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About Me

I was introduced to Lego when I got an Alpha Team set at Walmart. When my parents discovered a Lego store near my Grandmothers house they took me and got me a mini Star wars set. After that I was hooked! In January of 2008 I discovered Mocpages. That was the start of my involvement with the Lego community. Since then I've moved onto Flickr, then here. I continue to get more involved with the community as I get older.


Academy Reviews: 38 and counting

I graduated from the Academy on 6/15/11!


21017-1.jpg 21017 Imperial Hotel

21020-1.jpg 21020 Trevi Fountain

Action Themes:

30032-1.gif 30032 World Race Buggy

7307-1.jpg 7307 Flying Mummy Attack

2263-1.jpg 2263 Turbo Shredder


8915-1.gif 8915 Toa Mahri Matoro


5887-1.jpg 5887 Dino Defense HQ

5885-1.jpg 5885 Triceratops Trapper

LEGO Ideas:

21109-1.jpg 21109 Exo Suit

Lord of The Rings:

5000202-1.jpg 5000202 Elrond

9476-1.jpg 9476 Orc Forge

The Hobbit:

79014-1.jpg 79014 Dol Guldur Battle

30216-1.jpg 30216 Lake Town Guard

Star Wars:

9491-1.jpg 9491 Geonosian Cannon

9494-1.jpg 9494 Anakin's Jedi Interceptor

9490-1.jpg 9490 Droid Escape

9488-1.jpg 9488 Elite Clone Trooper & Commando Droid Battle Pack - Also Post 4000!

4649858-1.jpg 4649858 Shadow ARF Trooper

7957-1.jpg 7957 Sith Nighseeder

7959-1.jpg 7959 Geonosian Starfighter

8098-1.jpg 8098 Clone Turbo Tank

7931-1.jpg 7931 Jedi T-6 Shuttle

7869-1.jpg 7869 Battle For Geonosis

20006-1.jpg 20006 Mini Clone Turbo Tank


6867-1.jpg 6867 Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape

6858-1.jpg 6858 Catwoman Catcycle City Chase

6860-1.jpg 6860 The Batcave - Post 5000!

76006-1.jpg 76006 Extremis Sea Port Battle

6862-2.jpg 6862 Superman vs. Power-Armor Lex

76010-1.jpg 76010 Batman: The Penguin Face Off

The LEGO Movie:

30280-1.jpg 30280 The Piece Of Resistance

30281-1.jpg 30281 Micro Manager Battle

30282-1.jpg 30282 Super Secret Police Enforcer

TLMPS-1.jpg The LEGO Movie Presskit


41999-1.jpg 4X4 Crawler Exclusive Edition

Pirates of the Caribbean:

4181-1.jpg 4181 Isla de Muerta


7049-1.jpg 7049 Alien Striker

7052-1.jpg 7052 UFO Abduction


Heroica Information:


Alexis Fenral -Nátulcien Elanessë

20 year old female elven Assassin



Completed Quests:

Won Quest #2: Looking Through The Wares

Won Quest #5: Cave Sounds

I Hosted Quest #9: Trespassers

Won Quest #12: Honey, I Shrunk the Youngins!

Won Quest #18: The Storm

Failed Quest #33: WANTED! Violetta the Cat Burglar

Won Quest #38: The Lost Party

Won Quest #49: The light That Reveals Everything

Won Quest #53: Chaos in Eubric

I Hosted Quest #63: The Madness of Marc

Won Quest #89: Reclaiming Glory

Current Quest:

#102 Debts

Background Information About Alexis:

Alexis was born in Elven lands across the sea, before sailing here along when she was twelve. She lived with her kin until she was 18 at which point she left to join the Heroica organization. When Alexis joined, she chose to become a Ranger, as she had been roving the land since she was a small child. Her Elven abilities with a bow made her the perfect example of what a Ranger could do. Upon completeing her fist quest, she knew that she had chose the right class for herself. She then completed two more quests, then trained to become an Evoker, a mix between a Ranger and a Mage, and could now summon creatures to aid her in battle. Her first summons was from an Opal, it was a dragon by the name of Ocven. Her next summons was to be a Thunder-brid who goes by the name of Salma. When she completed her third quest, Althior, a mage from Heroica, began courting her, and she realized that she had found love among men. She was then forced to part from her lover and she embarked on her fourth quest, at the end of which, she purchased a Phoenix, by the name of Mandy, from one of her friends on the quest with her. Now that she had three animals in her care, she knew that she quite an animal lover.


Eurobricks Mafia/Role Playing Game Appearances:


Hosted Jedi Temple Mafia As Yoda With K-Nut