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  1. hello i think i will join in the small category. i hope i nobody has the same idea!
  2. tuber

    Fort color-scheme

    hello Sorry my camera is broken, otherwise i would have put it first. sorry.
  3. tuber

    Fort color-scheme

    hello, I am building a fort for the redcoats and i need advice on the color-scheme. currently it is mostly White with maroon accents do you think i should change it? maybe add some Grey? thanks
  4. tuber

    Teach's Runabout

    great work-in-progress i can't wait till its done! :thumbup:
  5. tuber


    nice diorama general Redwater. tuber.
  6. hello all, oh and these where at the stonebriar Lego store so i can't speak for other ones but still worth checking out. tuber.
  7. tuber

    Which Official Pirate LEGO Sets Do You Have?

    hello all, my modest collection 1802 treasure tidy 6232 skeleton crew 6234 renegade's raft 6256 islander catamaran 6268 renegade runner 6239 cannon battle 3x 6240 kraken' attackin' 6241 loot island 6242 soldiers fort 6243 brickbeards bounty 8396 soldiers arsenal 8397 pirate survival 10210 imperial flagship tuber.
  8. hello all, sorry if this is already a topic but are any of you going to brick world if so do you have any tips for transporting mocs? thanks tuber.
  9. Hello all, I recently went to the Lego store and found that they had pirate torsos heads and headgear (including shakos!) in build a minifigure. unfortunately the torsos are cheap Chinese plastic but still shakos! tuber.