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  1. wesker

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Looks like a pretty solid wave. Falcon Cap is definitely the best of the lot. For a moment I thought Bucky was reusing Poe Dameron's face but its definitely new, just very similar. Will be interesting to see if any of these parts show up in next year's Infinity Saga sets.
  2. wesker

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Not me. As much as I like the films the costume designs are among the most boring and unimaginative to ever appear in a superhero film. I would rather get X-Men sets based off the comics or 90's Animated Series because those versions of the characters are much more visually interesting.
  3. Yeah unfortunately for Snootles there's no way around that. I think Droopy could get away with using a standard minifigure head like Ten Numb and Goss Toowers do.
  4. Only problem I have with that line up is there is a lot of redundancy with the background characters. Do we really need four different Nikto characters? Especially Ak-Rev who is among the least memorable of the band members? I'd be happy just sticking with one figure labeled as "Nikto Guard" in favor of getting a bit more character variety. I think the palace has enough notable characters with the performers. Sy Snootles and Droopy McCool are all you need to complete the original pre-Special Edition Max Rebo Band. In Snootles case she also has the benefit of appearing in The Clone Wars which takes away a lot of the obscurity surrounding her compared to the other background characters. The trio of Rystall, Greeata and Lyn Me would also add some much needed vibrancy to the palace and could get away without the use of new molds.
  5. The cantina is still a pretty large building and the bunker doesn't need to be anywhere near that size. The scale of the 2009 set was already a perfect match to the film and the only interior details needed are the control room and generators. Even with an increase of detail the bunker just isn't a location that warrants a $350 price tag. Just remake the Battle of Endor at a similar price to the original and save the next MBS spot for a better suited location like Yavin IV, Geonosis Arena or Jabba's Palace.
  6. The only way an Endor MBS set can really warrant the $350 price tag is if it included both the Shield Bunker and Ewok Village under one package - especially when the previous releases only went for $100 and $250 each and there were quite a few characters and builds duplicated across both sets. New figures should be pretty well covered if they include Force Ghosts of Anakin, Obi-Wan and Yoda along with updated versions of Luke, Han and both Leia costumes.
  7. My interest in the character really comes down to completion. I like to have all the characters from the films represented so I can recreate scenes from the movies or include them in whichever displays I like. As far as Revenge of the Sith goes Phase II Cody is one of the few notable characters left from the film that still hasn't been made, along with Mustafar Padme, Senate Duel Darth Sidious, Tion Meddon and Mas Amedda. While I don't hold Cody as being more important than those other ROTS characters he does have the advantage of having more potential set options while they are much more limited in that regard. That being said I'm glad they didn't release Cody in the Gunship. Locking him behind a massive paywall as a UCS exclusive is the wrong way to go about releasing him and I much rather wait for the next time they revisit Utapau to include him in a much more affordable set.
  8. I like the idea of the next Millennium Falcon being released at a more affordable price range. While I don't think the size of the set needs to be drastically reduced they could certainly streamline the build to bring down the piece count down to a more reasonable level. But it should still retain all the features we've come to expect since the original 2000 set - a spacious interior, the ability to fit two characters in the cockpit, boarding ramp, landing gear, smuggling compartment and gunner station. I don't think any of those elements should necessarily be sacrificed.
  9. wesker

    Leaked 2022 Set List

    Definitely looks fake to me. Too many red flags here.
  10. The name has been used on screen before during The Clone Wars second season. Aurra Sing refers to it as Slave I on at least two separate occasions.
  11. Here are the sets I'd like to see for 2022: AOTC - 20TH ANNIVERSARY SETS Jango Fett's Slave I Microfighter ($9.99) Too soon for another system scale version so went with a microfighter instead. Includes Jango Fett. Clone Trooper Battle Pack ($14.99) Includes four Phase I Clone Troopers. Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter ($29.99) Includes Obi-Wan, R4-P17 and Kaminoan. Bounty Hunter Pursuit ($49.99) Includes Anakin, Obi-Wan and Zam Wesell. AT-TE Walker ($89.99) Includes Yoda, Mace Windu, Clone Troopers and Geonosian Battle Droids. REGULAR SETS Imperial Remnant Battle Pack ($14.99) Includes Stormtrooper, Incinerator Trooper and 2 Dark Troopers. Blurrg vs. Sandcrawler Microfighter ($19.99) Includes Kuiil and Offworld Jawa. Jedi Training Duel ($19.99) Similar build to Duel on Starkiller Base. Includes Luke and Leia in Jedi training gear. Naboo Starfighter ($29.99) Smaller version around the same size as the original 1999 set. Includes Anakin (with Stranger Things hairpiece), R2-D2 and Theed Battle Padme. Cobb Vanth's Speeder ($29.99) Includes Mando, Cobb Vanth and Grogu. TIE Interceptor ($39.99) Same scale as the 2021 TIE Fighter. Captain Rex's Y-Wing Starfighter ($59.99) Based on either the Bad Batch or Clone Wars Season 7. The Justifier ($109.99) Includes Cad Bane and TODO-360. Additional figures depends on whether the ship's only appearance is in the recent the Bad Batch episode or if it will show up elsewhere (Book of Boba Fett, unaired Bounty Hunter arc) Book of Boba Fett set Includes Boba Fett, Fennec Shand and any new key characters from the show. Obi-Wan Kenobi set Includes Obi-Wan and any new key characters from the show. Andor set (SPOILER WARNING - open at your own risk!) D2C SETS 18+ Home One Rebel Briefing Room ($69.99) Similar type of set to Darth Vader's Meditation Chamber. Includes Admiral Ackbar, Mon Mothma, Crix Madine and Mon Calamari Officer. UCS Nebulon Medical Frigate ($199.99) Includes Luke, Leia, Lando, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO. MBS Geonosian Arena or Jabba's Palace ($349.99) Either option would be great. The Geonosian Arena ties in with the 20th Anniversary of AOTC but it may also be too soon for another prequel D2C set without knowing how well the Republic Gunship sells. Jabba's Palace could be followed up with a D2C Jabba's Sail Barge in 2023 for ROTJ's 40th Anniversary.
  12. wesker

    Indiana Jones Making a Come Back?

    If they decide to leave out the generic German and Russian soldiers I'd be completely okay with it. The primary characters of the films are what matter. As long as they can deliver on all the major players then that's good enough for me.
  13. The Bo-Katan figure looks great in the leaked pic. Glad to see she comes with an exclusive face print. One option I haven't seen suggested for the hairpiece is General Dodonna's. The hairline would match up with the printed headband, the style resembles her appearance in The Mandalorian and the piece already exists in dark orange on Godric Gryffindor.
  14. Love the colors and details on the Mandalorian Fighter. Its a nice update from the last version. Bo-Katan and Gar Saxon look incredible. That new horned helmet is going to look great on the Armorer! Duel on Mandalore is a must buy! Not only is it an affordable way to get Ahsoka and Maul but the build of the Mandalorian throne is also a good representation despite using such few pieces. Now we just need a Duchess Satine figure to go alongside it. Gideon's Cruiser is pretty awesome and will display well alongside the Star Destroyer and other capital ships. Gideon and Fennec look great. Glad she came with her helmet. I'm surprised they went with a standard minifigure for the Darktrooper instead of droid parts but the molded head and Wrecker's armor work really well. Hopefully we get a battle pack for them next year. Troop Transport looks good although I do prefer the Kenner version seen in Season 1 and Rebels. They did a good job at downsizing the Slave I. Looks like a cross between the 20th Anniversary version and the one that came in Cloud City. Shame the only additional figure is another Beskar Mando repeat.