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  1. LukeWarmTea

    Best of the best

    How did the garage work Sven? I wasn't born in 83, lol - so I never got that set, but I understand where you are coming from. 6380 was possibly the best Lego set I ever had in terms of endless playability, from the offices to the wards to the staff room and ambulance bay - I love it when they cover everything! Plus now you mention it I can't stop seeing airport towers. Oh dear.
  2. LukeWarmTea

    Best of the best

    Thanks guys, I was just interested in people's opinions, n/m. :) (I've decided to still with 7498 and MOD it with an extra level, 2 more cells and a 'boss office'. There'll be a new wing to the left replacing the stairs with a training academy, gun range and dog squad.)
  3. LukeWarmTea

    MOC: Friendly Townhouse

    Gorgeous! I particularly like the architrave and the steps - nice effort! Is there an interior?
  4. LukeWarmTea

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Hey all, just wanted to ask which fun/level packs are the best bets? I've bought the Starter Pack and Emmett Fun Pack for Miss 7's Xmas present, but as big Dr Who and Portal fans I'm sure the whole family will get in on this game. But we don't have a lot of $$$, we only managed to get the starter because it was on a super pre-order sale. I can still get a pack or two on sale this week, so which is the best bet? Everyone seems to think the Wicked Witch is a good character? And we love BTTF and Portal so those level packs sound like us - but are they decent levels?
  5. LukeWarmTea

    Best of the best

    Howdy all! I'm in the middle of designing a MOD/MOC for my daughter's Christmas present based off of City Police Station 7498, which I always felt was the 'best' City Police Station in modern times. But my OH pointed out that others would totally see the play-ability options in 60047 as making that set superior, even though I always felt the building was a bit naff. So, I began wondering - what, of the major sets, are the best of the best? Which one if YOUR favourite, and why? Major sets would be Fire Station, Police Station, Garage, Hospital etc; I've noticed everyone says "we haven't had a proper hospital since Town's ETC 6380" and I'm wondering if the same thing has happened with other big sets, or if it's a matter of taste?
  6. Thanks guys! I found the button last night, although I feel now with a 1000 pieces I may have bitten off more than I can chew... but at least I'm starting in October!
  7. Hi all, I know this is an old thread but just wanted to ask - how do I get the latest version of Blueprint? What a fab idea! I downloaded the zip from the original post, is this the latest version? I am building a City Police MOC for my 7yo for her Xmas present so will need clear instructions to go with it.
  8. Does anyone know if a LDD can be broken into instruction based images, like if there is a 3rd party software for this? I am working on a MOC that I want to give my 7yo for Xmas, it's based on 7498, the 2011 Police Station and I have the instructions for this but want to add extra utility and play features to it so am considering adding parts of 60047. I'm thinking of making a police training facility! I'd prefer to give it to her to build rather than present it made up, but not sure how to go about this?
  9. LukeWarmTea

    Disney Princess 2015 Rumors and Discussion

    Two more Frozen sets?! If one really is 400+ pieces, will that push Cinderella's Castle into retirement? Considering we have an Undersea Palace as well... So excited to get Kristoff though!
  10. LukeWarmTea

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    On the garage station topic - is there any chance of City going 'green'? The Friend's Roadster had an electric charging station, and with that awesome bright green 'recycling truck' in the City line a while back I wonder if maybe they're leaning away from petrol pumps? (Plus that big announcement recently about 'new lego...' I don't want to go into...)
  11. LukeWarmTea

    Too much vehicle focus?

    Friends has a fantastic range of playable buildings - Creator houses are great, but for a KFOL I'd go with a Friends set. You can fit your hand in better! Plus all the accessories make it a whole play experience. My KFOL is a tom boy and has always wanted "boy sets" but, looking at what gets played with VS deconstructed, we don't have any City sets left entirely intact. The tow truck lasted a bit, and ambulance, but everything else is kaput! I blame the small 'mini build' style, you get bits and bobs (plus a vehicle) instead of a structure. Compare that to Heartlake High (sans basketball hoop!) Olivia's House and Sunshine Ranch. Sure they're been modified, but they are still standing!
  12. LukeWarmTea

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hi all, just wondering when we can expect the next police station? I've been in two minds about 60047. My KFOL is desperate for it but it seems like a pretty hollowed out structure to me, reasonable value with lots of action packed features - BUT, I know how she plays and I doubt once there's been a few break outs it'll get much use. The female cop is nice though. If I knew there was a better building in the pipeline, I'd wait, but it sounds like it's a fire station next? Does TLG retire a product before we see leaks of the new ones? I'm in NZ, so Lego is super expensive and it's not as easy to get (not all stores get everything, popular sets sell out and that's it, etc)
  13. LukeWarmTea

    New Parent/AFOL -- What is a good deal?

    I think a lot of people go for the points plus the promo polybags - personally I've never bought direct from S@H because I'm in NZ!
  14. LukeWarmTea

    Lego Club ANZ

    Currently on hold to Lego customer service... Who are the nicest people ever! So if anyone is interested, the Australian and New Zealand Lego club doesn't offer a Green magazine for younger builders, but does offer an option between Red and Yellow mags. (Although they still call them the "girls" and "boys" which is a shame!)
  15. LukeWarmTea

    In which country is Lego the cheapest....

    I feel like Lego is extra expensive here in New Zealand - perhaps that's relative to buying power as has been mentioned above. For example, the Simpsons house is $400 NZD, versus $200 US. Exchange rate wise today $200 US is just $271 NZD! Also, as an example, my partner works a 43 hour week and takes home $460 net - so that is a very expensive set relative to income.