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    2010 FIFA World Cup

    Pfff, damn right. But we made it!
  2. lolo, no we just have to guess what his nickname on EB is...
  3. -zenn

    Accipiter Attack Fighter

    Awesome engines, great overall look, nice neon green touch in the wings btw
  4. -zenn

    1889 Propelled Steam Flyer

    Nice to see some Steampunk again! Although I like that piece you used for the engine and also the little details like that sphere with a power crystal in it, I think there are too much visible studs.
  5. -zenn


    I like the look of this ship. Nice flag detail btw. I only think that trans-neon-green/yellow should be blue.
  6. -zenn

    Yar har har

    Welcome, enjoy the boards. \m/
  7. -zenn

    My name is Dejan

    Welcome, nice to see you also have a supporting gf.
  8. I just bought a racegame of the net, normally I would play these type of games on my playstation. But since I got a top end pc, I want to play it on that. So I thought let's buy a gamepad/controller, cause steering and stuff sucks when doing it with keys. When looking around I saw a couple that I liked; like a wired/wireless xbox 360 one, any difference between wired/wireless in reaction time? I also saw a few that looked like playstation controllers. Are there any that you guys recommend?
  9. -zenn

    2010 FIFA World Cup

    No man, I'm sorry. I work in Koog aan de Zaan, a small town near Amsterdam.
  10. -zenn

    Scavenger Hoverbike

    A futuristic scavenger bike inspired by 'Judge Dredd', 'The Fifth Element', 'The Island' and 'Star Trek'. An addition to my other hoverbikes. I totally forgot about until I recieved some parts today and got asked about it. So I finished it and here you go. flickr gallery
  11. -zenn

    Scavenger Hoverbike

    Kewl, I'm looking forward to see them.
  12. -zenn

    2010 FIFA World Cup

    Today was good, we were watching the game at work and celebrated afterwards. *hands out beers*
  13. -zenn

    Is your member number a set number?

    10143-1: Death Star II I don't even like SW, although it has a giant laser of doom...
  14. Two bots inspired by 'Borderlands'. CL4P-TP General Purpose Robots, more commonly known as Claptraps, serve as the stewards of Pandora. But are more commonly found in need of repair; despite their friendly nature, Claptraps are typically abused and used as target practice by bandits. flickr gallery
  15. -zenn

    CL4P-TP General Purpose Robots

    *no intension to bump this topic up* But just found out that I got blogged on Game Informer. Never knew that so many people like them.
  16. -zenn

    Scavenger Hoverbike

    The cloth is a nice idea. Do you use any special light or something btw?
  17. -zenn

    Your Eurobricks Passport

    I'm from the Netherlands, have been to: Greece France Belgium Germany Luxemburg England Scotland Portugal Spain Italy Tunesia Egypt Australia New Zealand The Canary Islands I really want to go to Denmark (legoland ) and also Tokyo Japan.
  18. -zenn

    Scavenger Hoverbike

    Thanks, I really have to work on my photographing skills. Maybe I should make a little booth with a light and stuff.
  19. -zenn

    Your First LEGO Set

    I know I had duplo, but the first set I can vividly remember was this. Got it from 'Sinterklaas'. *notice the spelling mistake of 'september' btw...
  20. -zenn

    What are you listening to?

    Cage The Elephant - Aint No Rest For The Wicked
  21. welcome and enjoy the boards. I've never seen those bricks before.
  22. -zenn

    Hi, I'm Justin!

    Welcome. Steampunk... I'm looking forward to see this.
  23. -zenn

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome, enjoy the boards! *gives the Zoolander 'Blue Steel' look*
  24. -zenn

    Hey there! ~From the States

    Welcome. Enjoy the boards!