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  1. Kerntechniker

    [WIP] Landscape (Part II)

    Hello, just a short picture update. I have just started to improve the mountain road and rocks.
  2. Kerntechniker

    [MOC] The Titan of Braavos

    Awesome, this is a great MoC. I imagine just a little bit of magic and the titan starts to move and crush the enemies of Bravos. As a huge fan of GoT I say thumbs up!!!
  3. Kerntechniker

    [WIP] Landscape (Part II)

    Dear fellow Brick Builders, long time no see. Due to some serious real life trouble my progress in rebuilding the northen part of the river has been slow. But finally the problems got fixed and I was able to continue with the important staff. My idea was to redesign the montains in a more natural looking way and to use a higher quantity of slope bricks. In addition to those new criterias a have decided to use only one colour. the first result has already presented here in the first topic. Today I proudly present the progress. This picture shows how I wish to continue. Here the elfen "village & forest" shall be build. More pictures are avaible at my Brickshelf folder.
  4. Kerntechniker

    [MOC] Washing Tub Pirate Raid

    Hi, great, really great MOC. I enjoy every detail of this build. There is so much to discover regarding the buildings and the different technics you have used to create this harbour scene. My biggest congrats!
  5. Kerntechniker

    [GoT] Craster's Keep

    Excellent MoC, as a huge GoT Fan I really like it. I would like you to give me a close up of the tree it is a great one.
  6. Kerntechniker

    (MOC) Small village using Kingdoms Joust

    Hi, it is an excellent MoC. I like they way you have combined the old knights with the modern set. The expansion after the gate looks great and fits perfectly into my impression of a small city. Keep on!
  7. Kerntechniker

    [WIP] Landscape

    UPDATE Hello folks, it has been a while, but I have started to rebuild and redesign the eastern river part. I have been unhappy with the look and so I decided to rebuild it. It is not finished yet but it will show the direction. C&C is welcome
  8. Kerntechniker

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Hello folks, I guess 2015 is a very poor year for castle/fantasy fans. We have to wait for 2016 and hope that there will be a new castle/fantasy series released. I personally hope that there will come something awesome and great.
  9. Kerntechniker

    [WIP] Landscape

    !!UPDATE!! Yesterday I have finished the rebuild of the forest part between the street and the river. The main intention has been to make it look less bricky and more natural. Before: Now: @Stelario Nice question. Actually your are the first one who ask me. I have cleaned all the ham & salad boxes twice in the dish washer and due to the process it is clean and does not have any smell left. So the bricks are not ham flavoured . The next step is to extend and rebuild the montain structure.
  10. Kerntechniker

    [WIP] Landscape

    UPDATE I have just updated the forest part between the royal main street and the river. The final version follows soon. @richchie I have no idea how many bricks are in this MOC.
  11. Kerntechniker

    [WIP] Landscape

    Hello, it has been a long time. Busy real life stuff. But at the End of the year I have been able do get a few more moduls finished. C&C is welcome.
  12. Kerntechniker


    Come back soon, and a good time at your military service.
  13. Kerntechniker

    [Avalonia Task 1&3] Welcome to Meldrim

    Jesus Christ, this puts Task 3 to a new level. Congrats to this awesome entry!
  14. Kerntechniker

    Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Welcome Andreas, wise decision to join Avalonia!