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    The soon to be lego kingdom of Amaranth
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    Things I like:
    1. Marvel heros
    2. Batman
    3. Writing fanfictions/fictions
    4. Legos Legos and more Legos!
    5. Rocky Road or Cherry Garcia ice cream
    6. FFVII
    7. FFVIII
    8. Kirby games
    9. All types of Anime
    10. Legend of Zelda
    Things I hate:
    1. Superman (hes too over used!)
    2. Certain members of my family
    3. Courage the Cowardly Dog because the show gives me nightmares
    4. People who have no reason to harass me but do it anyway
    5. People who get pop culture references wrong intentionally
    6. People who call Daft Punk dubstep
    7. Bielibers and 1directioners who think they were ripped off by Queen and The Beatles
    8. M.Night Shamalan's Avatar the Last Airbender
    9. The Room (look it up if you dare)
    10. Guys who are never around and cancel all the time and who never care about their lady's feelings!
    My Music listing:
    1. Nightwish
    2. E Nomine
    3. Daft Punk
    4. Brentalfloss (look him up on youtube)
    5. Bowling for Soup
    6. Eiffel 65
    1. Interstella 5555 the 5ecret of the 5tar 5ystem (look it up please!)
    2. Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd
    3. Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland
    4. First Squad (although I still don't understand it. . . . . . .)
    5. The Emperor's New Groove
    6. Any film with Hao Miyazaki's name on it (I have seen most of his movies but Princess Mononoke is my personal fav.)
  1. The Daft Hatter

    Lego batcave 7783 help please?

    Oh god yes this helps so much thank you!
  2. The Daft Hatter

    Lego batcave 7783 help please?

    My boyfriend gave the lego batcave set 7783 for christmas and he took the whole thing apart so I could have the fun of building it. Big mistake on his part because I'm trying to build the flying batship thing its the third vehicle you build with the big black wings on it. Well when I get to the second step I don't get what to do! The directions are here on page 12 but I don't get what pieces I use in the second step can someone please lend me a hand?
  3. The Daft Hatter

    Hey Daft Hatter here

  4. The Daft Hatter

    LEGO Castle 2013

    I honestly just think the whole castles theme is over used this is like what the 3rd time they are doing this? They did kingdoms I think it was with the trolls and such then castles theme with the red and gold like castle versus the guys in green then they are doing it again but with different lego dudes.
  5. The Daft Hatter

    Hey Daft Hatter here

    Well I am new here and I'm here to get some help with my castle.