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  1. And I have seen watches, but never cuffs.
  2. Probably because I had completely written him off as a figure to try and get. He seems utterly pointless.
  3. [MOC] Japanese garden

    Really nicely done.
  4. Jurassic World 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    I LOVE THIS SET Supporting it on LEGO Ideas and hope they make.
  5. The Big Bang Theory Discussion

    I think originally they stated they would not make Firefly because of the companion character on the show. (however the response/blog was edited and that statement removed at some point, because when they released the Disney Lone Ranger sets it ticked me off and I went looking for their original comments, which were gone....) any who LEGO apparently has nothing against murdering prostitutes as long as they are in Disney films, but not a companion on Firefly. But TBBT while a prime time show is not all that bad. Now if LEGO were going to make a Two Broke Girls set I could see why folks would be upset, but TBBT is mild compared to a lot of TV out there. I cannot wait for this set as I LOVE the show! Have we heard any rumors on a release time yet?
  6. Scooby-Doo 2015 Rumours & Discussion

    The LEGO Ideas Scooby Project had a perfect solution. Double sided head one with glass other side squinting eyes and glasses printed on a 1x2 tile.
  7. Scooby-Doo 2015 Rumours & Discussion

    Seeing this today: http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/2015/01/23/scooby-doo-lego-exclusive-first-look/22206189/ and hearing that LEGO will be doing classic Scooby makes me very happy!
  8. I really like some of these and love that we will see more zombies. But another wolfman really?