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    Vehicle Width Preference

    I was wondering what vehicle width you guys prefere when building, but most importantly why? I mainly build just 4 studs wide, sometimes 6 if I want of more retro kinda look cause of the fenders. But right now I can't decide between 6 wide or 8 wide; 6 because I'm used to it and feels right. 8 because it looks right, but don't feel right. So I added a multipable choice poll to this thread, to shed some light on this topic. But even so, do eleborate your choice.
  2. -zenn

    What would you like from a Sci-Fi Racing theme?

    Despite all the racers and vehicles themselves I always like the Start/Finish Line, the Pitstop area & OcTan MegaCorp Sponsorship deals. ^^
  3. -zenn

    toastergrl's Classic Space Fleet

    Although I always love to see Classic Space, I find them a bit bland compared to your Sonic Mania moc's. Specially because they're modular and have playability functions! I'd say, try and look into that; maybe you can use that to make your CS-fleet stand out more and give it a little 'oomph'. Also a tip for parts; police sets for the greys and blue's.
  4. -zenn

    [MOC] BR4W-LR Claptrap

    *que intro music* Ladies & Gentlemen! Dancing in the left corner... This general purpose unit manufactured by Hyperion; - 'When you mean business, you mean Hyperion' -. Standing at a height of 3 feet tall, weighing in at less than a pile of Skag. Holding a mixed programming of combat Action skills. The current reigning 'Interplanetary Ninja Assassin' champion. Fighting out of the hostile streets of Fyrestone, Pandora. It's your bro-bot... BR4W-LR! BR4W-LR; a claptrap inspired by 'Borderlands 3'. An entry for RoboRumble 3000. A fun little build featuring; a moveable eye (can look around in all directions), turnable wheel (lean back & forth + twist sideways to a certain degree), moveable arms (detachable boxing gloves to facilitate regular hands/claws) and a modest baseplate to keep him upright. More angles can be found on my Flickr.
  5. -zenn

    [MOC] BR4W-LR Claptrap

    @rodiziorobs Haha, I actually looked up a couple of UFC intro's to see if it was correct... "Let's get ready to Rumble!" Well, the thumb is not the hidden piece, it's just a regular lever base. Though I'm willing to let you in on a little secret...
  6. -zenn

    [MOC] BR4W-LR Claptrap

    @deraven Thanks, glad you like it! Imagine I even gave him a brown bowler hat at first... Yeah, those rollerskates add a bit of greebs to the front. I tried to create a 'balance'; I didn't wanna cover up each stud with a tile making it super smooth, that just didn't look right. Gotta say, I'm pretty proud of those gloves; I really wanted 'round' ones similar to those of Djokson's contest poster, but on a smaller scale. They're the only part of this build which use a couple of hidden custom pieces.
  7. -zenn

    [MOC] Prowl Xenomorph

    Been wanting to finish this WIP of a xenomorph alien I had laying around since the beginning of summer; the Space Jam Contest over on Flickr finally gave me the incentive to do so. Prowl; a xenomorph inspired by the 'Alien' anthology & 'John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads'. Build started out with those 'shooters' for legs as they have a 'xeno' look to them and that plate with a handle as I saw a 'jawline' in it. The head uses a couple of black 'ingots', technic plates with the toothed/round ends, rounded plate with 2 open studs and a link tread attachment to give it some more texture. The jaw is also attached by a droid arm, to give some more shape to its neck, although you can't really see it that well in the pic's. The body came together as I was bulking it up with various organic shaped pieces; from a technic ball socket connector for the upper torso, technic clip connector for the pipes on the back, that strange technic knob wheel gear as part of the hips, minifig arms, jackhammer, handlebars, bar with plate as part of the fingers, wrenches, to minifig scarfs. The arms & legs where simple 'bar with clip' to barholders connections + round plates with hole (3L bar hidden in the legs for stability), but convey the 'boney' feeling' just right. To connect the body en arms together there's a pneumatic T-piece inserted into the mainhole of the ball socket conector capped off using round plates with holes on the ends which keep the T-piece in place and serve as an attachment point. The 'hidden' T-piece also serves as the neck and articulation point for the head. The legs are connected to a minfig weapon blaster which also serves as the connection point to the hips as well as the tail. Inturn the hips are connected to the body at the back using another T-piece. The feet were a crime though; had some brick built ones at first, but seemed too simple/average, 'till I spotted those train pantograph shoes which in combo with droid arms & barholders with handle gave the right stance; a 'high heel' look. While making this build, I rewatched all the movies several times, you might recognise some elements similar to the movies in it. It also has multipable 'glow in the dark' pieces making it more interesting/eerie/spooky to look at when displayed at low-light conditions. Gotta say it was a challenging build to make, something totally different than I would normally build. Coming up with solutions for some minor stuff I ran into, this being mostly the torso/body work; as I first used a minfig neck bracket with attachement points for the pipes at the back. To attach it to the ballsocket piece didn't work, 'cause it kept popping 'outwards' when using it with a balljoint and made it sit at an awkward high angle which didn't look right. And a different hip configuration which made it look too short. Also photographing black is hell, even ordered myself some new light bulbs to make it easier. But not really satisfied how the head turned out in the pic's, could also be the angle in which it is photographed though. Same goes for the lower part of the legs (shins) as well, they could've been 2 plates elongated in retrospect/hindsight. But nevertheless I'm pleased with the end result. Owyeah before I forget; TLG please provide us builders with some black long cattle horns in the future, it would be much appreciated. More angles/pic's can be found on my Flickr.
  8. -zenn

