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  1. I'm sorry for having been so quiet, but I woke up with a terrible headache and have been feeling quite nauseous for these last two days this morning. I've been listening from my bedroom window and am now going to Vote: Raquel Benito Juarez (Raven Bricroft) for reasons stated by others before. I really hope I'm making the right choice...
  2. After having thought it through, I still haven't made a decision. If we vote Ravi out now, we might regret it later . But there isn't really anything else to do at the moment, no leads, no extra evidence...
  3. After having heard Ms.Bridget's evidence, I'm also thinking that there's something fishy about the cook (no pun intended ). Now I'll just sit in the shade and wait for Mr. Crusoe to come back.
  4. I’m very sorry if it seemed so, but when in shock one cannot easily get their thoughts straight. Now, having rested my mind for a while, I’m ready to give my thoughts into the fray. I’m inclined to think that there are at least three possibilities. Either the cook is innocent, and has gotten some indication that Ms.Bridget is innocent too. In this case I wouldn’t think it very wise to deny having asked her about it. Or else, she is guilty, and is trying to trick us all. I would like to see the evidence presented too. Or the cook is guilty, and was trying to pressgang her into his group. If this were a soap opera (which I hope it isn’t ) there could be the option that she’s the cook’s sister’s aunt’s cousins mother’s nephew’s half-sister’s brother’s son’s daughter… but I find that quite unlikely…
  5. Maidin mhaith! A wonderful morning it is! The sun is shining, the breeze... GASP! A body! Blood in the pool! Still no breakfast!!! I'm going back to bed...
  6. Conas atá tú? Whew! Finally here! This seems like a wonderful place to get some rest and relaxation!
  7. Euvor

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Davy Jones looks like he's drowning ! That Kraken looks very nice too! It would be great if Lego could incorporate some of the Travelers Tales builds into their official sets!
  8. I'm extremely interested in joining! I've read through most of the earlier Mafia games, and I think think it's a great way of using a forum to it's full capacity. I've often thought of joining in, but have been turned down by the fact that I haven't really fully understood the rules. This seems like a wonderful way of getting started!
  9. I remember it having been said somewhere, that Indy would only be paused to make room for Prince of Persia at the time. I guess it would be a plausible idea that they make new sets at some point. Isn't there going to be fifth movie too?
  10. Euvor

    Lego USB Zombie

    Ingenious idea! Just add a Lego desktop wallpaper, and everyone who uses your computer will immediately know what you're interesterd in
  11. I think I'll vote for the classic shark. The new one just looks too cartoonish.
  12. Euvor

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    And also I can't seem to find Blackbeard anywhere?
  13. Euvor

    Forestmen Hideout

    If there's one theme Lego should bring back, it would have to be the forestmen! You've portrayed them very well in this Moc!
  14. I found the boxes on last years Harry Potter sets to have already been reduced in size. It's a good thing if TLG decides to make their boxes ever smaller, the instruction booklets won't slide and get crumpled against the sides and it might be a solution to other similar issues.
  15. Euvor

    The Tower.

    Very nice looking tower! Clever use of the basilisk from the Chamber of Secrets!