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    CITY Car Ferry set 60119 MOD - real life with LDD file

    I have to say that I like the ferry a lot more with the original lower sides, it looks more realistic. A small river ferry like this is basically a flat pontoon with the cars on top. The sides are not necessary to keep the water out and might be just some railing to keep cars and passengers from falling into the water.
  2. What would a space fighter need wings and a tailplane rudder for?
  3. That specific pattern is not available in LDraw yet, only the unpatterned version and one other print: If you haven't done this yet, I strongly recommend you to install and use LDCad instead of the supplied editor (MLCad). Read about LDCad here.
  4. Thanks, resetting the Nvidia control panel settings did the trick.
  5. Very nice, love the look of the MSAA-filtered view. However, I noticed that the fonts and symbols in LDCAD are rendered very mushy, not quite to the point where they are no longer discernible, but enough to be a hindrance in using LDCAD. Is this caused by my system (I had to switch from the Intel to the integrated NVidia GPU to get decent frame rates with MSAA) or is there any way to limit MSAA to the actual 3d parts of LDCAD? /screenshot of LDCAD:
  6. POV-Ray hasn't seen major updates in years and really looks like an outdated piece of software today. That being said, I would still rate it the best rendering software for LDraw when you factor in the quality of faster rendering solutions (bluerender) or the amount of work (not to mention the price of the software) needed to export LDRaw to Blender and create renderings in MODO like virtualrepublic did. I can render an image like this (2560 x 1440 pixels) in about one hour with very few adjustments needed and I'm quite happy with the result: LEGO MAN TGS Hooklift Truck - Wechselladerfahrzeug by Niklas-B, auf Flickr
  7. nickless

    [MOC] Dumpster Truck with Trailer

    The model looks good. I was surprised to find out that trailers like that actually exist, I was just about to tell you that typically trailers for hook-lift trucks don't have their own hook mechanism. ;)
  8. nickless

    [MOC] Airport Fire Truck no. 1

    It's actually quite common for airport fire trucks to have a second monitor mounted on the front, for instance take a look at the Rosenbauer Panther here.
  9. That's good to hear. I'm certainly not complaining, LDCad is free software and you're doing a great job creating and improving it. So, thank you again.
  10. No, that's the problem. I'm using several standalone submodels (.ldr files in a subfolder) in a main model (.mpd file). What I do is this: I change something in the (sub) model file, save it and go back to the main model. The change shows up there. When I exit, LDCad is me again to save the submodel file because of unsaved changes. I click yes and LDcad exits without further warning. When I start the program again and load the main file, the changes I made to the submodel are gone. When I start LDCad and just open the one submodel that's causing problems, the changes are being saved. I don't think this ever happened before I upgraded to Windows 10, but I have no idea where to look for the error.
  11. Thanks! I did have problems with files not being saved today again as well. When I look at the logs, this is what I can find concerning the submodel in question: I can't think of any reason why LDCad can't write to that file. I checked if it's write-protected (it's not) and Windows is showing the 'date modified' at the time LDCad was supposed to save the file.
  12. What happened to Anyway, I found another bug that is making LDCad crash: When you hover the top of the part bin and press the keys 1 to 6, LDCad is switching to the respective tab in the part bin view the it's supposed to. However, if you press 7, 8 or 9, the program crashes. This happens easily if you want to enter a filter text and don't quite hit the right input area (and especially if you haven't saved your model for some time...). /edit: Do you think an autosave function would be a good thing? Something that saves the model every x minutes or even after every edit?
  13. The file was saved by hand in the same subfolder as all my other submodels. Right now I can't give you the log files because for no apparent reason, everything works the way it is supposed to... I hope it stays that way, but I will keep an eye on it.
  14. I'm getting this really strange bug in LDCad 1.5 Beta 1: It seems to be affecting one .ldr model file that I'm using as a sub-model. Whenever I edit that file, a few seconds later I'm getting a message that this file has been changed and LDCad is asking me to reload it. When I do, random parts are missing. So far, it seems to be affecting only one simple file, but I'm kind of scared this bug might affect other, more complex files in the future. System: LDCad 1.5 Beta 1, clean install in an empty folder Windows 10
  15. So, I did manage to get some renders out of this. Speed is very good, but I'm underwhelmed by the quality, it's nowhere near of what I'm getting out of POV-Ray. Are there any plans to make the light sources configurable? What's also missing is the possibility to adjust the look-at point (already mentioned, but this is really important) and support for external submodels.