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  1. Welcome to the Mont-Blanc massif At the end of a long project. Create topography with Lego. What more beautiful mountainous than the Mont-Blanc massif. First, I began by defining the area that I wanted to represent. And what size I wanted to give my MOC, using a scale convenient. I have chosen to represent an area of 20 km by 16 km and a moc : 160 studs by 128 studs. A baseplate 32x32 A plate 1x1 The whole MOC is made with baseplates. I edited a map for each baseplate. The grid represents a plate 1x1. Then, deciphering contour lines. I assigned a texture by grid : _ Urban : Tan, Dark Tan, Light Gray, Dark Gray _ Meadow in valley : Green _ Forest : Dark Green, Sand Green _ Altitude vegetation : Lime _ Rock : Light Gray, Dark Gray _ Glacier : White An exemple of assembly with « Chamonix » baseplate. Floor 0 : altitude 1000 m Floor 0, 1 and 2 : Altitude 1000 to 1100 m. A part of the city of Chamonix We get up. The relief of a valley appears. 20 baseplates to assemble… several months pass. Baseplate "Mer de Glace" Baseplate "Aiguilles de Peuterey" Baseplate "Dent du Géant" Comparisons with real photos or Google Earth
  2. A MOC in high altitude inspired by the cableway station of Piz Nair in Switzerland.
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    MOC : Nightclub

    Have fun in my nightclub.
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    Container Raffle Build

    Container from my area :
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    MOC : Somewhere in Venice

    Thanks for your comments 2 months.
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    Vote for your favourite Category A entries

    16) Snowboarder Entry (Build by Dreamweb) - 2 points. 7) Pilot Entry (Build by Dan Church) 1 point
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    MOC : Somewhere in Venice

    I propose you a little walk in Venice.
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    How to become a sumo

    The secret to become a sumo. Vignette for Lego 13 contest (
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    MOC : A manor

    Welcome in my manor.
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    MOC : Meridional neighborhood

    _ did you create this on LDD before building it? No, just with a sketch. _ How long did it take you from the sketch to the final result? I'm slow, approximately 3 months. Thanks for your comments
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    MOC : Meridional neighborhood

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    MOC : Meridional neighborhood

    Welcome in my meridional neighborhood. The sketch :
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    MOC : a bathroom

    Welcome in my bathroom
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    MOC: Hospital

    I'm sick... buy me an hospital !
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    MOC: Mac Donald's

    Thanks for comments Some new photos :