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    When I build my pc 6 months ago I bought Borderlands, played it for a couple of weeks. Until today, I totally forgot what an awesome game it is! Had to start all over again, but am already in The Dahl Headlands... For me it's another moc inspiration; the vehicles, the weapons, the invironment, the scenery, the style. Anyway, are the any other Borderland players on here, what are your views of the game? And is the add-on any good? Before I forget, damn Lilith is hot!
  2. This idea is awesome! I'm probably gonna use this if you don't mind.
  3. -zenn

    MOC: Australia Post - Country Post Office

    Another nice build, it just seems right and make sense somehow. I like watching your stuff.
  4. -zenn

    Red Door

    I really like this. Good job! *needs some technic figs*
  5. -zenn

    Spyrius theme review

    I like those droids, there are some in white as well, but of a different theme if i'm not mistaken.
  6. -zenn

    Hi from Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    Welkom / welcome and have fun on this forum.
  7. -zenn

    Fast food chains in Lego Town?

    Too bad I don't have LDD, but I do have a concept; Cheese-Slope, where you can buy different flavours of cheese slopes, have waitresses with cheese-slope-hats, play in the giant cheese-slope-playground and go from the cheese-slope-slide, eat in a giant cheese slope restaurant or go through the cheese-slope-drive-through and get your children a cheese-slope-suprise-meal. Who doesn't like the smell of fresh cheese slopes in the morning!? Feel free to use this idea.
  8. -zenn

    What did you buy today?

    Bought some small minifigures accessoires and tools of the net for my next bike. Hope to get them next week.
  9. -zenn

    Queensday 2010

    For all Dutchies, or afols who might be in The Netherlands this week... At what freemarket of Queensday are you gonna keep your eyes open for Lego. I'll be in Utrecht and Zeist this year, made some good deals there last year.
  10. -zenn

    Queensday 2010

    Haha, I like my liquers. Well, it's probably the same as always except for the cleaning up afterwards; there is a strike in Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague of street cleaners. Hope you'll enjoy yourself elsewhere.
  11. -zenn

    Queensday 2010

    Yep, a lot of people try to sell their junk to others... But also a lot of festivities; concerts, beer, bands, open stages, beer, festivals, more beer.
  12. -zenn

    MOC: Cafe Universe

    kewl, I love the tiles
  13. -zenn

    TV program Design on ARTE

    Nice. I enjoy programs featuring Lego.
  14. -zenn

    What was the last movie you watched?

    'Hardware' a low budget 1988 post-apoc movie. I really enjoyed this movie, if you like mad max and terminator you should see this.
  15. -zenn

    What are you listening to?

    Ministry - Stigmata Public Image Limited - The Order Of Death On repeat for the last couple of hours
  16. I was wondering what everybody does when there moc's are done... After taking picures and stuff. I put mine on display and leave them the way they are, I also won't take pieces off when I need to salvage them for another moc.
  17. -zenn

    MOC: ABC news truck

    it's a bit standard but I like it I would do more with the inside though, and maybe do something with the roof I don't like the stud and a foldable dish? Cause going under a bridge with this thing isn't really save TLG should bring out an official one like the blue one in the past only updated btw.
  18. -zenn

    A day at the beach!

    Hooray for boobies! I like that creature, really 50's b-movie style.
  19. -zenn

    What was the last movie you watched?

    watched The Fifth Element today... Leeloo *drools*
  20. -zenn

    hover/aerobike black

    Made this after watching too many scifi movies, it's going to be part of a diorama. flickr gallery
  21. -zenn

    hover/aerobike black

    Thanks. It's a pretty straightforward build, the technique comes back in all my bikes. I can give you a part list if you need it.
  22. Could this topic be pinned btw?
  23. -zenn

    Blugartarian Defence Force

    Those drones are really kewl. I like the use of orange as well. Nicely done.
  24. -zenn

    hover/aerobike white

    Made another bike to be part of a diorama. At first I wanted to make a race bike with Octan colors but it didn't tuned out as good as I thought it would. Because I didn't know what to do with those mirror/light fixture on the side and the use of a cheese slope is too standard. So while watching Judge Dredd I got inspired to make this. I've also made a 'Judge' cop for this bike but my batteries are running low, so I owe you one... flickr gallery