TIE variants at this scale.
  7. wesker

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Only thing holding back the Jedi Temple is that MBS sets tend to come out every 2 years and there's still a few OT locations that are likely to come first. Could be a while before we see one made.
  8. wesker

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Disappointing to see another Spider-Man wave that keeps playing it safe by recycling the same old characters. Why not shake things up with someone new like Lizard, Kingpin or Black Cat? Or classic renditions of Electro, Shocker and Rhino?
  9. wesker

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Looks like a pretty nice set. Shame its an exclusive but hopefully the minifigures will eventually show up in a separate polybag like Captain Marvel did.
  10. I have no doubt there's something planned in the pipeline for after the Republic Gunship gets released.
  11. Regarding the main characters here's a rundown of the on screen variants that haven't been covered yet. There's also a few artwork options they could go with similar to how DC had their "First Appearance" variants for Batman and Wonder Woman in their CMF series. Just an alternative to rehashing existing figures like the Endor and Yavin Celebration variants.
  12. Regarding Padme I almost feel its a waste to include one of her action costumes. While its ridiculous we have gone so long without figures based on her Theed Battle, Droid Factory and Mustafar outfits, none of these require new parts and can be thrown into any number of potential sets. It would be better to take advantage of the new molds a CMF series provides and go with one of her more extravagant gowns that wouldn't normally be released anywhere else. For the other characters I think the DC, Lego Batman and Harry Potter waves have proven you don't need to have your main heroes in their most recognizable costumes. There's plenty of untouched variants they could pick from for a CMF series.
  13. The new TIE Fighter's cockpit looks like its been scaled down to only 6 studs wide which is what the original TIE Bomber's was. Surely they should be able to come up with something at that scale for a reasonable price. There's no reason for it to be as big as what the TIE Striker's cockpit was.
  14. The new TIE Fighter looks great! The scale matches the original 2001 set, the cockpit looks rounded and its retained the grey framework on the solar panels. Couldn't ask for anything more really. Hopefully this leads to the rest of the Imperial TIE variants getting redone at this scale in the near future.
  15. I welcome the notion of a Star Wars CMF series but I am dead set against it being used to distribute army building figures. I mentioned before in the other topic that its only going to become a scalper's paradise with them hoarding all the figures for resale at extortionate prices while the genuine collectors get left in the cold. The difficulty in currently obtaining the 501st battle pack and AAT has already showcased that.