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  1. BimmerBoy

    James Bond 2018

    Interesting discussion. It appears we are talking one set, a car, not a full theme. I think it shows that the TLG's recent commitment to producing more car models (specifically: branded Creator cars, branded Technic cars, branded Speed Champions theme, Lego Ideas famous movie cars) is a successful business model. Lego will still make fire stations, police cars, trains, basic brick boxes, themes based on movies popular with children and so on for the kids. Children will remain the core sales target. A single set here and there aimed towards adults will not change that. And honestly, who do you think really buys and builds UCS Star War sets, Architecture and Modulars? What child wants and buys the Creator VW T1 Camper? Sets aimed towards adults have been around for awhile. Yes, Bond is more mature than what I just listed, but a Deadpool minifigure has made an appearance in a Lego set aimed at children. Lego had a whole Lone Ranger movie theme, and that movie had a couple of scenes that would be uncomfortable for children. Jurassic World sets sold like hot cakes, and that movie had people being devoured by dinosaurs. I guess I'm just not seeing a problem with a Bond car. As for the model, seems clear it will be an Aston Martin. If it is a Creator DB5, awesome! Forget about machine guns behind headlights, though. Lego is very clear about not producing anything remotely resembling modern weapons/warfare.
  2. BimmerBoy

    Favourite Speedchampions Set?

    I won't go by set, but by car. 1. Mercedes AMG GT3. Love this car in real life, and I love how you can switch from super race car version to track/street car version. 2. 911 3.0 Turbo. I don't own this yet, but as soon as I saw it, I knew it was awesome. Might become #1 when I do get it. 3. Classic Camaro. Its big and bad and looks great. 4. Bugatti Chiron. I was prepared to be disappointed, but I was surprised at how much I like it in Lego form. Bonus points for the stickers being on clear paper to allow for other color combinations. 5. McLaren 720s. Love the sketch board side build. This was hard to choose, I love Speed Champions and most of the cars!
  3. I hope, and think, so. There lots of great possibilities, and this theme does well with sales as far as I can tell. Japanese cars have not been done at all. Mercedes' and Audi's lineup of road cars could be explored. BMW and Lamborghini are strangely absent from the theme. A classic Corvette needs to be done, and they already have a blue print for that with "Lola" from a Marvel Iron Man set. Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mini, Chrysler have great material.
  4. BimmerBoy

    2018 Lego Trains

    If Lego is going to continue re-releasing sets, I wouldn't mind a Santa Fe Super Chief... Since Lego is getting back into the Harry Potter license, I would love to see a Creator Expert or "UCS" Hogwarts Express. A Creator Expert steamer of some sort seems most logical to me, but I would like a set that has two smaller switching engines, say a GE 44 ton diesel and some some sort of small steamer (can't decide, lots of good options).
  5. BimmerBoy

    Union Pacific SD70ACe - 7 Wide, PFX Brick /w sound

    Just FYI, but I believe the 8444 is a heritage reference to this old steamer that is still in service (which was 844, then 8444, then back to 844): 8444 is a fairly famous number in Union Pacific history. Incredible work on your ACE's!
  6. BimmerBoy

    Suggestions for TLG?

    I have not looked too closely at Downtown Diner yet, glad to hear those pieces are included in that set. I got my colors mixed up, I meant dark bluish grey. My understanding is that the "stone" greys were older and discontinued and the newer greys are the "bluish" greys. I know the light/medium grey on my Black Falcon era castle sets is different from the modern light/medium grey. Excellent news, thanks! Ah, yes, this is what I was looking for! Thank you!!
  7. Is there a forum or topic area where people can list suggestions for TLG? I review sets at Lego dot com and list my thoughts in those reviews, but I think that goes nowhere. I was wondering if there was place here to make suggestions, since I believe some Lego employees read these forums. For example, I would like to see some 2x4 light bley jumper plates added into Modular sets so we can set up minifigs on the sidewalks without them falling over everytime the table or cabinet these modulars are displayed on gets bumped. Mods, if this is in the wrong place or such a topic is not appropriate, please delete this. I know that a suggestion thread could get out of hand quickly with silly and unrealistic requests, so I understand if those type of things are frowned upon.
  8. BimmerBoy

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Last day of double VIP points at the Lego Store this year, so I just got a FO battle pack, K-2SO buildable figure, Bounty Hunter pack and the U-wing (which was on sale).
  9. BimmerBoy

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Captain Phasma Chromed Ponda Baba & Dr. Evasen Two Tubes Updated Bespin Lando Garindan Padme/Senator Amidala/Queen Amidala- Lots of choices, anything would be nice Galen Erso The resistance and First Order spies from Maz Kanata's castle Vader's servant guy from Rogue One Any alien from Jedha, Mos Eisley, Maz's castle not already produced.
  10. BimmerBoy

    [MOC] Bay 327 - A Star Wars Museum

    Excellent! Nice facade, fun interior, great details. Love the droid head flower pots.
  11. BimmerBoy

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Based on pictures of these two sets side by side and some movie photos from TFA I've looked at, I would say BB-8 is slightly smaller in scale to R2-D2, but its closer than I initially thought when I first saw the BB-8 pics. These two sets will look great together.
  12. I love it overall and really want it, let me be clear about that before I nitpick. The bad: Stickers Lack of minifigures overall. If its ESB-based, Lando, Luke Bespin, C-3P0 and R2-D2 should be here. This would've been the perfect set to put an gold chrome C-3P0 in. For the TFA, again, R2-D2 (yes, I know he's not technically on it in the film, but its implied). Could be better: A little more interior A better, brick-built solution to the engine bank I was going to mention price, but the price per piece is actually decent for a Star Wars set. Hope this is packed somewhat nicely like the Technic Porsche 911. I think the opposite. IMO, this will sell very well and reach EOL faster than people expect. I get the feeling Lego will not produce large quantities of this set. This will skyrocket in value because of its awesomeness, and 10179 values will go back up a bit, too. (This is just my opinion, though).
  13. BimmerBoy

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    If the ~7500 piece count is true, that is ~2300 more pieces than 10179. Seems like more minifigs and both styles of radar dishes will be included, but that still leaves a LOT of extra pieces relative to 10179. Will this be a bit bigger in overall dimensions? Have an attempt at an interior? Stronger internal frame? Much more detailed exterior? Brick built engine bank instead of the boat rigging approach? Brick built display stand? Another ship or landing area is part of the set? Will it have the same pieces in different colors that switch out to give it the TFA look (see 7965 as compared to 75105)? So many possibilities!
  14. BimmerBoy

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Looks like Kylo Ren's TIE at the top. The "enhanced" photos certainly show a Falcon cockpit under the LEGO logo on the box (not the LEGO logo on the white covering). This is very interesting!
  15. BimmerBoy

    The Best 2015 LEGO Star Wars Minifigure Round 1.19

    If only Maul did not have that silly grin... Shadow Trooper it is.