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    What would it take for you to stop purchasing Lego?

    I don't know, man. While the response here has been divided, the fact that this topic and sites like Brickset have such a large response indicate that people are concerned. I don't think there can be any doubt that the consistency of Lego quality has noticiably decreased in the past 5-7 years. And honestly, this doesn't come as any surprise - almost all companies start out by making a reputation for quality; once the company is significantly established, they can then drop some of the quality and rely on name recognition. It's how business works. It's not a bad thing if customers demand a return to quality.
  2. Blackicep8ntball

    What would it take for you to stop purchasing Lego?

    Wow, getting some good and interesting responses on here. Thanks for the input, everyone. A few issues I would like to address: First, it wouldn't take much for me to stop buying NEW Lego sets (although I would have no problem continuing to buy older stuff; but TLG doesn't make any money when I buy a set at a yard sale). As many have already pointed out, Lego costs a premium, and I fully expect (and, I think, rightfully so) a quality product. Part of that quality involves having a keen quality control department that doesn't let material into the market if the material isn't up to par. Sure it's great that TLG's customer service is responsive - it's one of the best customer service departments I know if. But if a company is relying on its customer service team to remedy problems that should never have made it out the door, that's laziness. Instead of placing the burden of catching problems on Lego, it puts the burden on the customer who has to take the extra steps of contacting TLG, perhaps waiting for replacement parts, etc. Now of course, I realize that no quality control department is perfect. But trust me - Lego has done better in the past, and it seems to be slacking. It's not suddenly news - quality control issues have been news for quite awhile. Stuff with the so-called "Chinese Plastic" construction has made front pages of blogs frequently over the last several years. Other quality issues have come up too. But at some point, a quality control issue will be the last straw. I don't think this is it, but it may be getting close. You are quite right, which is precisely the problem. A few isolated AFOLs might complain about things like this (and promptly get shouted down by fanboys) but by and large, TLG's consumers don't notice or care. In this situation, it would be a poor business move for TLG to spend money and resources on fixing these problems, and they know it. Of course Lego prefers to know of the issues rather than to have people stop buying altogether, and that's precisely why it would be an INTELLIGENT move to spend money and resources fixing the problems. People are much more likely to simply switch brands than to take the time to mail a complaint. But trust me - Lego (and any business) gets messages about quality whether people mail complaints or instead just stop buying. Money talks. As for what effect news stories and complains on blogs have, well, Lego definitely monitors these blogs. Ever notice how quickly Lego lawyers send out "take down" notices to blogs that post watermarked leaked pictures? These types of complaints about quality does not go unnoticed. Bad press is one of the fastest ways to inspire a company to make changes.
  3. Blackicep8ntball

    What would it take for you to stop purchasing Lego?

    Sorry to be confusing - wanted to discuss both items, but particularly the latter. General Discussion and news works fine. Thanks for the clarification Fugazi.
  4. Blackicep8ntball

    What would it take for you to stop purchasing Lego?

    Dear Moderators, thanks for keeping an eye on threads and making sure they're not misplaced. However, while my topic is closely related to the quality reference thread, it's not geared towards supplementing the guide. I created the independent topic purposefully, and it would be great if it could be placed back into the community forum. Thanks HumanPackMule - that's a great thread, but my post would be a little off-topic there; I'm looking for more of a discussion rather than to supplement the guide. However, this coloring problem does merit notice in the quality reference guide, so I'll add a post there. I agree regarding the China accusations. If Lego can get quality parts from China, I'm happy, and if they get low quality parts from Denmark, I'm unhappy. Location doesn't matter. However, there has been a downward trend in Lego's Quality Control lately. I've been an avid collector since about 1992, and until 2010, I never bought a set that was missing a piece. Since 2010, I've had at least 3, maybe 4 sets missing pieces (including one set that was missing a half-dozen parts). And I'm not missing the parts because of carelessness - if anything, I've become more careful building sets now that I'm in my late 20s, as opposed to when I was a 6 year old kid. I've also noticed inconsistencies in parts quality - waxy, matte-looking black plates, color inconsistencies (particularly with dark blue parts), stickers that peel back off after application (V-wing fighter), etc. All this in the last 3 years. Compared to the relatively problem free decade and a half before, I think it's safe to say that Lego QC has slacked off, even if this specific problem in Monster Hunters is limited to that line. ...But finding out if it's limited to that line is part of the reason I created this thread - I'm curious if people are seeing the issue in other sets.
  5. Saw an interesting article over on Brickset about problems with the coloring/sheen in many of the blue bricks in the Monster Hunter line. I'm curious if anyone here has seen similar issues with this or other lines. Stuff like this makes me keep my money close. What would it take for you to stop purchasing Lego? The article can be found here: Link to Brickset Article
  6. Blackicep8ntball

