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  1. Thank you for your corrections and I have updated the .lxf file. the .lxf file of 42005 B model has also been uploaded.
  2. 42005 - Monster Truck - theme: Technic 42005.lxf Everything is ok except the drive wheel couldn't be placed on its position. 42005B.lxf
  3. 42001 - Mini Off-Roader - Theme: Technic 42001.lxf errors: lack of new technic panel 11946,11947 lack of new 4 1x5 liftarm thin with 2 axle hole, replaced with normal 1x5 liftarm thin the rubber belt could not be placed on their positions.
  4. peterski

    42006 Available from 14 Dec?

    edit it.posted it by mistake.
  5. peterski

    MOC:Ghost Motorcycle

    So cool the creature
  6. peterski

    9398 - New Body

    Nice job. The color is very impressive. You should upload your creation to the TLG technic challenge.
  7. peterski

    Climber III crawler is coming.

    good works.
  8. 9092 - Crazy Demon - theme: Racers 9092.lxf 9093 - Bone Cruncher - theme: Racers 9093.lxf 9094 - Star Striker - theme: Racers 9094.lxf 9095 - Nitro Predator - theme: Racers 9095.lxf
  9. peterski


    Here comes the mini version of the same vehicle. and both
  10. Hi, This is my lastest MOC just finished last night. It is a front end loader without PF elements. It can drive, steer, move the bucket. for more pics, check my Brickshelf folder please. Thanks
  11. peterski

    9397 Full remote control

    Yes, I have uploaded a video My link Yes, you are right. I use one remote controller to operate all six motors by switching channels.
  12. Hi, here is my new one of full remote control 9397 logging truck. There are 3M and 3XL motors that can operate 8 functions. They are drive,steer,outriggers,big turntable,LA,mini LA,mini turntable and claw. hope you to enjoy that.
  13. Yes, I had seen those nice animations before. What I thought is just to find a new way using the LDD. To complie those snapshots, you can use some web tools online such as Certainly LDD is not a professional tools to make animations, just a fun.
  14. Hi, while I do my intructions on LDD, I happen to have an idea to play funny with LDD. I make this animation Gif file. All layers are from the snapshot of LDD. If you think that's right, do your own animation with your ideas.