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Aquaman; Jason mamoa, cool actor... But the rest of the movie, just seemed like a bad halloween party; from the sets to the 'tron' inspired soundtrack.
  9. -zenn

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Mortal Engines; pretty nice visuals, I like the idea of cities on wheels going at war with eachother... Story was meh. IO; what a borefest. The trailer looked good, the whole story just lacked action.
  10. -zenn

    [MOC] Prowl Xenomorph

    @sander1992 Thanks man, glad to see you like it! I noticed in the movies; the creature always got his hands out, almost as if it wants to grab you + it's fairly stable in this pose.
  11. Don't know if this would be considered 'rare'; but I got an Alien Conquest minfig set signed by Mark Stafford (TLG Designer) prouldy on display. It was a price for 'Put Your Brick Where Your Mouth Is' (P.Y.B.W.Y.M.I.) contest over on the, now gone, classic-space forums.
  12. Could always relate to Spidey for some reason... *sings* Spiderman & His Amazing Friends!
  13. People tend to forget the 'race for space' was more present in the late 60's/early 70's in culture which influenced everyday objects; from cars to toys. This also happend in the late 80's/early 90's with the ISS/Space Shuttle program. And at te same time more SciFi programs (StarTrek) on TV, maybe that's why the lego space sets were better + the nostalgia factor. Though I gotta say, I really digged the 'Alien Conquest' line; reminded me of 'Mars Attacks' and B-movies. I would be up for a new space-ish line; with Future/Cyberpunk' City style looks, similar to 'Pre Classic Space' moc's.
  14. -zenn

    LEGO vs. Held der Steine

    Never heard of him. Can understand TLG's case, they want to protect their intelectual property. For the rest of the dispute; TLDR. Though, I gotta say I despise all these so-called 'Influencers' who gotta cry online when something happens to them; tough luck snowflake.
  15. -zenn

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Bumblebee, it did not dissapoint. Although I would've liked to see some more of those 'cybertron' scenes; "Decepticons, attack!"
  16. -zenn

    [MOC] Serenity (Firefly)

    Awesome, most detailed Firefly ship I've seen! That requires a song; "Jaaaayyyynnnneeee... The man they call Jayne!" Any chance on a 'MF-813 Flying Mule' as well? Would love to see that.
  17. -zenn

    [MOC] Automated side-loading garbage truck

    Now that action is what makes it awesome! Superb build! Some design thoughts on it; - could it be possible to relocate the action knobs to the top, so that you can get a smoother looking truck, they could even have a dual function as exhaust pipes... - the placing of the back wheels look a bit off, like they need to be moved a bit more forward imho.This can't be done 'cause of the action, so maybe an extend to the backsection could make this happen.
  18. -zenn

    [MOC] Prowl Xenomorph

    @LEGO Train 12 Volts Thanks, had one of those small spikes on the end of its tail at first. Didn't made much sense in comparison 'cause he has a big head, big hands & big feet, so opted for a larger one instead. @BaneShake Thank you, can't wait for Ridley to continue his saga and see more of the magnificent 'Star Beast'! @PaddyBricksplitter Yeah, they're awesome. Been keeping my eye out for some other ones as well; pneumatic piece, studded blaster, neck armor and truncated cone. But they weren't available yet.
  19. -zenn

    [MOC] Prowl Xenomorph

    @PaddyBricksplitter Thanks, I really had to bulk up that torso; as it was much 'thinner' in the beginning. There are some weird connections going on; round plate with hole + round tile with bar holder for example. The lower jaw is this new handlebar piece. *I edited in some more parts links to the original post for those who might be interested.
  20. -zenn

    There's a sci-fi building comp on Flickr

    Yeah, I actually got one of those foldable light tents + lights, but the bulbs died on me past year. So I've put in 'regular' halogen lamps in them, hope it will work. Ugh, sometimes this gloomy greyish diffused weather bugs me... 1 day of sunshine this week, happened to be the day I was hanging out with my kid nephew building duplo... The giant flower you made btw scares me, I wouldn't dare to sniff it... let alone try to pick it. *Edit: the 'regular' halogen lamps didn't work, they gave a yellowish tint... So I've ordered some new ones with a higher lightcolortemp (daylight) close to the original ones. Can't wait!
  21. -zenn

    Thinking of starting a contest (Help)

    I'd say host it on Flickr, you could even make a special 'contest group' & share it with the more general lego groups on there. For other hosting tips, check out: Ted Talks: Party Hosting Tips.
  22. -zenn

    There's a sci-fi building comp on Flickr

    Just finished my build yesterday; had a WIP laying around & this contest finally gave me the push to finish it.Totally something out of my comfort zone, but it was fun to build something different. Still have to take some pic's of it though, it's been very dark/lowlight weather the past few days...
  23. -zenn

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Yes! Thanks mate. Such a good piece to add texture/light greebs.
  24. -zenn

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    I've looked my head off, but can't seem to find this particular brick on BL; 1x4 or 1x6 in length, top half in light bluish gray, bottom half in dark bluish gray. Last time I've seen it being used was in a space moc, they made sliding doors out of it... So if somebody knows what I'm looking for and can help me out, much appreciated.