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  1. the teutonic knight

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I would absolutely buy EVERY SINGLE ONE of these.
  2. the teutonic knight

    Decal Wish List

    Does any body know of a novgorod republic decal?
  3. the teutonic knight

    The Magic of Harry Potter

    Simply "All off the above".
  4. the teutonic knight

    King's Castle 7946 Review

    Definetly buying this.
  5. the teutonic knight

    2011 Kingdoms + US prices

  6. the teutonic knight

    NEW BlueCoats are Coming! NEW BlueCoats are Coming!

    This could be a sign of bluecoats in POTC.
  7. the teutonic knight

    Revolutionary soldiers

    One word: WOW
  8. the teutonic knight

    Historical theme wishlist

  9. the teutonic knight

    Roman Commander's Tent

    This could go better as a Greek commander's tent. The trident seems like a Greek thing, and the soldiers are spartans which are of course Greek. All in all, though, 5/5. Great MOC.
  10. the teutonic knight

    How do you become a citizen.

    I am a vassal and want to know how to become a citizen If someone could tell me that would be great.
  11. the teutonic knight

    Favorite Pirate LEGO set?

    I love the Imperial flagship too, but I may get the lagoon lock up so this may change.
  12. the teutonic knight

    REVIEW: 10210 Imperial Flagship

    I have this set and love it.
  13. the teutonic knight

    Decals from my collection

    Thanks! Actually I was going to make the Grenadiers a Cheval.
  14. the teutonic knight

    Decals from my collection

    Thank you SO much! Do you mind me using these? Also I hate to bug you but could you post your cavalry decals? Thanks!
  15. the teutonic knight

    Favorite Pirate LEGO set?

    My temporary favorite is the imperial flagship, as I am getting the Lagoon lock-up soon!