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  1. Yep, though hardly anyone takes into consideration that fact. Harding pretty much said that someone in the government was the vigilante and I've claimed the kill - though apparently people want to ignore this. Oh well. As for your defence, you raise some good points. The problem is, your defence is basically that my points can be interpreted in a different way. While this is true, it still does not get rid of the fact that process of elimination leaves you as the member of the original group I trust the least. I wouldn't be suprised if Fields or a couple of others had been converted at some point (though he could just be incredibly stubborn) but I'm certain he was never originally a commie. Although I would prefer if you didn't vote me, I have repeatedly said that I shall not be killing again if I am presented the opportunity - so convicting me will not deprive you of anything in the night action department. Different words used to describe the situation, however the logic remains flawed. Obviously, someone who is near conviction is going to have more of an incentive to actively look for the real communists. Your thought process could be applied had I claimed to have investigated Alan and found him guilty, but that is not the case. None of my accusation relies on information directly from me to be true, as there is no information directly from me. Anyone could have made the argument and it should have remained as convincing as it was when I brought it up. What sort of nonsense is this? It's bad in the way that you are wasting what might be your last opportunity to make the right choice and if you do get another shot before Stanley catches up then you've lost yet another loyal American. Completely correct, unfortunately for me. A few of the more vocal members of our group seem unable to picture any scenario in which I am not a commie and thus it looks impossible to achieve a better alternative conviction. Others are settling for the argument that because I am a killer, it would be a good thing to get rid of me anyway - which is a damn silly argument as I'm pretty sure we have to get this conviction right. Meh, it's clear the discussion isn't progressing any further. While the idea of a framer seems possible, I doubt we would be able to gain informtation as to who it was and if I found something, no-one would believe me. I think it's time everyone took a solid stance, and if that stance does not lead to my conviction then perhaps it would be possible for this group to actually discuss and convict a commie instead of making a huge mistake. I will say that the people (if any) who are simply voting me because that is what the majority is insistant upon should reconsider and vote for what they feel is the best choice. There's no use in resigning yourself to a fate of imprisonment.
  2. Uh, I just presented solid evidence that points to Alan being a spy. I'm not sure why that doesn't count with you. I've pointed out what I feel is solid reasoning and no-one can find a hole in my argument, yet it is sill ignored in favour of the fact I'm a killer. If you're not convinced, then there is nothing more I can do. The evidence is there for anyone to find, I merely looked for it and presented it to everyone. You can go find it yourself and see that everything I have said is correct. Would my accusation be any more convincing had someone you trusted brought it up? If so, then your logic is severely flawed. If you do decide to go through with convicting me then I hope you'll enjoy your life on the remote island Stanley intends to imprison you on.
  3. There’s no rush yet. If you believe Simmons is more suspicious, then vote him and your vote can move back to against me if time starts to run out and it looks like I’ll be the only possible conviction. Anyway, my points against Farmer Alan: -I have proven there is at least one Unknown Communist among the original group. -Using the shoe size clue, one of (Alan, Patrick, Fields, Bradford and Ackerson) is a communist. --Patrick cast the third vote against Phelps, which makes him seem trustworthy. --I have proven that Fields is very unlikely to be a communist. --Bradford was targeted by presumably the communist killer. He has also seemed very trustworthy throughout. --Ackerson has been proven innocent by Dolores, who is very trustworthy. -Alan has no such proof of his innocence, and he lives close to the tunnels that the communists have been using to kill with. -The mayor listed a group of four people, who – if they were a commie – would have a motive for killing him. It would also have explained Phelps increased activeness. Alan was one of these people. -Of the group of four people and the group of size nine shoe owners Alan was the only one not to vote for Chief Phelps (excluding Fields). In fact, he suggested Phelps shouldn’t be voted out. -Finally, Alan has only contributed today to defend himself briefly and offered no opinions. Compare this to the accusations against me, and then make your choice. The news that the newcomers note’s accuracy is now doubtful means that there is now very little solid against me.
  4. I am trying to find suspects, and we do have very little to go on. Almost everyone is doing the same, which is why a few fingers have pointed at me. It’s more useful than the alternative, not trying to find any suspects at all. True, however it could also be interpreted as a sign that one of the group he named were a commie. His theory made a lot of sense. Well, we only have your word for it - which doesn’t mean much. Let’s check the list again, shall we? It is almost undeniable the footprints were caused by a commie. Which of the people on that above list is a communist if not you? Process of elimination points straight in your direction, yet again. Yes you did. Point being? Given that someone had just asked me exactly that, I clearly don’t. Have you just joined the discussion to defend yourself and not contribute any opinions?
