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    The Integration of Trains & Boats

    That's sweet. I've always been thinking about that real water thing (also back when I was planning a "normal" modell railroad - which never came to pass in the way I wanted it ;) ). I think the real challenge would be to make things water-tight. You'd either have to somehow glue parts to get them watertight or build the whole landscape (or at least the parts with water in them in a water-filled basin but high enough so they stand out of the water...
  2. Odyssey

    MOD: Lime Light

    Well, you know in fact lime green was the original colour of the Emerald Night anyway, they just never cleaned it ;)
  3. Odyssey

    MOD: Lime Light

    Actually - and that should probably be strange ;) - I really like it!
  4. Odyssey

    LDD MOC/WIP: BR Intercity 125 - 1970s Livery

    A very nice MOC you are workin on there! :) How about you use rounded slopes for the lower part of the front to better represent the rounded front maybe? If you make the roof one plate higher you could try using cheese slopes for the transition from the front to the roof. Or try one of those bigger sloped plates. Just some ideas...
  5. Odyssey

    Coming soon: my finished Railjet MOC

    So, I just uploaded the pictures of the finished full rake! I hope you like it as much as I do... And while we are at it: Happy Easter everybody!
  6. Odyssey

    Coming soon: my finished Railjet MOC

    Thanks a lot. I'll be uploading a few more pics soon :) Most of them, I designed myself in Photoshop based on photos of the original printings on the train. I made two A3-sized files and had them printed at a copy shop, one on transparent sheet and one on white sheet. The transparent decals are mostly used on the outside of the train (for labels etc.) and the ones with white background on the inside (for signs, displays etc.). The problem with this method is that it does not allow to use white colour in the decals (everything that's white in Photoshop becomes transparent when printed on transparent sheet) so the few white decals on the train are from stock Lego sets. That is a bit of a problem when building a train with a dark "paint scheme" like the railjet... I since learned from other Lego builders that if you need white decals, label printers are an option...
  7. Odyssey

    Train Tech Art

    Well, I find this topic quite fascinating because it brings together two things I love - Lego trains and great design. When I took the photos of my Railjet Moc last week, I had a nice idea for a poster inspired by my Lego train. My goal was to design a stylish "advertisement" for my Lego train which would look great hanging at the walls in a modern-styled Lego train station. Admittedly, it's not Art Deco at all but rather in a futuristic design that fits to my Railjet MOC... Bigger version here PS: yes, the Railjet train service exists in reality and the travel times on the poster are the actual travel times from 2013 on but the poster and the design are purely my own work and don't have much in common with actual ads for the service.
  8. So, some of you might remember my first MOC project to build a Lego version of the ÖBB Railjet highspeed train... Now, here are the photos of the finished full rake, consisting of a locomotive + economy class car + bistro car + premium class driving trailer: More photos in my Flickr photostream... Well, I hope you like it! PS: Is there a way to remove the "Coming soon:" from the thread title? I don't really want to open a new thread...
  9. Wow, this is just brilliant! I already loved the first iterations of this concept you showed but I didn't think it'd be possible to make this even smaller - well, you have me stunned here! Keep up the amazing work!
  10. Odyssey

    MOC: European Train Station

    Wow, I'd wish to be able to build a station like that sometime, especially in this classical European styling. But at the moment, that's sadly not an option...
  11. Odyssey

    [ldd moc] road-n-rail smart car

    Haha, nice idea, reminds me of that build of my own: Concerning putting it on rails: I think those small rail wheels don't fit onto the rails in LDD for some reason. It's probably a bug. They fit in reality though ;)
  12. Odyssey

    MOC: One big MOC!

    I really love it! :)
  13. Odyssey

    Facades from Brussels

    Having lived in Brussels for a short time, I very much like that scene. It really combines some of the architectural traits of the city. (You might want to add a faceless slap of concrete as a third building though ;) ) It's also very nice how you are using the model to tell a little story and breathe some life into the scene!
  14. Odyssey

    MOC: Artist's Apartment

    Really cute design :) the many small details (like the tipped can of colour, the images etc.) give it the feeling of real life. Just like a good painting ;)
  15. Odyssey

    MOC: Arc de Triomphe

    Wow, just wow. It's so beautiful, especially with all the details on the outside. You really know your Lego :)