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  1. anna

    MOC: First contact: HEY

    Thanks you!
  2. anna

    MOC: First contact: HEY

    My participation in this special summer L13, I was always intrigued by drawings in the field, are they aliens or those of a joke? So here is the first meeting between Sam and his wife Lilly, they went joyriding on a motorcycle and there on the road when turning the front wheel come off, they came close to ending up in the background to the traces of the road. While Mr tries to repair the wheel modite, Mrs. the adventure by touring the area, discovering a small staircase, the footprint and discovered a small river and the beautiful poppies at the edge of an old roadway pavement. Suddenly Mr sees lights in the field: - Honey come and see! There's a flying saucer éééétt an alien in the field with a sort of chainsaw! - Of course and I just saw Elvis picking poppies! -I swear he was about to cut the fields! - Well, I'll refresh myself on the banks of the river and you should do the same, the engine oil you up to the head. And this is my idea of ​​the first meeting between the human and alien. Comments are welcome! Sorry for my English...
  3. flora

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  4. tin7 – Randal/Thor ThePenguin – The Fatman Blockburn – Lucario 1 point for each
  5. anna

    MOC: WIP Mercedes SMART transporter

    very beautiful smart transport, i like the colors of the truck and the smarts! Very good idea!
  6. anna

    [MOC] Happy halloween

    Now i can write, so thanks everyone for your comments! and thank luxor and legomaniac to have resolved this problem!
  7. anna

    MOC: Japanese temple

    Fantastic MOC, legomaniac! awesomme roof! I like the gong, the ninja...!
  8. anna

    MOC - St. James State Prison

    very great moc! awesome and very funny!
  9. anna

    MOC: Mr. decided to do his laundry!

    thanks eneryone!
  10. anna

    Moc: the sky is beautiful tonight

    The stars are the white hand of minifig thanks eneryone!
  11. After saving the man's well, Mr invited to eat the man. On the menu: beer and pizza The sky is beautiful tonight ...
  12. wow very impressive! this is awesome moc!
  13. anna

    MOC Catamaran

    very beauiful catamaran! Good job.
  14. Mr. has returned from his laundry when.. One person fell into the well of Mr. The well is very deep, why he is here? Little scene Comments are welcome