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  1. There were two different wolfmen in the cantina scene. Lak Sivrak (left) was cut from the Special Editions but Arleil Schous (right) is still present in them. His mask also looks a lot closer to the existing werewolf headpiece than Lak's mask does.
  2. I'm not getting my hopes up too high for the background aliens. Realistically I think the primary characters that would likely be included are: Main Heroes (Luke, Han, Obi-Wan, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO) Sandtroopers - possibly with Dewback Reissues of Greedo, Wuhur, Ithorian (Momaw Nadon) and the Bith Band Doctor Evazan, Ponda Baba and if we're lucky Garindan Anything beyond that is really a bonus to me.
  3. There's not too many play features they can do with the Cantina itself but there's always the possibility it could include additional side builds like another Ubrikkian 9000 Pod, brick built Dewback/Bantha/Ronto or worse case scenario - another Luke's Landspeeder!
  4. From my recollection they don't. Minifigures in Star Wars UCS and MBS sets have always used existing parts. Whenever a character required a new piece it was usually introduced through another theme or set first such as Leia's Ewok Village hairpiece on the CMF Forest Maiden.
  5. Don't forget we did get the Imperial Shuttle remake rumor just a few weeks ago. I'm more inclined to believe that one being the next UCS than the Cantina. Plus there's the issue of Star Wars D2C sets not getting new molds like other themes do which is kind of necessary for Ponda Baba to happen. A small set on the scale of 2018's Cantina that's part of a mini wave with the Luke/Vader Bespin Duel just seems more plausible to me.
  6. I can never say no to another Cantina set, especially one that's potentially based on the Doctor Evazan/Ponda Baba scene. As long as it can deliver on both characters rather than just one or the other I'll be happy.
  7. Those new mosaics look amazing! Definitely exceeded my expectations. The option of having three different portraits and one large piece is genius and definitely adds to the collectability aspect of it. I look forward to seeing what other characters they release in the future. Its a shame if next year is going to be more of the same in regards to the system sets. The ones based on newer content this year (Mandalorian, TCW and TROS) have generally been fine but the OT and PT offerings definitely feel too safe and minimal with its character line up.
  8. wesker

    Jurassic World 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Aren't most of the characters appearing in Dominion just ones we've already gotten figures of in the past? More Owen and Claire to add to the clone army. Potentially another release for Zach, Gray, Wu, Barry, Zia, Franklin or Maisie? I understand the appeal of the classic trio or a character like Lowery who hasn't been made yet, but I'm not really seeing why the figures for the new film would be more exciting than usual. Sure they'll be new variants but at the end of the day its still nothing we haven't already gotten before. For me personally getting minifigures from The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3 would be a much bigger draw as the characters from those films haven't been touched yet.
  9. Glad they finally updated the Clone Trooper head. The darker skin tone looks much more accurate and I prefer neutral expressions over the angry ones.
  10. wesker

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Neither of them should be neglected. I love both films and wouldn't give up sets for either one. I do wish the more recent sets wouldn't play it so safe with their character selection though. There's so much from each of the prequel films that still hasn't been touched yet. Will be interesting to see if we get anything more from the sequels going forward after the Night Buzzard is released.
  11. wesker

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Not just the anthology films. The Sequel Trilogy merchandise hasn't sold well either. Rey, Rose and Snoke in particular have been pegwarming just as badly if not worse than Jyn and Cassian have. Hasbro didn't even bother having a dedicated action figure line for TROS and has barely released much product from the film. Gentle Giant was also pretty open in an interview with Rebelscum about the low sales and lack of demand for ST era characters whilst also mentioning the brand was going strong with The Mandalorian and TCW. I can't speak much for Lego's sales but here in Australia the October wave for TROS has not been restocked at retailers since early December and the only set that can still be found on shelves are leftover Pasaana Speeder Chases that haven't sold off yet. Even the TIE Dagger and Poe's X-Wing are only being sold at selected stores while the rest of the January wave can be found everywhere else. Granted we did have the bush fires followed by Covid which also could have played a role in the limited stock here. Still I wouldn't give up hope on the anthology films. Even if we don't see any more sets directly from Solo or Rogue One, many of the missing characters and vehicles may still potentially be brought back in the Obi-Wan and Cassian Andor shows.
  12. That new Darth Vader figure is perfection! Hard to imagine how they can improve it anymore from here. Can't say I'm as impressed with the price of the AT-AT. I knew it was going to be more expensive than the last version but not by AU$100! Still going to pick it up as its a huge improvement over the other versions but will be waiting for a decent sale on it first. The AAT looks better to me in the higher res photos. The canon is a bit oversized and the back looks a little unfinished but overall they've captured the shape well. The Jedi Interceptor seems like a step backwards to me in regards to the cockpit design. The interior is built up too high which leaves Anakin partially lying down to pilot it instead of sitting upright like in previous models.
  13. Disappointing they may be going with another remake for the next D2C. Would have preferred a location this time or a ship/vehicle that hasn't been done at that scale yet like the Sail Barge.
  14. Don't forget the Princess Leia hologram that came in Obi-Wan's Hut. Not your traditional minifigure but still a new mold representing a character.
  15. Luke doesn't need dual molded legs. Both the pants and boots on the costume are black so molding them in two different colors would have been inaccurate. I don't think leg printing would add that much detail to him either. Its one of the few minifigures where using plain black legs is fine. I do think the Royal Guards should have been updated. They're more or less the same minifigure since 2001 with minor alterations and are starting to show their age. They really don't need to still be using capes anymore when the skirt piece the Praetorian Guards use would be a much more accurate representation of their flowing robes.