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    Toy Corner

    Nice, it's bigger than the small store I always go to; Perron 4.
  2. -zenn

    What did you buy today?

    Got it as a pre-birthday gift today!
  3. -zenn

    Daniel's Dad here .....

    Welcome and enjoy the boards! Nice to see that a father and son are both into Lego.
  4. -zenn

    Hello im Jeff

    `welcome and enjoy the boards!
  5. -zenn

    Half-Life 2 combine gunship

    I Agree. Personally I don't like the gold spheres and the front fin attatchment. Other than that it's great!
  6. -zenn

    Call of duty MW2, anyone?

    Done it by accident yesterday actually. Was playing hardcore SD, and wanted to use my chopper when the last guy ran across my smoke and got splattered by my crate.
  7. -zenn


    welcome and enjoy the boards!
  8. -zenn

    hi, i'm brickd

    Haha, thanks.
  9. -zenn

    i just started a new Lego blog, Brickd.com

    I like the simplicity of the site. But I'm not so clear about the layout, there is a lot of unused space. And I think should go with one font type. Is there a way to reply to the posts? And is there a way to search on category? keep up the good work.
  10. -zenn

    greetings from palmdale

    welcome and enjoy the boards!
  11. -zenn


    welcome and enjoy the boards!
  12. -zenn

    hi, i'm brickd

    welcome and enjoy the boards!
  13. -zenn

    Ideas for new City sets

    Something a would like to see is: - a television broadcast truck, like back in the days... - a television broadcast chopper, for those amazing chases. - a motorcycle shop, great for repearing all bikes now (and hoverbikes in the future ) - a pizza delivery van, or scooter as a add-on to the current pizza restaurant. - More shops or seperate units and put them together to form a mall or mainstreet. I'm sick of construction workers, they should be done constructing right now. - A monster truck or a hotrod car.
  14. -zenn

    Heya Im aZz :)

    Welcome and enjoy the boards! Nice to see more people coming out of their darkages.
  15. -zenn

    2010 FIFA World Cup

    Well played Spain.
  16. -zenn

    2010 FIFA World Cup

    translation; never! I'm almost having a heart attack!
  17. -zenn

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I saw Day Breakers last night.
  18. -zenn

    Stormtroopertj has arived!

    welcome and enjoy the boards!
  19. -zenn

    Hello :)

    Welcome and enjoy the boards!
  20. -zenn

    Text Mistakes in LEGO Catalogs

    Hmzz, most of the time I overread errors... Except for this one, cause it was my first set; September.
  21. -zenn

    MOC: Adidas Fan Shop

    Awesome job man! I love it, especially the logo up front.
  22. -zenn


    Welcome and enjoy the boards!
  23. -zenn

    Call of duty MW2, anyone?

    I play hardcore ricochet serach & destroy on pc with some of my former clanmates. In Afghan you can run onto the wing of the plane and jump to a ledge above the cave. In Karachi you can jump the poles and get on onto a balcony, from there jump the poles again and get on the roofs. In Quarry there are numerous sweet spots, just have to jump the side walls just right. In Rundown you can get on the middle roof and hide under the overhanging tree via the back entrance. Too bad there a lot of wall hackers and stuff active on most servers. I'm just waiting to play Battlefield 1943, I miss the oldschool Battlefield 1942 feeling. Those were the days...
  24. -zenn

    MOC: fantasy car

    Makes me think of those dessert race trucks.
  25. -zenn

    Custom Plush Minifigs

    Awesome! I feel like moc-ing one myself now.