    REVIEW: 7962 Anakin's & Sebulba's Podracers

    A very solid review Cloney - you hit up tons of details I wouldn't have even thought of. I agree with you that this is one of the best looking sets this year, and really one of the best looking of the SW line. But gosh - you're not kidding when you talk about the sticker job on Ani's podracer. It's little things like putting stickers on textured bricks like the 1x3 slope that really bring out the cheap look of stickers. This set would be just barely short of perfect if some of those parts were printed rather than stickered, but the stickers on Ani's pod really downgrade the appearance, IMO. I really wonder if stickers save TLG that much money...
  7. Blackicep8ntball

    Picture Comment Challenge - The Winners

    Hi! My comment is not in the voting and I was just wondering why that might be. The comment is still up on the facebook page though.
  8. Blackicep8ntball

    Limited Edition 6212 X-Wing

    Yup guys, looks like it's confirmed. A few of you guys pointed out that it seems "limited edition" only means "limited availability" rather than produced in limited numbers. BrickDoctor pointed out that it's the TRU exclusives that get the limited edition label, and I checked that out. Indeed, the only sets I could find with "limited edition" are also TRU exclusives, so looks like the main question is answered. Thanks for the input. P.S. I still think it's a little strange to see limited edition on the longest selling lego product, but at least now we know why.
  9. Blackicep8ntball

    Limited Edition 6212 X-Wing

    KimT, not everyone on the site has seen every X-Wing discussion. I did a search in the archives before starting a thread on this, and didn't see one addressing my particular question. If you don't want to read about it, then as you say, move along.
  10. Blackicep8ntball

    REVIEW: 4183 The Mill

    Nice review, Rumble - I'd been hoping to see a review of this set. I agree with you: nice figs, a little small for the price. And... my eternal gripe: Too bad it has so many (really, any) stickers.
  11. Blackicep8ntball

    Limited Edition 6212 X-Wing

    Guys, I agree that this is a decent set, or at least that it was in 2006. Is it movie accurate? No. Don't know of a single set, save maybe some UCS, that could be really considered "movie accurate". Heck, we're building supposedly advanced technology out of small plastic bricks. I'll take just a recognizable representation, and this is a fun one and it looks nice in person, IMO. Is the set overpriced? Eh... yeah, but what Star Wars Lego set isn't. Could it be improved? sure. I'm sure the set sells well and that it's a great entry level X-Wing, etc. BUT what I'M wondering, and Siegfried hit on this: why, if it's the longest running set, is it labeled as "limited edition"? Siegfried, I agree that it could arguably be because it's limited in what retailer you can buy it from, but on reflection I don't think that makes sense. The dictionary definition of "limited edition" is limited edition is: "an edition of something such as a book, plate, etc., that is limited to a specified number." Now, maybe Lego is technically in line with that definition, their specified number was just one billion, and they just still haven't sold out. Maybe they meant something else, like only available from limited locations, but Lego hasn't labled all their other "exclusives" as limited edition, so I don't think that's it. Why is it bad? I think it's shady marketing: people buy limited edition items because they believe they'll be somewhat rarer than the average item (think a limited edition print of a book). Also, I'm personally vested because I bought one thinking it would be something a little more special than the average Lego set. I'm all for TLG producing a long running, entry level set that sells well, and I think the x-wing is the perfect candidate. I'm just not thrilled that they also label it "limited edition".
  12. Blackicep8ntball

    Limited Edition 6212 X-Wing

    Recently, Lego seems to be keeping sets out longer, which is certainly their right to do. They're catching more of the market that way, market segments that would otherwise be going to scalpers. However... I have been a bit frustrated with how long the 6212 "Limited Edition" X-Wing has been out. Any good explanations why the "limited edition" set has been the longest running, continuously produced star wars set to date? It was released in 2006. Doesn't really seem "limited" now, does it.
  13. Blackicep8ntball

    SET REVIEW: 4191 Captain's Cabin

    I'm just thrilled with the lack of stickers. I'll be keeping my eye out for this one on sale. Thanks for the nice review!
  14. Blackicep8ntball

    Lucky LEGO finds

    Two local people, their kids had just moved on from Lego to other things. I was pretty psyched - I don't score like that very much!
  15. Blackicep8ntball

    Lucky LEGO finds

    I've not really had the fortune of finding a fantastic buy worth posting on here, until this past week. Found some fantastic sets, in EXCELLENT condition, for $190 total. If eBay prices tell me anything, Jabba's Sail Barge is worth more than that on its own. 6210 - Jabba's barge 6209 - Slave I 7661 - Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive Ring 6211 - Imperial Star Destroyer 6206 - Tie Interceptor 6208 - B-wing Figher 2x: 6205 - V-Wing Fighter 7126 - Droid Carrier 7666 - Hoth Rebel Base 7657 - AT-ST 3182 - Airport 3825 - Krusty Krab 3827 - Adventures in Bikini Bottom 7655 - Clone Battle pk 4735 - Slytherin 4720 - Knockturn Alley 4755 - Knight Bus 4714 - Gringott's Bank 4728 - Escape from Privet Drive 4730 - Chamber of Secrets 4758 - Hogwarts Express 4726 - Quiditch Practice + several miscellaneous creator/bionicle sets