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  1. I'm not fond of the redesign either. As you said the colors are too dark and not as screen accurate as the previous version. The lack of leg printing also feels like a bit of a downgrade.
  2. I agree this year's lineup of sets has been fairly underwhelming. I've barely bought anything from the winter wave and out of the upcoming sets only Slave I and Anakin's Podracer interest me. Vonreg's TIE Interceptor looks awesome but I'd rather wait for the inevitable Imperial redesign.
  3. For a moment there I thought you meant a re-release of the figure from the Ahch-To Training set. Saw a post on Instagram with a photo from the film and it specifies it is actually the Jedi Exile version. Glad its finally coming and in an affordable set!
  4. Bit disappointed none of the sets or characters are from the original trilogy but they still look pretty cool. I like that we're getting more of the amusement park in this wave and seeing a couple characters from the first Jurassic World movie return. The vehicles are well done too and a nice change from the oversized trucks from previous waves. The Baryonyx looks awesome and I'm glad to see the Triceratops back but I'm not sure I like the new Diliphosaurus mold. It scales better to minifigures than the previous one, but sacrifices the articulation of the arm/legs/head and I assume is going to mostly made of rubber like the Coelophysis figure. The mech seems a bit out of place too.
  5. Neither source has been completely reliable in the past. MnR may have been first with Vader's Castle but his Cloud City rumors were way off the mark even right up to the night of the set's unveiling, while the last time Tidy implied to have inside information 75243 Slave I was going to include something extra in addition to the ship that was the reason behind the increased price/piece count.
  6. Don't really care much for Captain America's bike but the set is essentially a battlepack so its all about the minifigures. I'm glad Cap is coming in the cheapest set since it will be easy to get his new headpiece at an affordable price to update his older figures. War Machine Buster looks incredible and I like the look of Ant-Man's new helmet although I'm going to miss the dual molded visor on his previous one. The new Quinjet is much sleeker than before and a massive improvement! I'm a little surprised they went back to the original design SHIELD uses rather than the Avengers version from Age of Ultron onwards. Hopefully it has a decent amount or interior space as the 2012 set was a bit cramped inside while the AOU version used most of its space on the ejecting bike feature.
  7. I'd love a new Mustafar set, especially if it's at a higher price range like Snoke's Throne Room/Death Star Final Duel rather than the smaller Starkiller Base/Naboo Duel sets. It would be a great opportunity to finally get ROTS Padme and potentially another Separatist like Wat Tambor. I'd also like to see Obi-Wan's hairpiece finally changed from dark orange to a more accurate nougat color like the 75109 Buildable Figure.
  8. Not sold on the Kylo vs Rey set. Its not bad as a small display piece but really doesn't look substantial enough to be worth the price. Seeing that I can make this set with the spare parts I already have makes this one an easy pass.
  9. It is made of hard plastic.
  10. I find the easiest way is to look for the 1x2 tile used for the medal. Candy Wrapper is the only other minifigure that comes with that piece. Once you find it try and feel for either the Lion's tail (its rubber so should be squishy) or Candy's tutu. Whichever you find should let you know which of the two characters it is. Hopefully that helps.
  11. Small update regarding the August wave has come up on Instagram by detective_azani. 75253 (Codenamed "Jaws") will cost $130 and include 1177 pieces. The box size is estimated to be about the same as the First Order Star Destroyer.
  12. Echo Base was on Hoth.
  13. It already sounds like an improvement over last year's calendar.
  14. I agree the black suit Batman is pretty much the Keaton version but I think we can do a bit better for Nicholson Joker than the Steamroller version, especially after getting faithful representations of the 60s and Dark Knight versions. But its Vicki Vale and Phieffer's Catwoman who are the main reasons why I'd like to see the Burton Batmobile come with movie-based minifigures. I doubt both will be included but as long as at least one of them makes an appearance I'll be happy.
  15. It wouldn't be that high. $180 is probably more likely as the RRP since its in the same price/piece range as Kylo Ren's Shuttle, although most Australian retailers will bring sets like that down further to around $140-150 throughout the year.