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  1. steelwoolghandi

    [MOC] Babylon 5

    Very nice work I too have not seen a lot of Lego Babalon 5 creations. Nice to see some out of the normal thinking and MOC's super job!
  2. steelwoolghandi

    TUTORIAL Building your own display case

    Look for a builders supply somewhere that you buy material for your home. Most Plexiglas is purchased to replace glass so if you have someplace that supplies glass that might also be an option.
  3. steelwoolghandi

    TUTORIAL Building your own display case

    I bought a large sheet that was abel to do the whole thing for around $65.00 that is cheaper then smaller pre-built Lexan boxes!
  4. I got tired of dusting and trying to keep my Lego Carousel Clean from Dust and Cat Hair and other things that could get to it. I like to display it but wanted to protect it as well as being able to see it. I could not find a Display case that was big enough or the right size so decided to just build my own. I started by buying some Lexan at my local hardware store: 3M makes a great Lexan product. I also used some caulking that is made just for Lexan: then I cut out the material using a table saw and a fine toothed blade, I kept the protective coating on the Lexan because it keeps the material from splintering and also scratching as you move it across the table saw. I taped it together on all the sides taking one piece at a time untill I had a complete box: Note before I cut out the pieces I measured my Carosel and made sure I added a little extra so there was plenty of room to display it in the box. Once it was taped together I then started caulking the joints togheter cutting the sealent opening at an angle and running the caulk so it would get in the cracks but come out in a smooth line. I let it dry for 12 hours then it was safe to remove the tape: Removing all the tape: I then let it dry for 12 more hours to make sure it was solid then I cleaned it with a miled glass cleaner (no Ammonia) and put it over my Carousel SWG
  5. steelwoolghandi

    20 gun frigate 'Vesta'

    Just an unbelievable build I almost wet myself when I saw it! so much detail and its just Amazing! it belongs in the Museum! Superb work I would love to see it in person one day so I could look at it for hours! this is how ships should be built!!!!
  6. steelwoolghandi

    Newsstand - wip

    Great idea I like the build and where you positioned it Great work!
  7. steelwoolghandi

    [MOC] SWTOR Corellian Defender

    Very cool ship I have watched this build with so much interest and that ship never ceases to amaze me! Just Beautiful work Glen! Glad you found your way to Eurobricks!!!
  8. steelwoolghandi

    Avenger's armor

    Real cool Mechs, My favorite is the Iron man. I will have to send you a Trans Blue piece for the front! The size of each is perfect they fit the figures so well! Very nice build I too am looking forward to more!
  9. steelwoolghandi

    Lego Haunted House with a twist

    I had several people say that the trim was to much with the black and white posts so you spoke and I listened! I have revised the posts to have more white but still kept a little black in them to keep them tied into the rest of the building? Let me know what you think if this revision looks better? I also added the white rounds to the top window trim to keep them consistent with he rest of the house. Revised Victorian Lego Home by steelwoolghandi, on Flickr I hope this looks better, I think it does and I appreciate all the comments! SWG
  10. steelwoolghandi

    LDD MOC: Black Hawk Down

    Very Cool I like the set up very close to the movie! I would love to see this MOC built in actual Lego! (that would be a ton of tan)!
  11. steelwoolghandi

    Alien Abduction

    I took a lot of it apart getting it out of the case but as soon as I get it back together I will take some close up pictures. I wont have the orange tint as well that was caused by the case background. Thanks so much for the nice comments I am glad y'all found it funny that what I was going for! SWG
  12. steelwoolghandi

    Alien Abduction

    Rednecks are being abducted! I built this comical display originally for Brick Fiesta in Houston TX but also designed it so it would fit in the Lego Store display. I just wanted something I could have some fun with. Here is Redneck Alien Abduction as displayed in the Austin, TX Lego Store. Alien Abduction by steelwoolghandi, on Flickr Alien Abduction by steelwoolghandi, on Flickr SWG
  13. steelwoolghandi

    Summer of Friends - Staff Building Contest

    5. Dark Dragon - 2 1. Ricecracker and Si-MOCs - 1
  14. steelwoolghandi

    Flick: Code Monkey Music Video

    Killer Video DD I will vote for it in a heartbeat! The song and the video just works so well I like the whole layout so much! Simply Awesome! :thumbup:
  15. steelwoolghandi

    MOC: Vintage Cars (1st batch)

    I love the old cars! I have a Lego town set of 30's gangsters and I think all of these cars would go so well with the Town! The use of the skies is a really great idea and I hope you don't mind but I might have to borrow some of your ideas they are just too good! Beautiful work! The white Cabriolet if my favorite!