  5. Oh. I agree that does seem a bit ridiculous, having two protectors in the police force. It’s possible Harrison is the other commie and not Simmons, but that badge thing seemed like a framing to me – and two members of the police force commies? I think two protectors is a little bit more likely, though neither are the most plausible of situations. I thought so too, but process of elimination points to him as a third original commie from the group and combined with the tunnels he’s quite suspicious. Beyond that, there’s the speculation the mayor made about the attempt on his life being caused by one of a group which included Simmons. Not really solid, but it made sense. Finally (this was the main thing I wanted to check) I’m pretty sure he was one of those who had the same shoe size as those mysterious footprints earlier on. A lot of people also did, but that's yet another time that he was mentioned in a group of potential spies.
  6. That’s a complete simplification. The unknown factor is Maxwell, who very well could be a communist. Why would you ignore that and push a flawed situation? Ted Harding suggested destruction a couple of times if I am remembering correctly. That’s beside the point though. I didn’t say all of my kills were helpful. The thing is that I’ve killed one potential communist. Ralph has killed a total of no potential communists. There cannot be certainty about the overall accuracy of my killing, whereas you can be certain that Ralph has failed miserably at taking revenge – if that was his motive. Honestly? I’m not a mind-reader. However, you can take the fact that he told you to unhand me as a pretty big hint that he wasn’t then going to include me in X-K2P. So you’re absolutely sure Maxwell wasn’t a commie? Vote: Farmer Alan/Fugazi Look at this vote count: I trust everyone who voted against Phelps and is still alive to an extent, except Ackerson - but he has been cleared by Dolores (I think). Although Dieter’s useless, we searched his house. He had a written diary which made him look innocent. He could have faked it, but going to that much effort seems silly. Of the non-voters, four remain. I think Fields is pretty much cleared, as is Liebenston. I’m pretty sure Harrison had been framed at some point, and two commies in the police force is unlikely. This leaves us with Farmer Alan. Didn’t Alan also live nearby to an entrance to the tunnels, the same tunnels that Frankie told us were being used by the commies to kill people? I’m sure at some point he was mentioned by the mayor as being in a group of his suspects aswell. I’ve not had time to check all my facts yet but since you asked, this currently seems like a good choice from my standpoint. Oh yeah. Well, we apparently have two protectors, a blocker, and someone else who blocks in addition to their main action. Is it impossible one of them prevented the kill?
  7. I’m quickly losing any sympathy I had for you all. Is there any reason to believe Maxwell wasn’t the newcomer communist? There must have been a reason that everyone else was revealed except from him. Even Frankie - who was killed the very same night - has been found as a loyal American. So claiming that it’s between me and Krista simply isn’t true. I killed two silent members of our group (one of which may have been a commie) and a lunatic who wanted to blow things up. Saying that my kills have been unhelpful when you don’t even have any reasoning to believe that Maxwell wasn’t scum is silly. Stanley obviously had no intention of arresting me. I’ve already said I shall not be killing if I am presented another opportunity to do so. No he couldn’t have, I just proved it. Maybe you’ll see what I mean if I draw a diagram? It’s rather crude, but you should be able to get the message. It is proven already that the positions shown in my diagram are accurate. Therefore, in order for Chief Phelps to have been the “Unknown Communist”, he would have been required to outrun the knife he just threw. It’s pretty unlikely he was capable of that. And again, look at this: The two blacked out figures are clearly communists. Valerie was already dead at the time. Phelps wasn’t, however he could only account for one person. That’s even more evidence that at least one person among the original group is a communist – and it’s not Officer Fields. Does Dr LIoyd not count then? If he does, then that statement is a blatant lie. Please be sure of your facts next time. While this revelation about Dolores is interesting, it’s more likely to be an honest mistake than anything else. I have an idea on who the other communist is, but I want to check some things first.
  8. That's nice and all, but I really don't have any clue what you expect me to say. I'm being accused mainly because I'm a killer... which is entirely true. I'm damn loyal to this country, and have spent the better part of my adult life serving it. General Stanley had excluded me from suffering the consequences of X-K2P, so what reason did I have for kicking him down and allowing you to escape, risking my neck? I made a bloody foolish decision and went against my superior, because I never truly believed in the plan and that I felt the loyal Americans among you deserved better. Oh, and he had clearly gone bonkers - but that's another matter. I hope you won't make me regret my choice. Are you just going to throw away all the investigating that has been done and go for the vigilante instead? What then, was the point of all that searching, have you not got anywhere with it? Furthermore, even if you wrongfully believe that I am a commie - I suggest you look at this: It has already been agreed upon that the attempt on Bradford's life was a communist's fault. I was not here at the time, so it cannot have been me. Valerie was accidently hit, so it cannot have been her. The other known communist (Chief Phelps) is seen here behind the mayor. There's no possible way he could have thrown it. Therefore there must have been another communist among the original group. I have a bit of a headache right now, so I'll arrive at a conclusion on who I think is most likely a communist in a while... provided someone hasn't pushed me overboard or a sudden bandwagon without thought hasn't formed against me by that time.
  9. Lord Arjay

