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    Thanks all.
  2. I'm pretty open on it, but most people don't understand what it's about until they see what I'm building. I won't go screaming I'm a afol, but i'll talk about design a lot when I see it, it just has to catch my eye. My parents and my girlfriend don't mind at all, they even buy me Lego and stuff. She even likes to go with me and spend hours in a local Lego store, hanging around chatting and drinking coffee with the owner. My coworkers however have mixed feelings about it; I'm a assistant manager at a big supermarket chain, and decided to become that cause I like building big displays (some even won prices), but they sometimes still find it awkward I'll buy Lego in the shopping mall we we are located in. But others are really interested in it and mostly amazed when they see how parts can be used. My friends think it's cool, cause most of them are in Warhammer 40K stuff, I tried that, but painting isn't my thing. As soon as I would get a kit, I'd cut and glue everything up. The only ones I sometimes have a problem with are the toytore employees. They give you this weird look, like 'are u retarded or something', when you buy Lego. When they do I'll let them gift wrap it; more work for them, a present for me.
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    Forresto's Star trek vessals

    Nice, I like this. Can we expect a borg cube with greebles and stuff? Or the defiant perhaps?
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    MOC: Finger Brickin' Good!

    'Chicken good!'
  5. -zenn

    wedge 61409

    Ah, I understand. Well painting isn't really my thing btw i'll probably choose another color scheme to work with.
  6. -zenn

    wedge 61409

    I've been using this wedge (61409) a lot and got it in a variety of colors; black, dark bluish gray, lime, red and yellow. Now I've checked bricklink to see of it excists in white. There is a white in 'wanted colors' but not in 'known colors', does that mean a white version doesn't excists? If so I am forced to probably paint one white...
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    Made these bots after watching 'Robots' with my gf. flickr gallery
  8. -zenn

    [MOC] Buggy

    I really like how you build the frame, nicely done.
  9. -zenn

    hover/aerobike black

    Thanks, I personally like the grey one better cause black is a hard color to work with.
  10. -zenn

    hover/aerobike grey

    I'm currently doing the white police bike and the black police bike version as well... I'm looking to buy the orange dirt bike and the purple police bike. ^^ It looks good, the grey side parts fuction as leg protection. You'll see when the whole diorama is finished.
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    Thanks, I wanted to use that new grey piece as a headcover, and the headlight bricks were perfect for that. It's also possible to attach hair/hats to it as well