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  1. I don't think it will have an impact at all. The sets from Rebels sold poorly but that didn't affect the Lego Star Wars brand as a whole. They simply phased the show out from the toy line up and focused their attention on other areas of the Star Wars universe.
  2. Cap and Thor's new minifigures look pretty good but I'm also not keen on the design of the AIM Soldier. I prefer their more traditional hazmat look.
  3. The battle damage detail looks nice and the leg printing is an improvement. Overall its a decent minifigure but the decision to stick with using dark orange for the hair/beard color does make it feel a little outdated when there are more accurate colors to pick from.
  4. Hawkeye looks great! Probably my favorite minifigure variation of him yet. The Spider Noir figure looks pretty cool too.
  5. The new T-16 Skyhopper Pilot looks nice. Face, torso and helmet all have updated printing.
  6. I think it will just be Rey that's absent. Kylo Ren's TIE Fighter is supposed to be one of the three Microfighters coming out next year.
  7. The new Anakin figure looks pretty good overall. The printing for the torso is much more detailed now and the 2018 legs go perfectly with it. The only downside is it reuses the Clone Wars hair piece when there are better options out there but at least they've toned the color down to a lighter brown.
  8. wesker

    Updating Your Minifigs

    What's cartoony about the existing hair piece? It matches up to the live action version just fine.
  9. wesker

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I think it depends on the direction of the Disney+ series. There may not be much reason to revisit the anthology films if much of what's missing ends up reappearing in the upcoming TV shows. The Cassian Andor series in particular is already tied to Rogue One and could easily bring back many characters from the film including Saw Gerrera.
  10. For anyone after the new Rise of Skywalker sets - David Jones already has them out on shelves with their 25% off sale still running until Monday.
  11. Hasbro is also releasing a toy of Poe's new X-Wing and the figure included has the same flight suit as before. Even the black helmet remains unchanged. I don't think there's anything indicating he'll have any major costume changes in the movie apart from the flight suit and Nathan Drake cosplay. A character working among spice runners sounds like a solid candidate for a "spicy character".
  12. The 89 Batmobile looks awesome! Hopefully it will be released to the general public, but even if it isn't the parts are common enough that it will be easy to Bricklink once the instructions are out. Batman's new cape/cowl combo looks absolutely amazing! By far the best version of the black batsuit yet!
  13. Shame there will only be one new minifigure in the X-Wing. Would have been nice to get an additional Resistance character (I suppose there's still the inevitable Resistance B-Wing for that). Hopefully we won't have to wait long to find out who the mystery character is. Its only a matter of time for Jannah to show up with how prominent she is in the recent merchandising.
  14. The seating around the Dejarik table is one area I thought they improved on. It seats one extra minifigure and captures the round shape better than the TFA Falcon, while also being located in a better position than the one on the Kessel Run Falcon. The only set that did a better job with it is the recent UCS Falcon. The build for the chair by the computer console is also well done and not as bland as previous iterations.