    The Forest Mafia: Conclusion

    I'm not entirely sure. Learning that the sandman action also framed people wouldn't have changed much, as Sandy and def were good choices regardless. If I'd known that I could also hijack peoples abilities aswell as kidnapping them then I probably wouldn't have felt so strongly about kidnapping Rick - which was one of the times where I was trying to persuade my team to listen to me - and would have settled on Eskallon. So in that case, not knowing the extent of my night action turned out to be more helpful. As for being a ninja... well, I considered making use of Kaley's job by claiming miller on day one - so if I was investigated and wasn't found guilty... I might have tried to be more pushy during the day had I known, but the result would probably have been pretty much the same. I think that's a fair point. It's true that as a team we weren't very organized, beyond agreeing about our plan for the night we were never working towards a goal as a group. During the earlier stages of the game I was busy, which definitely interfered with my play. My posting on the writeboard was extremely sporadic and I wasn't nearly as active as I wanted to be. So I settled for being the back seat driver, occasionally chiming in to influence which direction we went in... which didn't work, as there wasn't really a driver in the first place. That's something for me to keep in mind for next time, thanks! This was so frustrating for me. I thought Ricey would be an easy target, to buy Scouts some more time before he was accused. And then Ricey had to ruin it all by voting badboy and gaining enough trust to become a lower priority. Ugh.
  10. Visisting the lighthouse has turned out to be useful, hasn't it? Given that I suggested we do this earlier, I will of course give you permission to go to Chief Phelps residence. Look at this logically. I have been outed as a vigilante and I am wrongfully suspected to be a communist. I I will tell you gladly. Captian Harding was shot due to his behaviour during the voting period. Although I personally was not around at the time, I was informed of it. He was making wild accusations and statements with absolutely no basis. He was there when the Chief was being accused, yet he didn't even comment on it. Although he eventually he voted the Chief, it was only after it was clear which way the tide was turning. Ted had also made some reckless suggestions earlier, and he was a part of the newcomers group. I considered that enough of a reason for me to kill him. Clearly, I was wrong. Judge Cain - well, I'll admit my reasoning for killing him was weak at best. He had suddenly become active when we were searching the hospital, which I found odd. He also tried to accuse Director Hoffman, I suppose. Primarily though, this was simply an attempt to eliminate who was unhelpful and as a result someone who would be difficult to find out about. As for Maxwell, I remembered the "don't trust newcomers" note and saw that of the newcomers, only I, Maxwell, Krista and Frankie remained. I knew I wasn't a commie and I trusted Frankie to an extent because he correctly identified a government figure (me) as the vigilante. I felt that if I got it wrong Krista would be a much more damaging loss than Maxwell, so I went for him. These people included the former Chief of police, who was a known communist at the time of the attempt on Dolores' life. Damn, I opened my mouth to soon. ...am not one to worsen a situation. If it is wished of me, I shall not kill again. I am not under a requirement to kill people, and if the majority does not want me to then I shall not kill people independently. I would also like to point out that while it is perfectly valid for people to say that Ralph has been a failure at killing commies, the same cannot be said by any truly loyal American about me - yet. We still do not know (unless I missed something) the alignment of Maxwell. In my view, it remains perfectly possible that he was a communist spy, at least until the General tells us otherwise. Upon checking with my brain, I realise that the Chief was not known to be a communist when Ralph tried to kill Dolores, so ignore that.
  11. Lord Arjay

