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    What if there was an M:tron-II

    Wow, amazing builds! So many details in the base & salvage 2 I suddenly realized the 'M' logo, reminds me of the 'Weyland-Yutani Corporation' logo. What if M-Tron is part of the OcTan Corp (also ties red to the red/green colorscheme)
  2. -zenn

    What if there was an M:tron-II

    First some history; Legowiki M-tron entry. The concept of ruggedness/industrial/gritty seems to complement the M-tron mining aspects, but I'm not sure about the color scheme though. Maybe another color combo would be more fitting; dark gray, light gray, dark red, black & yellow. Offcourse they have to have magnets!
  3. -zenn

    At the chop shop...

    Interesting, technigue. The construction is probably solid enough to stay together without a bottomplate I guess, but than the fig would grind his bottom...
  4. -zenn

    Survey: New parts and new colors

    https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=32828&idColor=11#T=C&C=11 Wow, yeah I'm gonna pick me up a lot of those as well. So many great ideas for usage!
  5. A “gift with purchase”-set is as the name indicates a set which is given to people who purchase a specific LEGO offer... So why not couple the LEGO offers' theme, with an add-on set with a similar theme. For instance; the Advent Calenders, people pick them up because the tiny little sets are great add-ons to excisting sets. Or something similar as the City Expansion set & Fun @ The Beach People pack, to extend playabilty.
  6. -zenn

    Star Trek

    Nah, I'm not endorsing piracy... Got over a 1200+ orginal DVD movie/series collection myself. But I was just saying, if you really really wanna see it so bad, that there are other ways... Ferengi Rules of Acquisition #14; "Anything stolen is pure profit". *edit; removed the link* But I got to state, there's nothing on Eurobricks ToS/Guidlines about it.
  7. -zenn

    Lego Scalextric Slotcars (All Lego powered)

    Haha, that just asks for a Crash Test Dummies car!
  8. -zenn

    [MOC] Army Vehicle - Hummer/Humvee

    Nice, excellent shaping! Wished TLG produced those red-spring-axel-thingies in more colors though. (just saw you used normal axel thingie).
  9. -zenn

    Star Trek

    Oh I can, but usage is your own responsibility; possible fines depends on your countries/ISP laws.
  10. -zenn

    Star Trek

    Hahaha by Ferengi Rules of Acquisition #3; "Never spend more for an acquisition than you have to".
  11. Sounds like a mis-alignment along the baseplate (studs) length. I've gotta say I seen some baseplates with partially flatened/damaged studs more than mismolded bricks. Maybe you could post a pic of it here & find out if more people have this issue. If so, it could be past on further up the chain by the Lego Ambassadors or something in that order.
  12. -zenn

    Star Trek

    I gotta say I actually liked ST:D. The uniforms seem to me like a mash up between ST:E & ST:TOS. But I'm intriqued by the Klingons... That coffin ship just made me think of one thing; a Bird of Prey ship. Gotta say I'm not a fan of Sonequa Martin-Green, for some reason I didn't like her in TWD, she puts me off. Same goes for the intro... Just no... The visuals, meh, but the song; just no. Not ST worthy. Other than that, interested to see some more. @samurai-turtle & @Littleworlds there are other ways, without getting the streaming service...
  13. Happened to me recently; bought some of those plane window panes, I already had the glass. So when I got them; the glass had 1 pointy end on top + 2 at the bottom. But it wouldn't fit... Turned out there are 2 types; a version with 1 hole in bottom + 1 in top and a version with 1 hole in top + 2 in the bottom. So just ordered the correct ones & problem solved. (could've ordered other glass, but that was way more expensive)
  14. -zenn

    Lego Scalextric Slotcars (All Lego powered)

    Ah man, that's just awesome! They go quite fast as well, didn't expect that I must say.
  15. -zenn

    Body Battlers: A "New LEGO Theme" of MOCs

    Awesome theme concept! Reminds me of this 80's kids show I used to watch, but also of Osmosis Jones. Love the aqua in the car, makes me think of 'oxygen', which incidentally also happens to travel the bloodstream... Though I'm missing some rollerskates on Tara, for some unexplanable reason.
  16. -zenn

    [MOC] Saucer Man from Planet X

    *insert retro-creepy scifi sound* "the weirdest visitor the Earth has ever seen!". Nice build, just fits together all so well; diggin' the use of those neon tubes. And great work on the, mostly overlooked, base!
  17. -zenn

    Discussion: Now what?...Is Kragl the answer?

