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  1. LOTR coming back is fantastic news! Between this and the return of Indiana Jones we're really getting spoiled next year. A potential D2C set especially sounds exciting. Bag End, Minas Tirith or Barad Dur would be my top choices but honestly I'd be happy with anything. Shame there won't be any regular sets in the first half of the year but Promobricks doesn't mention if that's also the case for the second half. Fingers crossed we'll see a proper wave of sets before the year's end. It would be nice to get updated versions of the complete Fellowship with more modern parts, printing and dual molding. I also hope any missing characters like Eowyn, Faramir and Witch-King get introduced fairly early on rather than risk being omitted from the line a second time. One thing I think would be great for a LOTR reboot are those quote dioramas from the Star Wars and Jurassic Park lines. The Balrog and Witch-King duels would be perfect for that style of set.
  2. Glad to hear we're getting a new Jabba's Palace set, although its a shame it won't be MBS or expandable with other models in the wave as it would've been nice to have gotten more of the background characters. I imagine Bib Fortuna is just going to be the same BOBF figure with only the torso print changed. Will also be interesting to see if they bother bringing back the old Carbonite mold for Han or just use a printed/stickered brick going forward like the Mandalorian sets have been doing. Hopefully a Sail Barge is on the cards for next year's UCS set.
  3. I don't think anyone is realistically expecting or even wanting a new Air Taxi or Wookiee Catamaran in this day and age. Those niche prequel vehicles are definitely a thing of the past! But while new clones are great, I do think its important to remember they are not the only thing that matters from the prequel era. Many fans have been long requesting for sets such as the Royal Starship, Geonosis Arena, Jedi Temple/Council Chamber and remakes of Jango Fett's Slave I and Bounty Hunter Pursuit. None of those are unreasonable requests given their prominence in the films. And while Lego has been doing an amazing job filling out a lot of missing gaps in its minifigure lineup, there is still a long listed of notable key characters that still haven't been covered from the prequels yet such as Boss Nass and Shmi Skywalker. I think its important that these other parts of the prequel era are also recognized and not just neglected. The release of the AT-TE and Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter was great as it acknowledges both sides of the prequel era (the clone stuff and everything else). As long as we continue to get both that's all one can ask.
  4. Glad to hear we're finally getting a new TIE Bomber set. Been wanting a remake of that one for years now. Seems a bit soon for another 501st Battle Pack but it makes sense for them to be available if there's a chance Captain Rex is coming in the near future. I do hope we see other clone types next year though. The 212th could use a cheap alternative for filling out the AT-TE, the rest of the Phase I clones (Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant and Pilot) still need to be updated to the new style and it would be nice to get more variety with the Phase II clones such as the Wolfpack and Shock Troopers. Not sure how I feel about the Endor Speeder Bike Chase diorama. I'm glad we're getting a new Endor Luke for the first time since 1999 but the chase itself could have been done as a regular set at a much cheaper price. The Final Duel set could be interesting though depending on the build. I do hope they update the Royal Guards with the skirt piece as the capes on the old figures look completely outdated now. More Mandalorian sets sounds good but its a shame there isn't anything new for any of the other shows. Feels like a missed opportunity not doing an Andor set with Saw Gerrera or a BOBF set with Cad Bane and Black Krrsantan. Maybe in the summer wave?
  5. A Jedi Council Chamber set without Yoda and Mace just feels wrong to me. Six figures would be the ideal number with the remaining four spots going to those super niche background characters like Yaddle, Yarael Poof, Depa Billaba and Oppo Rancisis who can't really appear anywhere else. The other missing half of the council can just be saved for additional PT/CW sets.
  6. wesker

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Looks to be a great wave of new sets. The throne room looks to be excellent value and I really like the look of the Sunbird. Nice selection of new minifigures too - especially Namor and Attuma. There's one more set left for 80€ that has yet to be revealed. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for it.
  7. wesker

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Some of the prices and set numbers for next year's Superheroes sets have just been posted on Instagram. No pictures or set names yet, or any mention if DC will be among them. January 1 76241 ($14.99) 76242 ($14.99) 76243 ($14.99) 76244 ($24.99) 76245 ($34.99) 76247 ($49.99) 76248 ($99.99) April 1 76253 ($9.99) 76254 ($34.99) 76255 ($99.99)
  8. Some of the prices and set numbers for next year's Star Wars sets have just hit Instagram. No pictures or set names yet. January 1 75344 (($9.99) 75345 ($19.99) 75346 ($34.99) 75347 ($64.99) 75348 ($99.99) 75352 ($99.99) 75353 ($79.99) March 1 75349 ($69.99) 75350 ($69.99)
  9. wesker

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Just to recap the upcoming releases: 2023 Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3 The Marvels Blade What If...? (Season 2) X-Men 97 Live Action Disney+ Series (Secret Invasion, Echo, Loki, Ironheart and Agatha) 2024 Captain America: New World Order Daredevil: Born Again Thunderbolts Fantastic Four Spider-Man: Freshman Year What If...? (Season 3) X-Men 97 (Season 2) Looks like an awesome line up of new projects to look forward to. I'm already excited over the prospect of potential sets and minifigures on the horizon. Have to admit I would be completely fine with Lego skipping over sets for the 2023 live action shows in favor of another CMF series but I do hope they come out with something for Daredevil.
  10. wesker