    The Forest Mafia: Conclusion

    It worked alright. The only two people I could imagine being the blocker was Iamded and Ricey, so I killed them that night. I would have killed iamded anyway, but I wasn't going to go for Ricey until it became possible that he was a blocker. I was suspicious when you avoided answering me, but I figured that was just because you no longer trusted me and didn't want to give away the blocker's identity. Well, since Quarry was convicted we had only been able to use the killing actions one at a time. I assume that was still the case, and me gaining the poison ability would only allow us a choice of how to kill - which didn't seem necessary.
  12. Lord Arjay

    The Forest Mafia: Conclusion

    In the end it turned out that not figuring out how def was framed was more helpful to the town, as otherwise Scouts would've probably had an easier time becoming trusted. Nah, I mean the one that appeared on night eight and got Scouts, stopping our kill from succeeding. Funnily enough, we were going to kill Cornelius because we thought he was most likely to become a mason. I suppose it was a good thing that the kill failed, or else I would have been the only one that the clue could be referring to.
  13. Lord Arjay

    The Forest Mafia: Conclusion

    Congratulations to the winners! The town in this game was very deserving of a win, so well done on that. So yes, I was the Demon Legion Ninja Jack of all Trades (I was also a usurper). On the last day Rufus had me thoroughly nailed. He was spot on about almost all of my motivations and my ability. I tried my best to buy myself some time but I was pretty much gone as soon as Rufus started trusting Cornelius. Good job Rufus, it's great that you managed to win this. My role: Parts of my role were hidden to me, for example I wasn't told that the sandman ability was also a framing action until I used it on def. I didn't know that the kidnapper action would also let me hijack someones ability until I used it on Rick and I had no idea that I was a ninja until I was recruited into the masons. Yes, I decided to frame Scouts in an attempt to get him trusted. I was so sure that the town would have figured it out, so yeah - that one backfired massively. I tried to bring it up a few times in private to see if anyone would figure it out without needing to be told, which clearly didn't work. Oops. Aside from that, I'm pretty happy with my play and I'm glad if my downfall was interesting for people to watch. My fellow scumbags all played a fantastic game - despite one or two slip-ups - and it was a pleasure to work with you all. I think the game was favoured slightly towards the town, especially as the balancing role (me) had to - understandably - eventually be exposed in a clue. However it could have gone either way at a lot of points, so at least we stood a chance. Hinckley, your presentation was excellent. The pictures and story were brilliant, and made the game all that more enjoyable. Sorry for holding up the game so much. Yay! I have no idea if anyone noticed, but from early on in the game I decided to begin my first post of every day with a slight variation on this line. It was quite amusing to me, and I was sort of hoping someone would call me out on it. And you didn't choose Demon Legion? Damn it! It wouldn't have worked anyway, my ninja powers meant that I couldn't be killed at night. There's still a lot of things that I don't know, so I look forward to all the explanations. I'm sure I'll have more to say later. One thing that I still haven't figured out though is whether the blocker existed or not - and if they did, who were they?
  14. Lord Arjay

