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  1. I'll try to do the pictures. The one from my iPad are too big. I'm no Elektro technician so to reproduce the circuit will be a challenge...:0)
  2. I was asked to repair a DUPLO locomotive (52088) The one that has a rotary sensor at the front axle. The problem is that when I push the top button the horn sounds and it moves forward for 1 second. Then stops. Every time.... When I push fast two times the stopping sound also works and the wheels stop directly. I've dismantled it and looked if the reed sensor was defect. But that works good. I looked at the motor unit but do not see any strange things. The water intake "sound" works fine. When I bypass the print plate and put the + at motor directly the motor runs fine too. I cannot find what makes the motor stop every time What could I check or do more? Sincerely Rob