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  1. Mkus

    Tournament on castle Burg Stolzenstein

    Very well done! Nice details and still something new to explore the longer you look at it. I like the style of your tents! Looking forward to Robins home!
  2. Mkus

    MOCs: 7 wide Passenger Cars

    Simply: WOW! Nice work and I would love to see them behind the Emerald Express taking some Minifigs on a nice vacation.
  3. Mkus

    LEGO Architecture Wishlist

    I would like the idea of having an european series, a famous building from each country. But I fear, that was not the idea behind it. Anyway, I would buy any british building because I´m anglophil Although my wife will kill me, I will buy that new Tower Bridge Model, no matter what it costs.
  4. Mkus

    My first MOC: All in !

    Here is a picture of my first small MOC. It´s a head-s up situation on a poker table. Just in case it´s not sooooo obvious... I guess I can even work on my photo-skills a little bit.
  5. Mkus

    The Legend Of Mary Jane

    A very sad story, told by a beautiful, awesome MOC! Impressive like all your other creations! I love all the little details, and I guess you still find some new when you sit there and watch the display for a long time. Do you keep them, or do you destroy them to build something new ?
  6. Hi, just in case anyone wonders what mixture of different minifigs you get when ordering at Logo shop @ home: I just received my 20 minifigs from series 1 that I ordered there. I got Diver 1x Caveman 4x Astronaut 1x Cowboy 3x Wrestler 3x Robin Hood 3x Zombie 2x Skater 1x Cheerleader 2x I´m not that good at mathematics, but with a random choice, I guess I could have had more luck. Anyway, I´ll get the missing ones in the shop and take the barcode-list with me. I'm a conformist! ! Markus
  7. Mkus

    MOC: Rat Rod

    Nice work ! And the drivers look like the guys, our parents always warned us to hang around with... the real cool guys. I would prefer a black and chrome version with flames coming out of the sidepipes. Markus
  8. Mkus

    MOC: 9-hole Crazy Golf Course

    I like your idea of making a crazy-golf course and it´s a good possibility to add Star Wars stuff into your town setting. I would prefer some more details around the course if I would put it in my (not yet existing) town layout. But your MOC could be a nice inspiration for a small contest: Who builds the funniest or trickiest single crazy golf hole? I'm a conformist! ! Markus
  9. Mkus

    MOC: Green Cafe Corner

    I´m just starting to build with Lego again after 20 years of absence. Having no more bricks left from the past, I´m still collecting stones to start building something nice. Your houses will be a great inspiration for me. Nice stile, cool colour-concepts which dragged me away from building tan & grey and a good hand for small but interesting details that make your MOCs more than a simple house. Keep up the good work, I´m looking forward to you next project.
  10. A beautiful Diorama ! I think it catches the atmosphere of a medieval town on a market day very good. Narrow streets, busy people every where, lot´s of different smells... Excellent work. Kind regards Markus
  11. Mkus

    MOC: Japan from me

    Very nice build, a lot of atmosphere and the area around the little fortress is not flat, I love it. Good fotojob too !
  12. Hello community, first of all I would like to say: excellent webside, must be a lot of work. Thank you for runnig it ! Now just a few words about myself. My name is Markus, I live in Germany and I´m 40 years old. I never stopped collecting toys since I was a boy, but I paused on Lego for a long time when they started selling sets, where a house was build from 6-8 large wall pieces. I (shame on me !!!) sold all my Legos and turned to Playmobil. A few month ago I found out that Lego returned to it´s roots again, doing nice set´s as the Green Grocer etc. and I got addicted again. It´s hard, to start from "zero" again, because you can´t build abnything you want - there is always a certain stone missing. Ok, thatßs still the case when you build and collect for years, but you might find alternatives then. I´m looking forwared to meet some nice people, see nice mocs and get some good inspirations for my own creations. My themes are Star Wars and city. Because I just love Great Britain, I would love to build some typical houses and maybe a whole street some day. Cheers ! Markus
  13. Mkus

    Prince of Persia 2010

    Hello, in Germany we heard rumours, that those PoP-Sets won´t be available there. Yesterday I found out, that they will start selling them for example at a veeeerrryyy big online shop (name starts with an "a" and ends with an "mazon" ) on the 8. of may. I am very glad to hear that. I hope, this information is usefull and new for some of you. I didn´t found a thread about it here. Have a nice day. Markus