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  1. QBD Chima Brickmasters $14.99
  2. Gotcha thanks...more gems on topic, less clutter: Agree. Think it is good to let posters know their posts are appreciated (as a fellow peer, no intent as a leader), otherwise too mechanical and no feedback/encouragement to post more gems.
  3. Thanks... I don't really frequent other parts much due to time constraints (I spend most of my time here in this thread helping with others questions and typing in the deals I spot for you guys), but yes. --- I also get Rick's point to have things neatly categorised and placed. The main reason I mentioned it here is that they would be coming out in Australia at some point this year (perhaps not long after TLM comes out here) so we know what to expect and can keep an eye out for them. Even though it may have been known earlier by some people, it is becoming more timely in the sense that it is closer to their release in our shops, and I know there are people, like me, that only have time to read this thread. ...and this thread is a little more than "for what lego is currently selling in oz, prices, discounts, locations etc". I agree with that, and I would also add from observation of other posts from my time here (i.e. I'm not being prescriptive) +what lego is about to be selling in oz, and commentary and speculation surrounding that (read the last few posts, for example), which I also enjoy reading just as much and would encourage that. Not a justification for my previous post because I can't be a*sed, lol, but I want others to continue to feel free to post in this thread facts, but more importantly their views and opinions about what is going to be released and ideas of what sales may be in Australia...and I appreciate the extra effort people have gone to in formulating and writing their post(s). Thanks guys for your contributions making this a useful thread to be in. Let me know what you think!
  4. Haha..more old news, this time from yesterday daily blitz ShopForMe but directly on topic ;) : NINJAGO LEGO Ninjago 70725 Nindroid MechDragon $119.99 $83.99 Save: 30% off Offer is current and was available when I checked a few seconds ago. (Today's Daily Blitz is not worth mentioning...only 20% off) ---- The Lone Ranger Silver Mine has appeared back on Myer online as available to purchase, but back to the retail price. ---- Thanks MicroM for your post. Appreciated that.
  5. haha.. oh well, someone is not going to know yet... perhaps you guys can get in earlier next time when there is new news to enlighten us ;)
  6. Apparantly the next collectable minifigs will be the Simpsons. Probably a ltittle more expensive ($6 or $7) than the previous minifigs. Was able to find a photo:
  7. Myer has quite a few of the different Chima Speedorz now at $7.20 online as well.
  8. Buy 4, and get free shipping. or Buy 3 + 1 comanche camp for exactly $100 to qualify for free shipping. Also note they have other sets on special too.
  9. probably b2g1 sale (33.3% off), SFM sale (maybe 35% off in the future), Kmart or TRU may sell it for $99 in a catalogue, or hopefully Target will price match during a b2g1 sale. -- right now, SFM has it at 25% off LEGO City 60047 Police Station $149.99 $112.49 Save: 25% off Myer probably has it tagged at 149, so 20% off that is $119.20
  10. Did you spot anything on special prior to the 20% off?
  11. Thanks a lot. Just grabbed a few. Also saw that there are some other lego sets on special, so Emma's Sports Car, Chima Eris Interceptor or Cement Mixer $16, LoTR Wizard Battle $12, Heartlake pool under $40 + more... Unfortunately missed out (i.e. sold out already) on some sets I was after.
  12. Yes, I'm surprised we are behind...not sure why they decided that. They animated most of the movie in Sydney too. The reason may be something to do with the release schedule of sets. TLM was actually a little scary for my 3yo daughter in parts (she watches Dr Who, so go figure)... but overall she liked it.
  13. SFM has 30% off baseplates at the moment, 30% of the new Lego Friends sets, and 25-30% off some city.
  14. Thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, the local tax is something else to consider...and it varies in each state. ---- Anyone seen anything coming up in catalogues for thursday and beyond? Got Target today, zilch. Oh, has anyone seen that TMNT set at Coles for $5? Seems like Coles is going out of Lego...all my local ones don't have. -------- QBD has the Chima BrickMaster book with Lego (2 minifigs/180 or so pcs) for $14.99. With a QBD card, you can get $1.50 credit (effectively $13.49 each) [i've put photo on Instagram #legoaussiesales] Also the Chima sticker book is <$6, but I am not sure if I need this...seems like there are some stickers to put on lego pieces too. Anyone recommend getting this?
  15. Perhaps just to support extra to Lego's profit margins... Why would I pay that much when can get it elsewhere for less (US$249.99). Same for the Tower of Orthanc (US$199.99) and the Simpsons house (US$199). That's a big difference, probably more than enough to pay for the tax on the airfare overseas lol.
  16. That would be an awesome find, hope you find one. If not, you may be able to get the unique parts on BL and get the other parts from your collection/other sets. Usually works out cheaper than the high ebay prices. Thanks 'Tiger, appreciated that. Awesome. I was in the normal Coles this morning and only saw the series 7 minifigs there as far as Lego is concerned.
  17. I haven't seen this recently, sorry.
  18. -----sorry I duplicated the message----
  19. ShopForMe has 20 to 25% off the hobbit sets (today's daily blitz)
  20. Nice...20% off. Yes, so waiting for the next one...hopefully not too soon. --- SFM Daily Blitz "everyday low price" [now, where have I heard that from before] LEGO® Blue Building Plate 620 $9.99 $6.99 Save: 30% off LEGO® Green Building Plate 626 $9.99 $6.99 Save: 30% off LEGO® X-Large Gray Baseplate 628 $17.99 $12.59 Save: 30% off
  21. That idea had come to mind. Things changed a bit last year when Kmart introduced having lower prices on Lego all the time so clear patterns could be disrupted. I'm actually looking forward to a Target 3 for 2, hopefully stacked on top of a catalogue sale. The lady at the checkout said they have them a few times a year. Thanks for posting. Which city are you in mate?
  22. ShopForMe Daily Blitz (Wed) SUPER HEROES DC LEGO Super Heroes 76011 Batman Man-Bat Attack $39.99 $29.99 Save: 25% off
  23. Ok.. Target catalogue arrived this morning.. photo is up on tag #legoaussiesales
  24. I was told today that the super heroes sets haven't come out yet in the US. haha.. we do get some sets first. But I think that was to keep us occupied whilst they are busy with The Lego Movie... they've all seen the movie and we gotta wait until early April! Funny, considering it was mostly animated in Sydney. Thanks Frumpy for letting us know what's in the catalogue. (I haven't got mine either..it comes any day of the week here wedged in the local free newspaper.. sometimes Friday after the sale has started) Seems like Target releases something and then can't wait more than a week or two to give us a sale on it...how sweet is that?.