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    [MOC] Building McQuarrie's A-wing with Ahsoka and Chopper

    Oh. love build shots. thank you!
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    Steampunk UCS scale AT ACT

    So this beast was displayed at Brickvention. More picks on my flickr page under the folder
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    Steampunk UCS scale AT ACT

    Might throw in a few comments on the build if anyone is interested. In particular the legs as these are pretty much the most important structural element of the build. If they're done wrong you can say goodbye to the rest. I made some errors with my calculations at the start (leg angles and distance between the feet) and as a consequence the legs were under some pretty terrible stress. Seeing this I blamed the lego and went back and redesigned the legs. I treated them as 2 by 6 columns and used plates and bricks with vertical axle and pin holes to allow axles to be threaded all the way along their length as much as possible. So round plates, round bricks, technic plates, 2 by 2 bricks with pins and old school brackets are very handy. Then I realised my calculation errors and fixed them so the angles and spacing were right. As a result I have a very sturdy structures. I had kids hanging off the tressle table and swinging their legs and this baby just stood there and ignored the little monsters. It's heavy. The way I have attached the legs to the body is also quite handy. The leg is one piece and L shaped. It has two long pins extending at right angles horizontally into body at both ends (the solid brick part of the leg) but one pin is offset up by one brick (height) on the leg at the end of the L. The corresponding pin hole on the body is offset down by a one brick (height). The reverse is done on the other side. This creates two triangles with the same hypotnuse... kinda like this Then I used the angles to figure out how far apart the feet needed to be and they were attached to a base plate. I fiddled with the leg height to get the closest whole stud (actually half stud - double it to get the distance between the front feet). Solid. Anyways more pictures here:
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    Rebels Miners Guild Tie WIP

    I have an LXF file made up for this if anyone wants it... oh why not throw in some more pics...
  5. gavralcraw

    Rebels Miners Guild Tie WIP

    hey Vaderfan. I am officially over tie fighters for the foreseeable future...
  6. I've previously posted some of these but have now taken decent picture and added stickers. I think a new thread is deserved. They were all part of my Tie Rack for Brickvention 2017: So here we go. Mining Guild - added custom stickers Dalek Tie Rebels Wolf - added custom stickers Scooby Doo / Mystewry Machine Ectie 1 Classic Space Batman Steampunk ... More picks on Flickr
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    [MOC] nanofigure-scaled AT-AT

    oh yeah!
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    [WIP MOC] Another AT - AT

    How you doing with the weight issue on those knees? Still a WIP but having just stood up my UCS scale steampunk ATAT I found that the weight was ... heavy. Structurally I think Technic plates with axles threaded vertically along almost the entire length are mandatory.
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    Rebels Miners Guild Tie WIP

  10. gavralcraw

    Rebels Miners Guild Tie WIP

    bat tie
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    Rebels Miners Guild Tie WIP

    Ta. Was going for kitsch. Ta man. They're all WIP's for Brickvention 2017. When they are finished I will photo them all properly together. Still have a mystery machine, ecto 1 and bat tie to finish. The steampunk was a build using parts I had mostly. Need two parts from Bricklink still... Yeah the Dalek was fun and kinda easy. Finger crossed. They have some great ships on the show.
  12. gavralcraw

    Rebels Miners Guild Tie WIP

    now steampunk
  13. From the End of Season 1 Rebels - The Tie Fighter Ezra and Zeb stole, Sabine and Ezra pimped up then used to rescue Kanan. Used some Stickers on the top... IMG_0965 by Gav*, on Flickr IMG_0967 by Gav*, on Flickr IMG_0966 by Gav*, on Flickr
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    [MOC] Rebels - Wolf - Modified and Tagged Tie Fighter

    Not really. Some detailed pictures here. tie wing by Gav*, on Flickr tie wing by Gav*, on Flickr It's the 9492 tie wings with an interior layer of coloured bricks within. As noted above the body is similar to the 75082 advanced tie in overall dimensions and structure. The wing arms are axle based.
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    [MOC] The GHOST from Star Wars: Rebels

    Check the thread...
  16. gavralcraw

    [MOC] The GHOST from Star Wars: Rebels

    Would love to see it! There are some great interior colours. A large sectional build would be great.
  17. gavralcraw

    [MOC] The GHOST from Star Wars: Rebels

    Mine is still on my wish list. Set? Not that I am aware of.
  18. gavralcraw

    Narrow Gauge Questions and Ideas

    http://zusammengebau...1/13Friends.jpg - Some new coloured narrow gauge - but give us straight tracks!
  19. Bit of a mashup but ostensibly a Scooby Doo MOC for Brickvention. DSCN0252 by Gav*, on Flickr IMG_0699 by Gav*, on Flickr
  20. gavralcraw

    [WIP - LDD - MOC] 16x32 "Affordable" Ghostbusters HQ

    Hey, re your project I think brick colour is important to cost - standard red bricks are much more affordable and do a decent enough job. Plus the use of tiles on the outside for bricks may not be needed... DSCN0180 by Gav*, on Flickr Just a thought. Have a look here... no doubt you have.
  21. Town scene... Lighthouse, tiki hut, Queen Anne Mansion, cabin and futurist factory buildings. Plus Moderne, ghostbusters HQ, gothic and Asian High Rise facades. IMG_0708 by Gav*, on Flickr This is the overall moc. Was meant to be scooby doo themed... IMG_0785 by Gav*, on Flickr Lots of water and rocks and caves. More pictres on Flickr with better detail. Used nets for the purple roofed mansion which was loosely based on the Carson Mansion. DSCN0172 by Gav*, on FlickrDSCN0173 by Gav*, on Flickr DSCN0174 by Gav*, on Flickr Tiki hut. Viking ships. Unhappy vikings. DSCN0175 by Gav*, on Flickr Reworked scooby doo lighthouse. Lots of rockwork. Caves and tunnels inside but not really visible... DSCN0185 by Gav*, on Flickr DSCN0180 by Gav*, on Flickr Happy with the ninjago Asian influence. A bit of lovecraft. The moderne building needs some pizzazz. DSCN0181 by Gav*, on Flickr Rather bland gothic high rise building - helnce the micromanagers. Was my first high rise using old grey / limited materials. DSCN0183 by Gav*, on FlickrDSCN0184 by Gav*, on Flickr Really like this. Based on the left most sketch by Antonio Sant`Elia
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    Scooby Doo Creepy Coolsville diorama

    Thanks. Speeder by Gav*, on Flickr Wanted to do a chibi version but the bits don't come in the right colours. The rebuild in different colours with a mashup is surprisingly popular at brick shows. I liked re using racing stickers on this. Stupid fun.
  23. gavralcraw

    Scooby Doo Creepy Coolsville diorama

    According to scoobypedia Coolsville is one of the hometowns of the scooby gang - - the name pops up in the live movies and some of the more recent cartoons. They also come from Crystal Cove - It's pretty spooky... take a spare pair of undies if you are faint hearted. Stay away from the cookies - they won't help with your paranioa Thanks. I like the skull island myself and the top of the tower - re used the scooby doo set here. The tiki hut with re-purposed boat hulls is unique I think. The viking hates it. Akbar didn't like meeting Fred... "It's a trap!" It's a fake monster, talking dog and meddling kid infested town halfway between between Springfield and Sunnydale... West of Gotham and south of Arkham, east of Dunwich and north of Innsmouth. Take a left turn at Albuquerque. I'm surprised you didn't know that. Technically it's just Coolsville but all kooky Scooby Doo stuff requires a late 60's early 70's era groovy adjective in its title.
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    Scooby Doo - All sets Diorama

    Excellent work!