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    X-Men 97 is the one I'm most interested in seeing sets for next year. I'm hoping at the bare minimum we at least get all eight members of the core X-Men team, but it would be great if they went all out with Sinister, Nightcrawler, Bishop, Cable, Forge, Morph, Callisto and the Hellfire Club as well. Its also great to hear the show is already getting a second season.
  11. Some of my hopes and expectations for next year: 212th Troopers Battle Pack Those extra empty seats in the new AT-TE are going to need something to fill them in. This would be a perfect successor next year for the Snowtrooper Battle Pack and also provide another opportunity for a 212th Airborne Trooper for those who missed Grievous' Starfighter. TIE Advanced or TIE Interceptor Its been a while since our last TIE Fighter. Normally I would expect Darth Vader's to be the next one since its more iconic but I could see them going with an Interceptor instead for ROTJ's 40th Anniversary. Jango Fett's Slave I I'm 50/50 on this one. Would love to see it but depends on how crowded next year's line up gets. Would be a great way to reuse the Kaminoan mold for Lama Su in addition to getting new versions of Jango and Boba Fett. Fallen Order/Jedi Survivor set If they brought out BD-1 surely they have to have something planned for the new game. The Stinger Mantis would be the obvious choice and a great way to get all the main heroes of the game. Would also be nice to get the Second Sister but will ultimately depend on which game its based upon. T-6 Jedi Shuttle Seems like the likely choice for the new Ahsoka show. Looking forward to finally getting a live action Ahsoka figure in addition to Sabine and a few other familiar faces from the Celebration trailer. Andor set Can't imagine the Ambush on Ferrix being the only set we get from this show. The Mandalorian set Probably something related to the new season. Desirable minifigures could range from Cobb Vanth, a cheaper alternative for Moff Gideon or a certain somebody from the Celebration trailer. Home One Briefing Room Diorama Would be a great choice if the diorama series is to continue next year and would tie in perfectly with ROTJ's anniversary. Think the briefing room and bridge from 7754 on a black base but with a higher piece count and greater detail, while completely excluding the hanger and A-Wing that came in the 2009 set. Millennium Falcon Enough time has passed since TROS to warrant a new release. A similar minifigure lineup to 2011 but based off ROTJ could work. Keep Luke, Han, Leia and Chewbacca - but swap out Obi-Wan and Vader for Lando and Nien Nunb. Could also see them updating the cockpit with that new cone piece from the City Space sets. Republic Gunship There's a lot of demand for a new system scale model and enough time would have passed since the UCS model's release not to affect sales. Would be nice to get new versions of Anakin and Padme as well as the remaining AOTC Clone variants updated to the new printing style. Master Builder Series Endor or Jabba's Palace If they're going to skip a MBS set this year then I could see them doing a ROTJ themed one next year for the anniversary. Endor would be the more likely option between the two but I wouldn't rule out the palace if Boba Fett's Throne Room is retired by that point. Alternatively a UCS Sail Barge would also be nice. Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi sets Not holding my breath for anymore from these two but would be nice to get one more set from each show just for the sake of completion. The main figures I'd like to see are Jabiim Obi-Wan, Young Leia, Fourth Sister, Purge Troopers, Black Krrsantan and Live Action Cad Bane.
  12. Lots of great minifigures coming out in the next wave of sets. Commander Cody looks fantastic and is definitely worth the long wait! The new Cad Bane figure is also incredible and is easily the most detailed version we've gotten of him yet. Hopefully they don't let those new parts go to waste and come out with a live action variant from TBOBF in the near future. Glad they went with a proper figure for Todo-360 instead of a brick built solution and I'm looking forward to adding Omega to complete the Bad Batch crew.
  13. Glad the only change to the new helmet is adding holes for accessories. Everything else is identical otherwise which is great for keeping our clone armies consistent and not having to worry about the 2020-2022 figures looking outdated.
  14. The Tac-Pod is alright. Kind of looks like a chibi Republic Gunship but the all grey color scheme does make the set look pretty bland. Wasn't expecting Cassian to have Mando's new skin tone but I'm glad to see its already being used on other characters. I wouldn't mind if Fennec also changes over to it in Cad Bane's Ship. The BD-1 set is fantastic and going to be a Day 1 purchase for me! Hopefully we see more Fallen Order sets in the near future. Would be great to get the rest of the main characters from the game. Omega's minifigure also looks great. I'm really appreciating that arm printing is now becoming more common on figures in the SW line.
  15. The Inquisitor Transport is just amazing! The build looks fantastic and the interior is one of the best we've gotten with plenty of ample space. The Inquisitor redesigns are also great and look much more menacing compared to their Rebels counterparts. Hopefully we see more of them released over the next year to fill the ship out. Would be nice to get the Fourth Sister in another Kenobi set or Second Sister in a Fallen Order one. The Jedi Starfighter looks pretty good too. The cockpit still sits a bit too high but the build of it looks better integrated with the rest of the ship compared to the 2017 model. Taun We turned out great and was well worth the wait for a Kaminoan minifigure.