    I haven't got kids myself, but I whispered to my nephew that it's 'fake' Lego... It helped.
  18. -zenn

    Call of Duty WWII the movie

    I've been playing COD & BF since the early 2000's, and been playing it ever since, you can call me a 'veteran'. But I'm not sure if I'm gonna play this time, even though I'm glad it's back to 'boots on the ground' and not a future setting. Some of my reasons: - It's another console port; this will mean it's not optimised to be used on the pc (again), and will bring all the bugs & (ghay)aim-assist over from the console version (again). FPS games aren't suppossed to be played on consoles in the first place, make pc-gaming exclusive again! - They took too much liberty with history; female soldiers, not a problem, several countries had women supporting the war effort, think of the French Resistance Fighters/Russian Snipers. Colored soldiers, also not a problem, several countries had many colored men among their ranks. But when playing as a soldier of the 3rd Reich, I can choose to be a black female soldier... Come on now, even a colored person (and I'm not a rascist) would say that just isn't correct, it would never happen. - The time setting; WWII been done too much in the past already. Why not try something refreshing & new? For instance the Korean War. But anyway, OP; COD is getting their own cinematic universe. Some more info> *click*. I'd like to see a Battlefield movie produced by DICE itself, I know that the movies 'Act of Valor' & 'Rush' both where inspired by Battlefield 4.
  19. -zenn

    [MOC] NCS Arrowhead

    Nice shaping, love all the detail/greebs underneath. Always nice to see NCS! Although ontop I got the feel I'm missing those detail/greebs, as well as I don't think that bionicle/technic piece doesn't flow right with the backend due to the 1x8 tile.
  20. -zenn

    ( MOC ) Toyshop ( edited / remodeled )

    You're welcome! Well, you got the truck offloading those Lego sets, but I didn't seen them on shelves in the store though.
  21. -zenn

    ( MOC ) Toyshop ( edited / remodeled )

    Wow, it's packed to the brim! Although I'm missing the Lego aisle... Also reminds me of an actual Toystore I visited, but can't remember where anymore....
  22. -zenn

    What makes a great Space-themed bar?

    Nice idea; a shaddy bar on some forsaken astroid rock. I imagine it be dark and grim, with booths where you can hire mercenaries or do some other deal or two. Lots of various illuminated bottles, junk, pieces of hardware all over the place & some extraordinary (holographic) exotic entertainment dancers... And ofcourse the bartenders, waitress(es) & scumbag visitors themselves. And don't forget a fitting name for the place... I like that topleft draft system and the black keg, looks nice btw!
  23. -zenn

    Game of Thrones Discussion

    I justed started (binge) watching... so far I'm at Season 4. S1 was a snorefest, S2 somewhat better, but S3 & S4 are great!
  24. -zenn


    Most of us builders tend to build moc's in certain stapled themes we are accustomed to. And every now and then we lurk at moc's from themes we would just never build in ourselves. I usually build space/town myself, but tend to snoop over and peak at the Pirates theme... being amazed by the beautifull beaches, rockformations, ships etc. Please share your confessions; do you secretly admire a theme which you actually never build in yourself?
  25. -zenn

    Lego In-universe Brands

    I'd say take a look at the lego (world)racers line, lots of 'in-universe' sponsor stickers; *BL link* "Fuel4Speed, NutyRez, CellFish, Kyoto, XStream, XRfuel, Hevado, SpinWear, ENgyne, BSC (Brick Street Customs), Yubi (Yubihama)" etc. Also take a look at the city/town line; *BL link* "Pizzeria (City Pizza), Air Cargo, UTrans, TV6+," etc.