    The Forest Mafia: Day Ten

    Now you're just being ridiculous. It is obvious that when I said "scum couldn't be that obvious" I didn't mean that I thought the scum randomly decided to kill the Baker and his Wife. I was clearly referring to the clue. No, I wouldn't know whether it is correct or not because I am Village. However, I feel your deductions about the scums abilities are likely to be true, given that we already know of the probable existance of a scum jack of all trades. But, there is no evidence that I am the one who has those abilities. Portia was likely to be convicted. You were planning on accusing her, and I offered to accuse both of them. I would have because I am Villlage, but you told me not to. I think you're just trying to explain to yourself why I am scum, as you really know the reasons given are extremely weak. I'll save you the bother: I am Village. If it takes my death before you realise that, then so be it. But I am Village, and none of the inane logic you think up will change that fact. I am Village and tomorrow when Portia has murdered yet another person you'll have to deal with it. Oh, so Bruno was a ninja? I didn't know that - thanks for telling us. How many of the scum are ninjas now? Apparently I am, as was Cara and now Bruno aswell! I wonder what the point of the vigilante is if the majority of the scum are ninjas and cannot be killed at night? And yet I maintained that the result I wanted from offering a choice was Bruno's death. I made it pretty clear that I wanted to see if the vigilante went with his suspicion when asked, or if he went for the much easier to explain inactive kill. Yeah, keep telling yourself that. Portia's trying to think of who she should kidnap. You're going to help her to get me lynched tomorrow, so you aren't the right choice. I'm the target, so she needs me to stick around, otherwise she can't wrongfully convict me. Everyone else doesn't have a full picture, as they aren't masons. Edgar's the obvious choice, as people listen to him and he is rightfully trusted. So Gilbert never mentioned that I asked him specifically about Cara, giving my reasons for suspecting her - before I was a mason? How about Edgar, did he not mention that I called out Cara during my short conversation wih him on day one? I could have stated suspicion of the entire bandwagon, as others were doing. Instead I called out a specific group of who I found most suspicious. Bruno was under no real suspicion, so I didn't need to call him out - but I did, because I am Village. It didn't evade your all-seeing eyes and it didn't evade mine either (though you're still convincing yourself that I'm scum, so that won't mean much to you). Therefore your initial point is clearly rubbish. The logic you're using against me is becoming particularly poor, but just to placate you I count six times I've mentioned the fact that I am Village. The fact that Portia has stated it repeatedly only makes her even more suspicious, as true villagers shouldn't feel the need to constantly let everyone know that they aren't scum unless being accused. Even then, it only needs to be said a few times.
  15. Lord Arjay

    The Forest Mafia: Day Ten

    God wouldn't know, however the clue was clearly there to make the masons aware that the possibility of them being infiltrated did exist. And no matter how many times you repeat it, the fact that the baker and his wife were killed the same night doesn't mean anything, it's simply a case of you reaching the conclusion that the scum couldn't be that obvious. Unless you're trying to make a different point, in which case I have no idea what you're trying to prove. Which was an extremely valid observation. Just because I was correct doesn't mean I had prior knowledge about what happened. Otherwise the same could be said against anyone who has made accurate guesses over the course of the week. For example, I could claim that you are scum, because the only way you could have figured out that the Janitor and Kidnapper actions come from one source is if you had inside information about it. See how that works? Ah, so I - as scum- wanted to split the vote between both Portia and Bruno yesterday, despite the fact that Portia was likely to be convicted anyway and that my accusation could potentially cause my fellow scum to get convicted instead? That doesn't seem like a smart plan no matter which way you look at it. Perhaps the simpler and more sensical explanation - that I wanted to voice both of my suspicions - is correct instead? Even though the vigilante being blocked would make me look suspicious, and wouldn't improve Bruno's position at all? Again, why would I want to go through all that unnecessary risk which would achieve little when I could have simply ignored the issue? No, I did not. Was it unreasonable to assume that we would learn Mindy's alignment? To prevent her victims from being protected? That would seem like a pretty good reason to remove someone. That isn't my point. I didn't defend her at any stage, and revealed my suspicion of her in private from as early as day one. Also on day one, I called out a group of four people - one of which was scum (possibly two, depending on Bristol). I could have easily just mentioned the entire bandwagon against Edgar, but instead I narrowed down my list of options. Another case of "you worked it out, so you must have inside information"? May I point out that you had already arrived at the same conclusion, so claiming that only scum would realise what it meant is wrong. The clue wasn't exactly subtle, was it? Prepare to have your hopes shattered. I know I'm not scum, which means Portia is. It's most likely that there's only one scum remaining, therefore she should be killed by the vigilante tonight if she is not convicted today.