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  1. Steel Tiger

    MOC Guide missile destroyer

    I love all of the little details that you somehow managed to fit in this build (kudos!), but I have one suggestion. At the front of your build, there are multiple small bricks that makes the nose of the ship look slightly jagged. If possible, I would try to make that look smoother in order to achieve the sleek look of the original ship. I do really like this MOC, good job!
  2. Steel Tiger

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    The mini figures in the battle packs (minus the TFA resistance one) look fantastic but I was bored by the rest of the sets that I have seen in detail so far. Maybe once there are more pictures of the rest of the sets I'll change my mind about this wave. Does anyone know if the resistance fighters in the Battle pack are the standard troopers and all the rest we will see will have the brown helmets? Or are those just a variant from the standard troopers?
  3. Steel Tiger

    MOC: Arbra Speeder Bike (Star Wars Marvel comics)

    Is it me or does that look like the speeder bike seen on the preview for The Force Awakens?
  4. Steel Tiger

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Finally dove back into LEGO after a sizable dark age and bought an AT-DP, Inquisitor's TIE, EZra's Speeder, and probably a few too many ITTs from my local lego store. EDIT: You can actually never have enough stormtroopers.
  5. The execution beasts look very well done and so do the pillars but i wouldn't buy the set unless it came with a spectators tower like the one count dooku was in with poggle the lesser. Maybe a future add on? the executioner cart looks good as well.
  6. Steel Tiger

    The Death Star (Look at the size of that thing!)

    If anyone wants to waste that much money just to watch those suckers crumple, thats their problem. Im fine just sitting here and laughing my head off at their stupidity.
  7. Steel Tiger

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    If you look closely at the bottom right where it shows all of the minifigures together, there is a picture of a battle droid with a blaster and a battle droid without one. If all of the battle droids carried blasters then there would be no reason for the second picture, which means of the 7 battle droids we get in this set not all of the come with guns. Seriously LEGO? Im definitely going to pass on the set despite the good looking Naboo soldier.
  8. Steel Tiger

    TCW: Breaching The Command Center

    This is a nice moc for it being somewhat small. The greebles look nice and the placement of the scrapped droid helps the scene. The only thing I would suggest is covering the roof with the same tiles you made the floor out of. That keeps you from having exposed studs in a more smooth looking moc.
  9. And for my final middle earth madness vote, I choose Minas Tirith. Sad that this contest is ending though...
  10. Steel Tiger

    [MOC] Another Coruscant scene

    Wow. This is impressive as always! The finished product looks ten times better once its has all been put together. Great work Gerechtigkeitsliga!
  11. Thanks Mr Man. I don't read non-English languages well.
  12. Steel Tiger

    EpisodeVI - Battle of Endor2.0

    First of all, this is the best moc of the battle of endor that I have ever seen. Personally I would have put more platforms and walkways for the ewoks in, but that is a matter of choice and pickiness on my part. But even though you built it slightly differently than the way I would have built it (if I had the bricks ) you definitely executed this moc to perfection.
  13. Steel Tiger

    Endor scene made into a flower pot!

    Maybe you could make different scenes for different colored flowers? Roses and other red flowers- mustafar or sullust, white flowers-hoth, etc.
  14. Ummmm... can you translate to English please? I can't really read that.
  15. I have to go with the witch king showdown for this one....( still mourning over the annihilation of the mumakil)