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  1. Once again well done, Rufus, ... your review convinced me and i got to the cologne L-store this afternoon to get three time machines ... one for one of my sons ... and two for me ...
  2. Oh dear, what a review ... and as i wished ... you've not forgotten the comparison with the old and still outstanding finish of 7191 One true: I will do my very best
  3. omot

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    All sets are presenting in a retailer-catalogue .. the sets are intended for the launch in Februar 2013 ... this date is for the regular retailers, so the LEGO-Stores etc. will sell them End December/Beginning January. So there is nothing, what is just intended for the summer 2013 ... All sets are regular and not exclusive.
  4. omot

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    there was a mistake concerning the price of the AT-RT: correct is 26,99 €
  5. omot

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    There are two speeders ... The BARC has something like a side car or a turret with a cannon, where Rex is sitten on it.
  6. omot

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    Detailed News about the Sets beginning 2013 on german-side "Imperium-der-Steine": Imperium-der-Steine
  7. Yepp, KAM, the minifigs fit twice of them in the "side compartments" ... ergo: 2 x 2 = 4 Figs ... and one in the rear-canon-cabine ... one on the ship's bridge ... and about three or four in the salon-cabine (under the bridge) ... summa summarum ... 9 to 10 figs on board! Have you seen, that the lightsaber green has - as pronounced - a new coulor?! I've made an edit in my review right now:
  8. First review + many pics on IdS (Imperium der Steine): 7964 Republic Frigate
  9. The Christo-KAM (Ki-Adi-Mundi)-Head is principal the typical simple LEGO-Head, just a little bit higher. I'm proud to have one copy of this figure, but isn't it a one without expression, the right sw-feeling?! The new TCW-KAM-Head is one in a row of the new Head-solutions, which concerns on the normal head with a put-on-piece, as we can see on the new Zabrak-Figs "Savage Opress" and "Darth Maul". Imho the new KAM is not the best solution, ... it shows more details of the crumpled real Head and his queue of hair
  10. I'm "tomo" from IdS ("Imperium of the bricks" as a translation ): the only thing in this set, that might be worth as "controls" is this 1x2 tile with sw-computer-pattern:
  11. The summer sets are available in the german "LEGOland" since the last weekend ... Reviews will come from certain members of "imperium der Steine" the next days ...
  12. it seemed to be, that there are mini-mini Versions of a tie fighter, a LAAT/i, and a slave1 in this LSW-calendar ... such as tiny Christmas gifts as seen in the past City calendars. hold on €dit: Navy was faster^^
  13. omot

    Star Wars sets anyone?

    White Boba Fett returns ... ... in Legoland Günzburg (Germany) ... but only this weekend (cause there is a great StarWars-Event, the "German Garrison" as a SW-Reenectment-Group take part) When you buy Lego-staff for 75 EUR or more you'll get one (white boba) for free ... hope, my friend get one for me
  14. There are two detailed pics of the two big ships for only a short time ... follow link and post 323: