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  1. Thank you all for your comments. The façade idea would be interesting if my plan wasn't to expand the display to the side by doubling it. My idea is to make that road that goes to the side start a slope and enter into a mediterranean village on a hill side. I've started experimenting with the slope road:
  2. Loving all the comments from you, guys. Thank you, very much! And what I would love really the most is if you can say what you liked better and what you didn't like (that much?), improvements, suggestions, all that. That would help a lot because I'm transforming and evolving this display in the next years! Attached is the image of my planning for the next version using R56 curves and custom crossover switches. The two "end of line" tracks in the left are for a train maintenance building (those must have a proper name...). Thanks a lot!
  3. Near future plans: - Raise the all display using MILS, where power can be easily passed along. Check my idea. - Motorize all switch points using a tire and a motor. - Have all signal lights with LEDs. - Have a Bluetooth custom system to control the all thing. - Use TrixBrix R56 curves on the edges of the layout to introduce parallel curves tracks. - Use custom crossover switch by cutting regular track switches.
  4. Thank you all for your kind words. They are a stimulus. @Sérgio Your trains would look great here! (although they probably could not go far because of most being more than 8 wide, I guess)
  5. Please check my "Railway automation album" for those. Although my next design for train signals is not yet there. But the pole and LEDs technique will be the same.
  6. Hello! Here are the photos of my train/city display shown at Paredes de Coura FanWeekend 2019. Hat Village Train Station V2 Album by José Proença, on Flickr Of notice: A different take on track ballast. Example here I'm using a custom catenary non-lego "cable" with a simple tensioning system. Check here Custom lighting system with no electrical cables at sight. Like in here. Tried to simulate tube lights (reduced spotlight effect) with one LED. See with lights on and with lights off Exterior elevator/lift with moving cabin, controlled by a hand rotated tire on the top. See elevator here. Illuminated train signal lights with no cut/drilled parts and two wires only to control lighting. These will be upgraded to a new design soon! Check signal light here. It measures 4x16 baseplates and it is transported in 4x4 stacked units. Sadly, only allows 8-wide trains max (including greblies, bars, etc). Hope you enjoy!